I don’t review a whole lot of auto-trading programs here for a good reason—most of them are flat-out worthless. In fact, they will actually end up costing you money. I never want to recommend anyone on our site throw their money down a black hole.

Once in a great while, however, I find a program that actually impresses me, one which generates solid results, is easy to sign up for and use, and has no catches or strings attached. My most recent discovery? Binary Options Robot.

What Is Binary Options Robot?

Get a free binary option robot - Click for full details and learn more.

Get a free binary option robot – Click for full details and learn more.

Binary Options Robot is an auto-trading program which lets you kick back and watch the profits (hopefully) roll in. The program focuses on trading currencies, so it is best for international traders (not USA traders, who are usually restricted from trading currencies on binary options platforms).

You do not need to download binary options robot to use it. You just register a free account at the official website, BinaryOptionRobot.com and follow the sign-up steps, adjust the settings to your liking, and let the program trade for you. Professional traders manage and program the robot so that it will generate successful trades.

Is There a Catch? (Kind of)

Why on earth would great signals be free? Good question. In this case, that question has a simple answer. Binary Option Robot partners with a number of brokers as an affiliate. Basically, to get the signals, you need to be trading with one of their partners, and you need to open your account through Binary Option Robot at the time you register for the signal service. There are a ton of brokers you can choose from, including some that I recommend, such as:

  • Banc de Binary
  • OptionFM
  • Binary Tilt
  • Bloombex
  • Ubinary
  • PlusOption

This is a win-win if you are wanting a trading tool. Sign up with any of these brokers, and you will enjoy great service on a top-shelf platform. The Binary Option Robot people get paid, and you get free trading signals you can use to make money. It is a system that pays off all around.

Oh, and when you sign up, you will usually be given a limited-time offer. Their promotions change, but typical offers include a handful of risk-free trades or a free month of VIP signals.

What Results Can You Expect With The Binary Robot?

Binary Option Robot makes their trading history public, which is awesome. On their Signal History page, you select one of their pro traders, pick a risk level, and pick a platform. If you get a page with no results, don’t get discouraged. Not all of the traders generate signals on all of the platforms at every risk level.

The screens I did find were encouraging. I definitely found a lot more wins than losses, but not so many that I was suspicious that the win percentage was unnaturally high. Whenever you see nothing but “win, win, win, win, win …” indefinitely, you should run, not walk, the other way. But you also do not want to see poor results where you are winning half the time or less. I usually look for a win percentage around 70-80%. I start getting suspicious around 90% (anything 95% or higher I do not trust one bit).

So to all indications, you will get good results trading with these signals. They will not be perfect results, but perfect results do not exist. At least this company seems to be pretty transparent about both their wins and their losses.

Cool Features

There are a couple of settings you can use on Binary Option Robot to control trading.

Reverse Trading. If for whatever reason you believe that the robot is trading the wrong direction, you can order it to execute reverse trades on your behalf.

Stop Loss. This is an excellent feature. You can use this to set a level of loss at which trading will stop for the day. If that margin is reached, you will not have to worry about the robot continuing to place traders on your behalf. This will help you to curb your losses and conserve your bankroll.

The VIP Trading Account mentioned earlier has the following extra feature:

Risk level settings. Some signals are high risk, some are medium risk, some are moderate risk (don’t ask me the difference between medium and moderate), and some are low risk. With the standard account, the robot will trade these signals all indiscriminately. If you have a VIP account, you can choose which of the four risk levels you want to trade. So you can trade nothing but low risk signals if you want. If you wish to trade medium risk signals and not moderate risk signals (I know, right?), you can.

What Will it Cost You?

binaryoptionrobot-free-ad-300It costs you absolutely nothing to trade with Binary Option Robot, which at this time is a completely free service. Anyone can sign up for the basic account. What about the VIP account? That is actually free at this time as well. How do you get it? Binary Option Robot has a referral program. You refer a friend, and both of you get two free months of VIP service. You can do this simply by sharing a referral link you will find in your profile when you are logged in. Once your friend makes a deposit, you both get the upgrade.

There is literally no limit to the number of times you can do this. So if you have a lot of friends who trade, you could feasibly enjoy the VIP status for years. The only other cost associated with Binary Option Robot is the deposit you need to make to open a trading account at one of their partner brokers. But as you need to make a deposit to trade anyway, and the deposit is still your money, this really should not be looked at as an additional cost.

Conclusion: A Great Choice for Free Signals

If you do not want to pay for signals or cannot afford to, Binary Option Robot looks like a great opportunity. Their partnership system with their recommended brokers explains how they make money and why they do not feel the need to charge for their services. Understanding this lays a foundation for trust, as does the detailed signal history posted on their website. Their results are strong but realistic, and they even include useful features like a stop loss and risk control in their platform. You do not need to download anything. Signing up is fast and easy, and you really cannot beat “free” for pricing. For convenience, features, and value, they get our vote!

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