The following is a full list of brokers worldwide, sectioned off by Recommended, Unverified and Blacklisted. The brokers are listed in no specific order. However, do keep in mind this is a worldwide list, and some brokers may not accept traders from your country. For a list of our recommended brokers per region, you can check out our broker review page.

The below list will get updated as soon as we have new broker reviews or new information, so keep checking back often.









  • david humphries

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  • Vera Jmaes


  • don jackson

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  • Kelly

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  • Blake

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  • john Hassall

    has anyone heard of the quantum code system? please comment. thankyou

  • Eddie Shaw

    Let me ask everyone who is considering using binary options companies. Do you know where the company gets their pricing feeds from? do you know who the counterparty to your trades are? If you do not know the answer to these questions, or don’t even know what these terms mean, you should not be entering into binary trading.
    Understand this; a binary trade is the same as tossing a coin and guessing whether it will come up heads or tales. The difference is this: if you toss a coin and bet $$£50 against me you will either win 50 or lose 50 (and I will either lose 50 or win 50. OK? Now with binary bets there are still only 2 outcomes but if you lose, you lose all of your stake, if you win, guess what you only get upto 90% of your stake (most companies do not even come close to this level of return. As binary trading is based on luck, even if you got 50% of your guesses correct (and yes this is what they are, not ‘trades’ you will be well out of pocket. I can happily prove to you that you are more likely to win playing red or black at roulette, and most people know how poor a gamble this is.

  • Larry Hamilton

    Too all the commenters below…unless your willing to fully identify yourself and credentials….you ALL are scammers

  • Suzie

    Hi. Has anyone heard of "World Market Options"? For $US250 you can open an account and it automatically invests for you? Can I trust them or is it a scam or just too good (and easy) to be true? I hope someone can give me some advice! Thanks. Suzie

    • israel

      is trusted broker. i have an account with him

  • J D

    As far as an order to go with, if you are not doing best to worst on here, a good standby order to use is alphabetical. Also, what I have seen on some other sites, and this would be depending on the information you have available (or research provided by you or others) would be a break down of info such as, if the company is licensed/regulated or not, who with (like CFTC, NFA, or whoever), if they allow traders from only certain countries, and so on.

    • J D

      NVM, just found the page with exactly that on it.

  • Jordan


    Its a good thing to read blogs like this to warn others about scamming cons. I would like to share my experience with one of the most advertised broker on the net, FMtrader. I made an experiment by comparing their rates display in real time with another trusted binary broker platform and this is what i found, a range of 1-100 pips was lagging behind a second or 2 from real time trade. The effect would be very disadvantageous for those that uses short term trade as time and pips are cery crucial. There paltform i can say is manipulated to generate loss!!!

  • Barbara

    Hi can anyone tell me how to get my money back from big option.

    • Bridgette cOOKE

      Do you wish to get back all your lost fund from big option? And you need my assistance, Kindly contact me at And i will guide you on steps to take and get back all your lost funds in just few days.

  • James

    Anyone trading with Binary Corporate or on their mobile app BC Trade??

  • Robert

    Hi, whatever you do don’t go to Titantrade. I got scammed out of 85K. There is a guy by the name of Jack T who will be your friend and get you to go into your bank account and transfer your credit card limit. " Trust me Robert…..I know what I’m doing" Cost me my shirt, my marriage through my greed, ignorance and trusting personality. If there are Financial Ninjas out there please seek and destroy Titantrade and their backer Algo Capital. I believe these people prey on older people like myself once hooked they don’t let you go. Stick to shares and regulated bodies who are not controlled by gambling commissions or worse not regulated at all. The best advice I could give you all if you have interest in binary options – take advice from your accountant before you commit.

  • bob

    anybody know a Quantum code and a cobalt code.

  • kay

    hi any one heard of big options?

  • David Bump

    I recommend looking up CommuniTraders, or Binary Options That Suck. It’s just a bunch of traders who get together and compare notes and share advice. Nothing fancy, no grand (and unrealistic) promises, just honest opinions and comradeship.

  • Judith

    Ive traded with almost all of those brokerages , and ive been with one in the past 6 months, and pretty happy , although i cant find them here on this list .

    The name is BinaryTilt, they are regulated by the FSPR NZ , although my broker told me a few days ago , they might change one, but they are descent and nice, and always assist me if i have questions.

    • Julie

      Judith, I have just started with Binary Tilt, and am thinking about giving them more money to play with. Are you still happy with them.

      • Matt Donnelly

        BinaryTilt no longer offer withdrawals. Since December ’16 they have been deposit only.

  • danny

    What a shitty blacklist…! are you freaking serious?

  • dfgdfg

    • Tasha

      what about it?

  • Beatrice

    Hi I like to know did anyone apply to Prestige Option…it is new binary options and I dont know if I should trade with them…I appreciate any kind of suggestions or comments

  • Michael

    I am a member of and it is a very good one. You can make a lot of money with that one if you deposit a lot of money. But, the starting deposit is $350. I have a very good broker and he says that he is one of the best. So far, I have lost only three times (one sold) with him out of sixteen times. But, hey, no one is perfect. I highly recommend if you want to invest money into the stocks. I am very surprised that Binary Book is not listed at all.

    • David Bump

      I was able to open an account for $250, but later (after I lost money and withdrew the rest) they pressured me into opening an account with $1000 in it, and wanted more. However, they’ve been very good about covering my initial losses with bonuses. Considering they didn’t hassle me about withdrawing my money, and have lessons and share tips, they don’t seem to be out for quick scam bucks. They have lots of trading options, too.

    • Tessa

      Hi Michael, what is the name of broker in binarybook?

    • Thomas Morris

      Are they taking American traders and what about the broker?

  • Paul Madu

    Does any one know about the Elite Option?

  • muhammad aslam

    dear and respected all investors around the world. i am totally fresh and new on binary trades, can any one help me to suggest the right place where to start my first trade i done a deal with, for the learning practice on my real deposit but they did not sent me any with draws as it was my verified account and the money was prepared for with draw but when i requested they rejected sating nothing.
    i am keen in iqoption binary and market world because i want to loose something but in low range as to practice on real platform to prepare myself work on other a bit higher deposit based.
    i can invest for practice and can trade with 10 to 20 usd range. and can you please tell me weither binary option pays or not, as i am an expert in hyip but i dont know abc(alphabet) of binary so i am relax but saying real that i need your help before going into any trade real.
    m aslam Pakistan

  • Ian Geoffrey Bridge

    Hello, I’ve recently ventured into the trading world, and despite a poor initial start, I’m still keen to explore other possibilities. However, I haven’t found it easy to determine the truth from fiction, can you advise me about your dealings with the australian company fxtg and another called plus finacials, are these both respectable and regulated?



  • JMann

    Hi, does anyone know anything about Malta Capital Management? or Oak Tree Trading?

    • Tony

      It looks like a total scam. Very dishonest people.

  • Glenis

    Does anyone know anything about Titan Trade. Are they reputable. I banked a small amount and now after one trade my balance is at zero within 3 days.

    • muhammad aslam

      this is big scam dear

  • Kabiru Adekunle yekini

    Am trading with big option trade …pls who no more about them to pls enlighten me nd d world about

  • Mike

    Coldcalled by every option. had a long conversation with two of their guys. They purport to be based in London.Shame they don’t know where in London! trying to set up one of these ‘we will match your deposit deals’ …very fishy, particularly as they say they are registered in Belithe (Could they possibly mean Belize?? Why Belize when EU rules state it has to be in the EU?? Very suspicious to me…I am staying clear !! Mike

  • Henk Aarts

    Does anybody know about Option.FM?

    • Kaz

      DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR Option FM if you want to see your money again! It took them less than 2 weeks to siphon $1600 out of my trading account, then all they had to say for themselves was “You knew the risks when you started” WHAT?????. I was brand new at trading so two of their brokers (one at a time) told me to do exactly what they said to do and I WOULD make a good profit. They had all the lines…. like, “We have to help you make a profit because if you don’t make money, we don’t make money” and “We are professionals, this is what we do for a living and we are extremely good at it otherwise our company wouldn’t keep us working here” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH !!! They seriously need to be shut down and quickly. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of these CONMEN.

      • Scammed

        me too keep away from Option FM, Lucas Corderro – lost me $15,000 they have many foreign accounts, and the tell you your trades have lost, but it was never invested, it dissapears straight into one of their foreign accounts. Total thieves and conmen.

  • Noor Ahad

    Does anyone know about AAoption? Are they safe to trade with?

  • Nancy Scott

    Hey Guys,

    I think there is a misspelling on your list, I started trading with quite a new broker, but here I see! Or there are 2 different ones out there? Please enlighten me

  • Ramachandran Biju

    Have any one heard of Broker International Bank in Binary Trading ? I have a bad experience with them . Is it a Scam web site . How to know . In case you you lost some money in this web site, what is to be done. Is there any international investigating agency through which we can take up the issues ? Can anybody help me

  • RYAN

    Hi guys.

    This a heads up, that I have been scammed by Goptions.
    Please note that I have all the evidence as in screenshots and emails.
    But First my sorry:

    About 2 weeks ago I deposited 500$ into my new Goption account and I started to do my normal trades, I loved using there trading system called Forex, this is where you can put a buy order and a stop order.

    With this I was extremely positive and was this non-stop wining for me.

    I did an average of about 8 to 20 trades a day, had 1 to 3 loses a day, so this was big profits for me, my account went from 500$ to 7595$ within 2 weeks. This was amazing for me until!

    The day when I applied to withdraw 5000$, at first the withdrawal was cancelled, then I reapplied for it and was cancelled again. Then I got a call from 1 of their technical ppl saying that there is a problem with the account. After a full day of me sending emails and chatting with them on live chat, they came up with the stories that there is nothing that thy can do about the account, I will have to reopen a new account they will deposit 500$ into my new account with a 500$ bounce for me to start over, or thy can credit my credit card with the 500$. I do not want the 500$ bounce, I know you need to make a certain volume before you can withdraw. But they are forcing me to take the bounce or credit my credit card.

    I do not know guys but what the hell is going on, have all the scammers taken over the internet, what is the internet for, scammers only, how far is this going to go, why aren’t these ppl getting stopped about you guys but how far are these things going to go. I won my money fare the square and yet crime wins all the way, and nothing happens.

    I will be posting this on ever website I can find on the internet if law can’t stop them I will.

    • Thomas

      Ryan, What part of the country are you residing. If you are in Europe, Contact CYSEC. Tell them what is going on giving a lot of info, They can only do so much if people do NOT report them. The MORE complaints, the MORE interested they will become and investigate it. Keep records of ALL transactions with your bank and if you can still access your account, Photo copy it or use your cell phone and take a CLEAR focused picture of your account and ALL emails they sent you. It helps CySec investigators from anyone who has been a victim of fraud. Dont mention you will go talk to them about what this binary company did, or your account will be closed out. Past experiences of scams made me THINK first instead of raging angrily like a lunatic on steroids, to play their games a different way. If at all you are being pressured in them wanting money, tell them you need to think about it first or YOU will do the trades YOURSELF. It gets them off your back and more time to focus. Contacting CYSec first and CFTC, its best to write things down so you dont forget when talking to these people. Give names of the traders you deal with and those who are forcing you for more cash. Binary options isnt fun and games as they say it is, BECAUSE you need to know what you are getting into and the losses. Research, Research, Research!!!!

  • Leo

    This long list of Trades, save up some 3..more or less

  • Leo

    Missing 3 trades …
    MayFairOptions .com

  • Jan T

    What about IQ Option and 100percentprofitbot, respectively?

    • Lorenzo

      I would not use any Robots if I were you, some are legit, but just based off the name 100% profit bot?? seems fishy, plus Nothing in trading is 100%

      hope this helps

  • maris real or not??

  • Beware , they offer additional funds but they are not honest in their dealings. They keep wanting you to add more deposits which does not make sense. They give risk free trading which is a scam. Their transfer of funds is slow. I originally use the project95 to trade but it was changed after a while I could not use. Avoid them at all cost. If you go to this website the owner is comcealing himself :

  • Peter Bundala

    Hi , If anyone know about please let me know about them if they are legit or scams.

  • Aris

    There are a lot of new binary options broker out there that are not yet on this list. like options area,tigeroptions, spotfn, etc. etc. and also plenty scam brokers. from my experience is a forex trading broker, not binary options but it is a legal, reputable and trustworthy co. I hope you will update your broker list very soon to help guide us potential investors..thanks.

  • Muraleedharan

    Ubinary options is a scam broker ? please have your comments about this broker if anybody had experience ?

    • Ethan

      I had a terrible experience with Ubinary options. They credited few thousands from my credit card without my consent. I’ve asked for withdrawal of my balance and they’ve not refunded the money back so far. Don’t get fooled by their user friendly platform and personal account services.

    • William

      Beware, ubinary com is scam borker ? I’ve asked for withdrawal of my payout. I’m lose now don’t try this scam.l have a bad experince with them. I will help God.

  • Jason

    94. is not a binary option broker . Please check their website

  • joe scam scam scam.

    Don’t trust
    goptions and signalindex are scammers.

  • soniya

    every one talking about goptions is a scam?is it so?what is the real story?my friend also told me she run auto trading but her account was wipped now.any one clarify if I can join or not?

  • Pierre

    SignalIndex is a scam for sure and they are trying to get users to sign up for a fraudulent cherry coke service. STAY AWAY!

  • linda

    hello the below providers introduced in signalindex on 22/04/2013 only but it shows their track record from 9/04/2013. it is complete farud

  • Linda

    hello the below providers introduced in signalindex on 22/04/2013 only but it shows their track record from 9/04/2013. it is complete fraud
    cherry coke signals
    God like signals
    Magnase black
    first step
    Alpha Signal
    Profit option VIP—>signals from 9/04/2013

  • Sasee

    david from BOD,binsryoptions10, is employed by goption and he is writing good review about them.People don’t trust he is conman working for goption (massive consulting).Check trade2win forum and know the fact.Goption never give money back and they are fraud with their feeds.

  • Sasee

    Goption is complete scammer and complete fraud.Please avoid them.Signal index which is their auto paltform is also fraud.Please avaoid it.


  • Leonie

    What do you know about in the UK, London

  • David

    Why don’t you have on your list?
    Those guys are really good. I like the service and you should check them out too and put them on your list