I think images will tell this story the best.

I used this:

An Automatic Binary Trading Software

The Automatic Binary Trading Software I Used BinaryAutoTrader.com

My bankroll started like this:

I started with only $176 at 24option.com

I started with only $176 at 24option.com

Then, I turned the auto trading software on.

All these trades were done by my binary options robot trader.

All these trades were done by my binary options robot trader.

I blogged more in depth about the experience here: http://www.binarytrading.org/binary-auto-trader-review/ if you want to read more about how it all works.

Over the course of a couple weeks…

Busto! 29 Trades Later I've Busted My Bankroll

Busto! 29 Trades Later I’ve Busted My Bankroll

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Strangely, I want to reload and try again. Does that mean I have a problem? I’ll leave it to you to decide if an automatic binary option trading software is right for you.

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  1. Peter Dumas says:


    I used optionrally and when i make $5.00 trades or even $10.00 , I seem to win these trades. Tonight I thought I would try $250.00 trades and lost 5 of 6. I wonder if all these brokers are scams. I lost with binary options and stockpair as well. I am done with these brokers, I might have better luck playing baccarat at the casino.



  2. Hershel Randles says:

    I just started trading on a practice account with worlds market about 3 weeks ago, I started with 5000 play money and lost 3500 the first week but am up to over 13000 now.

    I have been trying to find out about the auto traders, but with out actually knowing any thing about them it seems pretty phony to me since you are betting against the broker why would they want to make it easy for you to win?

    If it is like a casino the winners are paid from the money which come from the losers so in this case if these things worked every one would have one and the brokers would go broke real fast.

    If I am wrong about this I wish some one would clue me in because they do interest me.

    • Paula says:

      I used this same bot and lost $400 in a matter of 3 days. They are a bad bot. Check out scamwatchdog.com. The writer of this newsletter and website trades using both: auto bots and individual signal trades. And has all kinds of information regarding autobots.

  3. Thanks for your honesty.

  4. mike says:

    You complain that Binary Auto Trader made you lose everything after investing about 15% per trade?

    Just an advice: Don’t invest more than 5% unless you want to lose everything again (if you haven’t enough money to invest 5% or less, just deposit more or use another broker). With this signal provider, profits aren’t very high, but at least they are genuine (I just compared your trades with the trades on the BinaryAutoTrader performance site and they mach quite well).

  5. Clerg says:

    Is this autotrade stuff bad? Can I trust it? Their monthly charge is high. Is it worth the risk?

  6. Caffeine says:

    Hey Garth – what do you mean locked out because of your IP address? Is your geographic area no longer allowed to trade at TR or what are they saying? Let me know and I’ll see if we can rattle the cages for you.

  7. Garth Carpenter says:

    Thanks, Jason. So far in my 4 months’ newbie involvement with binary options I have resisted all exhortations to employ auto traders. I note however, that you recommend TradeRush as a broker. They were my first broker and after an initial hiccup during which, according to them, I was inadvertently locked out of their site after depositing my opening balance, I really enjoyed trading on their platform. But for the past 3 weeks I have been locked out again, this time apparently deliberately. No explanation has been given except that it is due to my IP address. They still have my funds. Their technicians claim, and I believe them, that they are unable to solve the problem. They have handed it back to me. But it really is their problem. If they are not prepared to correct a situation that is aided and abetted by their security company, Encapsula, then they should be censored by the regulatory officials who permit them to trade and hold their clients’ funds. Those funds they claim are still mine, but because I am locked out of their site I am unable to process the normal procedures by which one withdraws them. Ironically I keep receiving invitations from TradeRush to participate in webinars and functions; obviously the right hand doesn’t know what the left has done. Best wishes and thanks again. Garth.

  8. Longiness says:

    i had the same problem…

  9. Drake Langdon says:

    Kudos to your vigilance to carry out trades with this trading platform just the same. If you hadn’t tried trading we wouldn’t know that maybe this site is a scam. The only way one can check it out is by trading. Legitimate sites are still out there so do not lose hope in binary trading. Read *snip spam* to check out which reputable ones are safe to trade with.

  10. Cuban says:

    You got owned bitch! Haha.

  11. Caffeine says:

    This is the software I used: BinaryAutoTrader.com

    • kenneth Zink says:

      Caffeine have you made money with the autotrader binary.com?

      I have been using their demo trading account of $5000 and have made about $2000 in two days so I’m winning trades some losing trades but mostly winners but how do I tell whether the demo is not phony?


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