Out of the hundreds of binary options brokers in the world, there are only a handful that we currently recommend. These recommendations are based on our own experience with the websites and the companies that operate them, the recommendations of our readers, and the features and quality each broker offers. Trust is always the number one essential criteria.

Those hundreds of brokers that do not make our recommended list have a variety of problems. Some of them simply do not offer enough in terms of features, while others are incompetently operated. Many however are actually flat-out untrustworthy. They are run by malicious individuals out to rob you. They are scammers, plain and simple.

There are a lot of ways that binary options brokers scam customers.

Some common tactics include:

Sell you useless systems and alert services. This is not really a scam you take action on if the systems were provided as a “free” benefit at a certain account tier, and it is questionable whether you could ever report them for it even if you did purchase them. Why? Because in the small print they invariably mention that the system does not guarantee results.

Manipulate expiry times and prices. This is one of the most common binary options scams. You are in a certain trade, and it is set to expire in a few minutes. At the time that the trade is meant to expire, you are in the money. But then for some unimaginable reason, the clock keeps running. A few seconds later, it stops, but the trade is a loser. The broker will claim it is a site error and point toward terms and conditions stating they are not responsible, but it is almost certainly malicious.

Refuse to pay out your money. This is another very common scam. You try to get your money out of your account and get a huge runaround. Either you find yourself wading through excessively complicated terms which are impossible to meet, you keep having to send in paperwork even though you already submitted everything, or the broker just ignores your withdrawal request and possibly disappears after absconding with your money.

What do you do if you think your binary options broker is scamming you?

Well, first off, you have to make sure they are scamming you. It is always a good idea to try to resolve the issue before you assume your broker is maliciously operating. If you cannot get the problem solved, though, you will have to take action against the company.

Here are the steps to take if you have a dispute.

Do your homework.

Are you the first customer to raise this complaint, or have there been others before you? It is a good idea to know what you are dealing with. Preferably of course you did this research before you signed up for a binary options account, but maybe you made a mistake and rushed in without doing your research. If so, it is time to catch up on that research now.

If you are the first customer to have this problem, maybe there is a simple misunderstanding. If however you find a bunch of customers before you with the same complaint, something else could be going on. It may be malice or just incompetence, and the reviews will probably shed some light. Sometimes you may find a set of steps you can take to resolve the problem based on the experiences of past customers who have successfully resolved the issue. If so, follow those same steps now. If not, continue down this list.

Make sure the problem is not you.

Anytime you are going to raise a complaint with a company, it is a good idea to make sure that you are not the cause of the problem. This is fair, for one thing, and for another, it may be more efficient. After all, if you find you caused the problem, you can solve it yourself quickly without asking someone else to solve it for you—who may not be able to do anything anyway.

Start by looking carefully over the terms and conditions for the transaction you are trying to complete. If you are trying to make a withdrawal and failing, is it because you did not submit some of the paperwork you needed? Is it because you claimed a bonus, and have not met the turnover requirement? Is it because you requested less than the minimum threshold? More than you can withdraw in a single transaction via a particular method?

If you can figure out a mistake you are making, try to correct it and then attempt to get your money again. You may very well have success. If not, proceed to the next step.

Check for mis-communications.

Sometimes everyone is proceeding with the best of intentions, but for some reason somebody is missing information. Perhaps your broker already contacted you, but your spam filter caught the email. Maybe you contacted the broker, but they either missed your email or misread what you had to say. Go through your email inbox and see if you find any evidence of a missed communication. If you are still not sure, send another email or pick up the phone and call. Figure out whether the broker missed an instruction from you, or you missed one from them.

Politely attempt to resolve the problem.

If you are unable to resolve the problem on your own or after communicating clearly, it is time to attempt a polite resolution. Wait a reasonable amount of time to do this. If a week or so elapses without a solution, call up customer service and speak to them directly about your concern.

When dealing with a customer service team you feel is either inept or out to get you, it is all too easy to fall into a destructive, accusing pattern. You are understandably angry by this point, but anger usually is not the best approach to getting your way. If you begin the conversation by attacking the customer service person, you will only put him or her on the defensive. This is not helpful.

Instead, politely and calmly explain your problem. Assert that you are unhappy, but do not do so in an accusing way. Let the customer service person know that you understand that mistakes happen and that you know that they want to do the right thing to help you out. Try to appeal to the best in the person you are speaking to. Make them want to help you.

Hopefully at this point the problem will be identified and resolved. Depending on what is going on, the customer service team may need time to resolve the issue. Again, give them a few days. If the problem is still not solved, you can proceed to the next step.

Give the broker an ultimatum.

At this point, it is time to take things to the next level. You have waited long and patiently enough and you have given the broker every chance to comply. Now you can feel free to fully express your anger and frustration. Let the broker know that if the problem has not been fixed to your satisfaction within a certain time frame, you will be taking public action against them.

Feel free to make this demand even if the broker is attempting to defend themselves by pointing toward their terms and conditions page. If for example you were robbed of a fair win by a “site error,” it does not really matter if the broker has legally protected themselves. You still deserve that money, and court action is not the only action you can bring against the broker.

So assert your right to your money. Hopefully you will get it. If you do, be grateful, close out your account, and get away from that broker. If not, then you will have to report them.

Report the broker to the authorities and the world.

At this point, it is time to report the broker to the applicable authorities, and to tell the world at large about your experiences. If the broker is regulated, you can report them to their regulatory agency. This could be CySEC, the Isle of Man GSC, FSA, etc. If the broker is not regulated, you can still report them to the authority that granted them a general license to do business.

Next, you can report your experience publicly online. Post to sites like this one and Ripoff Report, and visit binary options broker review sites that let you post your experiences. Also get on trading message boards and start threads that talk about what happened to you.

Taking these steps may not get you your money back, but it will at the very least draw business away from a broker that does not deserve it. It will spare other customers the same misfortune that you have suffered. It will give other legitimate companies a chance to serve those same customers.

In the future, you can avoid going through a similar unpleasant experience by taking the following steps:

  • Start searching for a broker by looking through our recommended brokers list.
  • Read the reviews carefully and select a broker that offers the features you need to conduct in-depth research on.
  • Navigate to that broker’s website. Actually read through their terms and conditions, especially withdrawal terms and bonus terms, with care. Make sure that there are no loopholes built in through which the broker can exploit you or inconvenience you.
  • Check out reviews by other customers who have traded with that broker to see if they had any negative experiences. If they did, see if you can spot any patterns.

You cannot expect any broker to be perfect, or perfectly convenient, or even perfectly competent in every respect. But you have a right to expect a reasonable degree of competency. And it is always within your right to expect to be treated with honesty and respect. The broker should value your business, and should be there to help you make money—not take it away.

  • Joshua Bill

    Hello friends, If you have lost money fraudulently to any company , broker or account manager and want to retrieve it or you need an account manager for $5000 weekly from an investment of $1000 then contact me via billjoshua121@gmail.com

  • Hani

    I was trading with binary broker called: FinMax. After making several trades I found there platform to be a bit strange in many ways and felt not comfortable that is when so decided to just withdraw my money through wire transfer. It has been 3 weeks now and I still did not get my money. I saw that the money amount I asked to withdraw, which is $1800 and which is everything I had left in my account has been removed from my account and they said that they sent it to me.
    It’s been 3 weeks and still nothing. What can I do?
    They claim it’s the bank problem and they sent their bank to explain to then what problem is and still I having beard anything back 🙁

  • Charmaine

    GTP Capital – got scammed. Lost a lot. Wanting more capital to release my funds. It hurts to see people losing their life-savings, retirement and forced into bankruptcy. Scammer Scumbags. Stay away from them.

  • Maria Rodriquez

    Stay away from 24 SAFEOPTIONS…..This company is shady and they will rip you off

  • male bozz

    please run from magnum options noting but scam.i lost a hug amount of money to them


    I was scammed by DANIEL ROSS at Tradorax.com. I initially invested £21000 but at the time of the scam had nearly £60000 in my account. I requested a withdrawal of £25000 which never occurred and when I made a complaint to the admin department,
    requesting all activity on my account be ceased, Daniel Ross left a very threatening phone message. At this point he made totally bizarre trades, locking me into 3 month bets totally wiping out all gains. When I requested a withdrawal of all remaining money I received a call from the accounts department telling me there wasn’t enough trading on the account and that I owed them money. I have never been spoken to so rudely in my life.
    I am determined to make this bunch of parasites pay for their disgusting low-life practices in stealing innocent peoples hard earnt money.
    If anyone else knows of a UK class action against these firms can you please let me know. Thanks

    • Gwen

      Daniel Ross now works for Pioptions

    • Jon

      Had similar with tradorax and one other. I had deposited money using a visa debit. Called Visa Fraud people and managed to claim all of my deposited funds back. They briefly complained about it to Visa but a swift call sorted that. You would only get your deposits back in this manner but that better than nothing. Mine was only small amounts and funnily enough had Tradorax peep ring up a few times after wondering if I wanted to reopen the account. Go to give them marks for shear cheek.

  • PeeWee

    Anyone had experience with Bank of Options or MGM Capitals

  • Wayne

    I got done by Titan Trade
    Mr Charles Goldsmith and Danielle Evans to me for $26k USD

  • Warwick

    I was trading with Secured Option & Option Hill who both being long to Hill Marketing. Between them I had $US150k. When both of these company closed their web site down. The Secured Option had $US100 in it. But the last time I able get into the account it was showing negative $10k. I emailed them about this with no relay.

  • Hong

    HI I have just entered into the bunary trade at the end of Feb I have been scammed out if £87k in total from two separate broker. Optionstarsglobal.com stoll got my money 65k I have asked to withdraw no one responded and my so call senior account manager is now totally igorned me. And the other broker Yes Option.com when I refused my account manager ”s further pushing for deposit (where my initial investment made 200% profit went £53k plus some left balance in the ac about £59k), when I finally refused any more deposit she told me then we have to trade on the profit. She told me go go on 30second trade asked me to enter £2000per contrant and just push the pull bottons until every thing was gone!

    How I blame my self being so stupid.

    I don’t think there is any proper legal prepresentives out there for people like us. As far as I am concerned banks will not provide us with any sympathy because we withdrawn our own money gave to the con men. Police don’t want to know because there is no death. I think the only thing we can do as the victims of this crime is to Setake up a petition to invite any body has been suffered loss irrespective large or small amount all affected our live in some way. As these are our hard earned money that was all my little bit money out of my remortgage of the house to keep the bill payment and mortgage payment because the wages is just not enough on a monthly income that has not increased for over 6 years.

    What do you guys say?

    • Petra Kiss

      Please don´t feel stupid. They are such as holes. I usually don´t curse but F-CK THEM. They destroyed me and my sons future, or our chances to have a good life for the next ten years to come. Then when I turn to get help, it will cost me 25 percent of the money I invested and 1000 USD to pay before they even start. I´m to coward to pay 1000 USD. What if they scam me to.

    • Shafiq Ansari

      Hi I hv been the victim of fraud of £32k by 2 binary platforms firm1 is Optionrally 2 is Binarybook. I am totally devastated n looking for help to recover my very hard earned money. If we hv some joint effort through law firm we might be able to recover some losses.
      Pls inform me Im in London. Some law furm from israel wants upfront money to pursue the case but I cannot pay any money upfront now. So they are not working. I sd if u collect my money then i can pay.But they are not interested to proceed.
      Pls.let me know if any law firm in London can do that.

  • Luke

    Porter Finance..very slick operation..Zack Robbins 30 second trades with huge success then all of a sudden huge losses and then less frequent contact eventually zero..,apparently he was transferred Lucy Darwin, Allen Powers, Jessica Michaels, Victoria Walker, Lily Burrows..I have now read about these people on other sites…beware of these names. All very good talkers but in the end just string you along. Very cunning in the way they got my money,..$20,000 and not revealing that I could not trade unless I accepted bonus or full terms regarding bonus trading amount being 60x the bonus plus deposit until after I had invested…constant promises and verbal agreements regarding availability of accessing and withdrawing part or all of my funds. After I accused them of coercion and deceit my withdrawal was approved over 3 months ago…still waiting. No-one to blame but myself…not enough research and not believing people can lie so well….just the excitement of the chance to make quick dollars.

  • Trevor

    All these sites are just stupid with everyone complaining about brokers and lost money yet there is no one to tell you exactly where to go and complain. The UK is the worst because brokers are not regulated by the FCA as such, they are supposed to be regulated by the government who do nothing to help you which is why so many brokers have prestigious fake London addresses. I complained to the UK action fraud 6 mths ago and never heard back, waste of time.

  • Glen

    I was scammed by binary tilt €190 they refuse to process my withdrawal and by the way is 14 days now and my request is not been processed and been blocked this broker is total rubbish and I feel stupid to open an account with them those devils

  • Bonile

    Hey stay far away from the scammers so called global option stars. They call and mail you everyday before deposit after I deposited $250 they ignored you and take all your profit. At last one of their brokers gave me a ring convinced me to trade with all my balance and I lost all of it. Is there a that I can get my money back?

    • Peter blanchard

      Hi I was scammed by charlie McLean of stern options out of 8800 pounds in less than 6 weeks. Is there anyone to help me get it back

    • Eve

      See my earlier post. I think they’re the same guys as optionstars, option888 and zoomtrader, all registered (falsely?) in Samoa. I’m not sure how to deal with them but if someone is going to do something about it I would be interested to find out.

  • Helder

    Hwmarkets eve scam me for 14 250 stay away

  • Guest

    HBC brokers are scammers. When you deposit your money into their account, you can never withdraw it again. They will eventually place your account on zero balance and tell you they have processed your withdrawal and that your money will reflect in your account but you will see nothing. Beware of a guy called MARK BAKER. HE IS A THEIF.

    • Gill

      I have the same problem with HBC Brokers

    • George

      I have a similar situation with HBCBroker.com. My account is showing over #34,000 and has stopped being active. Sent all the documents for verification but still cannot get any payment. Usual comment from support "your withdrawal is still pending". I have threatened them with setting up a website to imitate theirs but with a big warning message across the front page. I will do this if I do not get paid out. I have already sent them a copy of the front page. Lets see if makes any difference if not a new hbcbroker website will appear.

      • Anand

        George my name is vijayan from Malaysia and my problem is similar to yours HBC brokers stopped trading my account don’t answer calls and I have not spoken to my account manager for over a month I have 2 trading accounts worth 5,000 usd and am worried they might be fraudsters like brokers using fake names like James Sullivan, mark baker, Isaac Goldberg and Nikolai are all scammers very afraid might have lost my money to the biggest scammers in the forex and binary options HBC brokers

      • Gill

        Was also scammed. They won’t even take my calls anymore. I am with you all the way

  • Shadi

    Stay away from UFX.com .
    They are scam and they steal all your money.Many experience the same situation same as me

  • Christine Banks

    Stay away from Toroption they just get you to invest more and more and do not pay back any of it

  • Usha

    How do I find out who granted the license for Tropical Trade to do business? Can someone please advice?

    • Eric Hecht

      I have problems with them as well! Sorry I have no answer for you.

  • Williams N

    Capital Bank Markets is a SCAM-broker. This is an instance why traders should stay away from Capital Bank Markets.
    I have a horrible nerve-breaking experience with CBM. Funding a trading account with $300 through a CBM affiliates-signals-product-vendor, whom I suspect must be CBM’s comrade-in-scam, the product failed to work as expected.
    Trying the signal product on another brokers demo platform and discovered it didn’t work as expected, I did not start to trade on CBM trading platform.
    Meanwhile, the signals system has been deactivated by the vendor. Then, I requested for a withdrawal of my deposited fund but Capital Bank Markets did not respond neither to my ID-documents submission nor act on my withdrawal request in the last ten (10) weeks.
    They are yet to respond to any of my several ‘reminder-emails’ as well.
    This ought to be a pure refund case but they are deviant to refund my money. No response to calls or emails!.
    My advice to fellow traders is to stay away from Capital Bank Markets brokers. Once they have your money, they ‘ll ignore your emails and calls. Be warned!!

    • Big D

      All these binary option / forex brokers are scammers, that why they are not allowed to operate in the U.S. Stay away from all of them, even if you have winnings, they will not let you have it! I learned the hard way and lost thousands!! I am looking for a legit company that can help me recover my losses. Anybody know anyone?

  • John

    Stay away from Starling Capital……….period, and Justin Grey (if that’s his real name) and Grey Mountain Management SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zizzi

    stay away from PWRTrade. I got talked into moving the funds to managed account ( using Scalping auto system), and now they are ignoring my requests to stop trading against the account and/or to withdraw money. As they are not regulated I will have to take them to court in UK . Question is – finding a good lawyer 🙂

  • Rima

    Markets Trading is also another scheme with a bunch of trashes.
    Maxed out my credit card creit fund to $27,500 CAD, I scuffed and laughed at a garabe ditch saying ‘let me prove it to you that we do issue refund of 1,000 USD just for a proof !’, I do bet that the money has been tranfered to their boss’s account directly. Been waiting for the money for about 10 days whereas I was supposed to get it by now or sooner as 5 business days.
    No incoming sign of money wire transfer to my account at all whatsoever. Why does UK allow all those garbages to open a company with registration company numbers ?
    FUCK !!!! I DO WANNA drop a freaking atomic bomb on the hive of those trash companies !!!!

  • Nayan

    I had invested 1000 dollars with binary tilt to trade on their platform which was going okay until I lost 300dollars with their broker.

    I then requested withdrawal of my funds left over and it has been a month now with no response from them.

    This is theft, fraud and ignorant behaviour from binary tilt. Brokers name is Jeff Brown and company is Binary tilt.

    No documents to legalise any rights they may reserve either.

    Please help?

  • Guest

    I have similar experience with BinaryTilt and have been unable to make withdrawals since July 2016, after losing almost half of the initial capital. They no longer accepts my calls due to unfulfilled promises too much to mention here. Please stay away from this broker, their license has been revoked recently as I learned from the web. I blame myself partly from not doing enough due diligence on them before opening, losing my money, and unable to get back whatever is left in the account. What can we do now? There must be away to stop these brokers!

  • Jose Lajara

    I want to know if there is anyway to recover my scammed money. The broker did not answer my calls or emails. What alternative or solutions I have??

  • Andy

    Company called plustocks scammed me out of almost 50000 GBP, cant beleive I have been so stupid, if you are with them whatever they say or do, please do not hand over any more cash as you will 100% not get any back

  • steve

    I note that someone in the post had been told that if they upgraded their account they would get their money back. I was told this also by Binary Tilt but that again was purely a scam to get me to send a further £13,000 to them.
    This "offer" was made to me by Michelle Casilieres who told me she was the second in charge at Binary Tilt and she was doing this as a "favour" because her own father had lost lots of money with a binary option company in the past and this was her way of helping someone out that was in a similar.
    If these guys are happy to use their own family in a story to scam you then it tells you all you need to know. Needless to say once I refused this "favour" her attitude changed significantly finally telling me "you will have to sue if you want your money".
    I guess I do but I’m not sure who to go to or how successful this is likely to be – anyone have any experience on this?

  • steve

    Hi – I have an account with Binary Tilt (www.binarytilt.com) and due to poor service and many other issues, I decided to close my account however that was many months ago and I have still not received my money. They have pulled every trick going from changing my account manager 4 times, ignoring my calls / emails to now saying I have breached my T&C’s and will have to trade a volume of £1.5M before I can withdraw a penny. This is completely false but I cannot make any progress as cannot contact them. Any help or assistance would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Sazi

    Stay away from Secured Options. After sending a withdrawal request I was refered to the terms and conditions which stipulate that the first withdrawal can only be made after 30 days…fair enough, after 30 days I made another request…at this point they are ignoring ALL emails and my account still reflects the full balance although the withdrawal is being ‘processed’. What pisses me off is that is MY money, no bonuses and no input from account manager.

  • Nosi

    I have also been scammed by Binary tilt. In August I made a depozit of $250.. The person who was handling my account said id I could deposit $1000 he will hive signals+ bonus. Few days later he took another $250 in my credit card witnout my consent. I repoted this and they said I will smile at the end of the month I will withdraw. I noticed that I am losing all the trades and I complained about this. He later asked my login details amd said to me he will retriebe all the money I lost. After an hour I cheched my account only to see series of positions that were opened in long term it was15/09. I asked him why he didnt inform me about this he said if I knew I wouldnt have allowed him to do those trades.On the the 31/11 when he noticed there were funds in my account again he opened positions again. Those that were done on the 15/09 I lost all of them and suprisingly they do not apper on expirex trades tnough they are expired.Tney are ignoring all the calls skype and emails because I reported all tnis in their support

  • xoliswa mmtambo

    People you need to stay away from financika, all they want is for you to deposit more money. Stay away!!!

  • Christine

    I was told if you ungraded to an Admin account you can get your money back. Is this true?

    • Gary

      Yes is true Christine

  • Niel

    Well forget about your loss ,it just drive you crazy I went to witch and had. Curse placed on the c.f o of the scammers .no authority in U.k cares about your loss I have written them all supplied all facts ,my advise stay away from binary options 95percent Re scum

  • Josephine Wong

    I hv submitted my 1st withdrawal request to HBC Broker since 10 oct 2016 but until now still not processed by them although they hv verified my documents.

    • Anand

      Dear Josephine did you get your withdrawal request approved now that it is 2017? Which broker was in charge of your account I am also at HBC broker and am really stuck have 5k usd in my account but they have stopped trading my account

    • Anand

      Who ever puts their money in HBC brokers is 100 percent going to lose it they are scammers and fraudsters they use fake names and they should be famous for lying and cheating
      HBC brokers you are bullshit

  • Kathryn

    Has anyone had trouble with HBC Broker? I asked to withdraw my money and broker Eduard Johnson said he’d send through the withdraw request then he turned on autotrade which nearly emptied my account by the time I logged in to check what was happening with my withdrawl that never came through, and then he locked me out.

    • mark

      I have been trying to get my money out since Oct 13th Kathryn. About 20 emails later and no luck. They are such scammers.

      • Gill

        Does anyone get their money back from hbc? Have sent mails, tried calling. If anyone has had a good experience with them please share.

    • Gill

      Yes, exactly the same problem

  • K-kid

    Binary Tilt and UBO Capital are both scams.
    I will need your help albertmonica99.
    I am in Australia

    • Steve

      Hi – I have an account with Binary Tilt (www.binarytilt.com) and due to poor service I decided to close my account however that was many months ago and I have still not received my money. They have pulled every trick going from changing my account manager 4 times, ignoring my calls / emails to now saying I have breached my T&C’s and will have to trade a volume of £1.5m before I can withdraw a penny. This is completely false but I cannot make any progress as cannot contact them. Any help or assistance would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Danie

      Hi there.
      I have also been scammed by UBO Capital. Is there anyone that can assist?
      From South Africa.

  • AJun


    Just want to share the experience that I was experienced from binaryinternational.com. First, I made a deposit and qualified for some indicators. I had tested the indicators they offered with the demo account in their trading platform, and the result was not good as the video tutorial shows. So I think may not suitable to trade in binary options if do not have any knowledge for it, it is impossible to just blindly following the indicators for the trading, I just noticed it. After the testing, I decided not to continue this trading journey and ready to request the initial deposit I just made. And the problem occurred, I contacted my account manager to assist this withdrawal request as there was a bonus attached in my real account, but get no response from him until an accident was happened. I am still using my demo account to trade with the indicators while waiting the response from the manager. And I had accidentally placed a trade in real account, but I thought that was my demo account, this was not an intention. After the accident happened, the manager replied me and said that the bonus was activated in my real account, so there was no way to withdraw the initial deposit. I feel surprised and contacted back my account manager to express that was an accident, hope he can helps me to approve this ” special ” request. I get this answer, ” Once the bonus becomes active we really can’t remove it”. Sorry? Isn’t that the system is controlling the management as there is no any solution for this request. The system is running, and cannot modified by the staffs in Binary International? They cannot modify the system just in case some accidents are happening like this? What do you think about this? Would like to hear from you guys!

  • Kristina

    Do not trust bancdebinary they are a scam and scum the whole company is full of bull shit.

  • pam stiles

    I was scammed by Pushmoney.com do not send any deposits or any funds this was May 9th and still trying to get my money back.

    • shirley malone

      I was too, I joined push money and got redirected to binarybanc and I have tried to get a withdraw since July 22, I been told so many lies you could write a book, I even was told my broker was sick, took a leave of absence ,and last told me Daniel Parker is your broker would you like to speak to him, I say oh you mean the Daniel Parker you says is no longer working their, so I told him to connect me to support, never happen, now someone else has called me to tell me they can get my deposit back, on Aug 16,16 that haven’t happened yet, also he did’t say how he got my phone number, which I believe they are connected, because he told me if he get my money back I had to do something for him, make a deposit, I did but now I still have’t gotten my deposit back, not to mension, the voices sound the same, so this last co. tenoption is still working on my withdraw so they say, I’ll will see

  • Hei

    If you ever see name like Isabel Monterio or her nickname like Nasiba Cedar, dont trust her, she looks nice and friendly but all what she can do is SCAM. She is lier who never dont give you back.

    • sunshine

      Me too I have sent my money 1000$ for investment, she told me she will refund to me but She never dont give me back

  • Craig

    I would like to hear from anyone who has had experience trading with Binarybook company and specifically a broker trader named Elioit Grey. Binarybook traders appears to be based in the UK of England. I invested thousands of dollars with this broker and the money was gone in lost trades within one month. I intend to file a complaint but need to know what regulatory agency governs this company.
    PS Do not deal with binarybook ever. They will offer bonuses to match your investment and then tell you you have to meet trading volume requirements that are unattainable in order to withdraw any profits. Do not trust binarybook or trade with them.
    Any help would be so appreciated, Thank you Craig

    • Trevor

      Hi Craig I would also like to do what you said they are all fraudsters I have tried 3 different binarys and all the same would like to save people going down the same way you and I have.

    • Pete

      Craig – I too was duped out of money from Binary Book. The broker that scamed me was Daniel Buckly id that is his real name or not. While it looks like they are in England I believe they are really in Israel or operated by Israeli nationals. A company called Wealth Recovery International contacted me about getting some of my money back. Don’t know if this is just another scam or not.

  • jackie

    Optionow – total scam merchants – took money – when I asked to close account last year aug/sept they advised money on its way to my account – then failed to respond to any further contact. No money of course was sent and now they are showing as no longer in business. I am sure like anything that crawls out of a disgusting hole they will re-appear under a new name. Is there any way we can get that monitored?

    • Kai Outzen

      Hi Jackie
      I had the exact same experience with LBinary broker . I hope these low life criminals get caught.

  • George

    Is the Bank du Binary a safe place to invest?

    • richard gough

      bank d binary, full of pushy account managers, phoning all the time for more money.l was given 30 trades in under 30 minutes, 22out of 30 trades lost, $2000 lost in half an hour. could have picked better myself. beware

  • George

    Is Bank du Binary a good company to invest with?

  • David Howell

    None of them.

  • Fardeen

    Can anyone tell me which broker can i trust ?

    • richard gough

      do not trust binaring.com nobody ever gets to withdraw any money from them. l have put 10 requests per day for 2 months, nothing, cannot get in touch. Leon Goldberg, got hold of him on skype,refuses to approve my loan requests.

  • Noel

    As a precaution, just in case you get scammed, I recommend recording and filing ALL contacts with the company – especially phone conversations, records of phone / Skype guidance on trades to be placed, or on company processes or terminology, especially with respect to the withdrawal of funds.

    Many of the crooks seem expert in creating confusion, in creating expectations of successful trades, or protected trades, or simple withdrawal practices, and then they throw in a surprise or two that violates prior expectations and robs you of money. This might leave you with a “your word against mine” argument when it comes to a dispute.

    OptionFM, for example, in their fine print, reserve a right to record all of your conversations with them. But they don’t offer to make that recording available to you when you have a difference of recollection, and they are bullying you to accept their version of the story. You need to have evidence on your side, especially if it comes to a legal contest.

    I have access to some interesting recordings of OptionFM “assurances” that were later violated, and of some conflicting information from senior managers.

    Another side benefit of audio recordings might be the exchange of records to establish just who you were talking to. I wouldn’t be surprised to find the same voices behind different names in some of the scamming traders, with people rotating jobs and names to protect or hide the guilty parties. Try to spot the internet or Google profile of some of the key people you are dealing with. It might surprise you just how invisible they can be.

  • Richard

    I have dealings with Optionsxo and now Optionrally is contacting me. I have not seen them in this website
    Does that mean they may be ok or did I just miss them What is your assessment?

  • Noel

    Stay away from Option.FM unless you like to be on the business end of misrepresentation, exploitation and fraudulent malpractice. It doesn’t appear to have a bone of decency or honesty in its body. How else could a “very experienced” trader and Tier 1 account manager, assure that high trading outcomes can be achieved without risk (i.e. in a protected trading environment), and then manage to destroy some $250K in a single trading session, with every single trade being personally directed by that same manager? How could that manager’s projections of 100% success on more than 100 successive trades have been made other than through a protected / insured trading regime when that same manager’s personal performance on more than 100 previous trades was barely over 40%? How can such an experienced trader entrusted to high value clients as a self-declared “financial manager” be so remiss in duty of care and risk management to a client? And how can a senior trading manager working in any reputable company evade client contact and the “truth” of the trading outcomes for more than six weeks after the trading session that destroyed all the client’s money?

    But don’t believe me. Let me use the words of OptionFM, using extracts from recorded conversations:


    • “I believe I did a superb job (on the account)…. You are in an excellent position in the market”
    • “(You) made a huge success (in trading) …because (you) listened to me”
    • “the remaining 24% (of a trade with a 76% payout) goes to OptionFM…. We are very rightfully so deserved … if we are able to get your client at that level of success.”
    • “(you are) entitled to these profits … . so it would be very stupid .. not to liquidate the account in the highest bracket (i.e. by putting in a very large amount of new money) and live life in a much more comfortable way.”
    • “(putting in substantial extra funds) cannot damage you in any way.”
    • “(You) placed trades and some of the trades lost.”
    * (of the confidently projected $800K+ of trading results) … “Most of (the trades) lost. And this is basically the reason why you don’t have much money in your account. This is the reason why you only have $578 in your account.”
    There are plenty more quotes and misrepresentations that could entertain fraud investigators and regulatory bodies for some time, so look for further instalments.

    • RONALD

      I myself have been scammed out of my fund from option.fm. You never win and can never withdraw anything,as soon as you hit withdraw your broker, ( who you cannot seem to contact), will then contact you and say that he has an good trade and you should first cancel the withdrawal and as expected you lose your money. They even told me my money is on a protected capital plan and cannot lose my money and when you lose its all of a sudden a matter of documentation thats missing. How can this be. Is there a way to retrieve my money? I need help please

      • Simon

        Hi Ronald

        Would be great to connect in . I am curious how all has panned out for you with this matter as i am now going through similar things.

    • Simon

      Hi Noel ,

      would be great if we could connect in and have a chat . I have just been through the same situation as above.

      your description of Option FM is so exact as to mine.

      Hope to speak soon


  • lee

    I was recommended to set up an account on winoptions.com, and when i decided to withdraw my funds, they brought up terms and conditions which did not exist when i first started the account. Their transfer was to start back in April, with max payout of $1500, but they have only transferred $1250 in Aug, and nothing else. No reply to emails, calls lead to promises of zero return calls…., nothing. And this site states that they aren’t scammers?

  • Christine Naughton

    Beginning last year at this time, TigerOptions Binary Trading Co. began their scam of me.
    They were out to take my money from the very first. They even demanded a $2,000 cash payment for the withdrawal of over $30K through a company that issues cards that are then sent to the broker. The head of that accounting process, Withdrawal, promised my
    money in 3 – 5 days. He had my checking acct. #, etc. to do the wire. TigerOptions still has me on their books but will not talk to me or says that someone will call me back. NOT!
    TigerOptions is a SCAM from the beginning. Beware.

  • christos

    you protect the people from the scam brokers and as I saw somewhere here you wrote about banc de binary as a good broker.really?go to scambook.com and in [forex peace army] and there you can find how many people lost their money with banc de binary scammers.there is no one person that you can trust in binary options.from 350-400 brokers in the market only 5 – 10 are trusted.someone has to stop the scammers.go in =forex peace army.there you can find an organization of international lawyers that they can help you with other peoples to take back your money from the idiot scammers.

  • willy kam

    Firstclassbinary.finance….. I have big problems .. afther 30 trading days i had the right to get 62.000 euro.
    A Jenniver Amaro told me that I had to wait till 30 non tradings day’s where over..
    That was strange. After speaking to the (boss) Laurent Fournier , I was even more in stress.
    This all started in Marz 2015. One my account is 140.000.00 euro at the moment.I was trading on my one and lost. No comment from them. Than I was so frustrated that I did fifty fifty and won. So now my account is gone.
    They are still live in Cypruss and London. What can I do?????

    • Heng

      For this kind of money, I would fly to London with all your evidence and report to the to the police there.
      Hopefully you can raid their den with the police. :))
      Good luck

      • Kai Outzen

        Hi . I have reported and complained to Fraud Action in London about L Binary Fraud . I have been completely ignored

  • Barbara A. Silva-Ruette

    My husband, Enrique & I began investing in World Wide Options last November 2014. We dealt with an agent named, JAMES JHONSON & have given him hundreds of dollars. Today, we were to receive USD $ 10,000.00. His 2 phone lines now are NOT IN SERVICE and he has not sent a Western Union number to access the promised monies. We feel that we have been scammed & will be forced into bankcruptcy !

    Are there any recourses for us We are senior citizens of Canada still working as we were hit hard by the
    US recession of 2008.

    Thanks for any advice you could offer us.

    Barbara & Enrique Silva-Ruette (Ottawa, Canada)

    • Heng

      What do you mean by ” investing in World Wide Options “?
      Putting in hundreds of dollar and you will get $10,000? hmmmm . . . . .

      • leo walsh

        you are into something illegal there is no way to turn hundreds into 10,000 us it sounds like you are complacent in this you had to have a gut feeling that something was up if not you are to gullible for your own good!!!