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I am reaching out to you once again to give me your feedback, ratings and reviews of binary option broker, BinaryMate.


BinaryMate is a US, CA and internationaly friendly broker that also offers live web-cam interaction with account managers. They are designed for new binary option traders who want a live, interactive trading experience. They have been in business for just under a year but are managed and by the team behind some of the larger brokers offered today.

Here are the quick details:
binarymate broker site

  • Official Website: Binarymate.com
  • USA Traders?: Yes
  • Canada Traders? Yes
  • Minimum Deposit
  • Bonuses are optional (this is a good thing!)
  • First 3 Traders are “Risk Free”
  • $250 Minimum Deposit
  • $50 Minimum Withdrawal
  • No downloads required
  • Withdrawals are processed daily and within 1 hour (assuming you have properly verified your account
binary mates trading platform

Easy Trading Platform

binarymate bonuses

Multiple Bonus Offers

binarymate app

Trade On Your Phone

BinaryMate Trader Reviews and Comments

Visit Binary Mate And Trade With A Live Account Manager

Visit Binary Mate And Trade With A Live Account Manager

Have you traded at BinaryMate.com? If so please leave your honest ratings, comments and reviews of Binary Mate so others can make an informed choice.

  • Al-Asaq Surabia

    good broker. withdrawing money with around 1-2 hours. going to deposit more one deposit, looking for good strategy.

  • Connor

    Stay Far far away from this website… They will not process your withdrawal under any circumstances. I didn’t accept any bonuses or anything and they banned my account after I requested a withdrawal and sent multiple follow up emails.

    Every time you get a hold of someone all you get is, we will let your success manager know and he will call you.

    Absolute Scam! Two weeks of this and still nothing.

  • Benjamin

    well I got my money without any problems there and I like the whole platform. it works quite good and I got my money back + profits. Actually I got 100% my money + approximately 40% of profit from deposit amount.

  • Rod

    Recently blew my $250 account. Traded on thdur Binarycent platform. At first it was fine, but it didnt take long for strike prices to begin getting thrown off by the platform. I’m dispute with credit card company. The service I was promised wasn’t delivered. I will only call with IQ Option. Easily get a VPN and citizenship from another country to verify and you’ll be fine. That’s the best broker or if 20+ (no joke!) I’ve personally used and tried.

    • Peeter Ruckara

      What vpn do u use

    • Elijah

      And how to get a citizenship from another country they ask for variable bank accounts and everything

  • Lawson Richards

    I lost all my money with them binary mate because i ask for a withdraw i have 1374 in my account they place false trade and ripe out all my money please keep away look here ID Active Call/Put Start Time End time Investment Payout
    2005848 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005844 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:46 17.03.17 05:47 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005859 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005850 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005845 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005857 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005849 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005858 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005860 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005861 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005862 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 70.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005854 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005846 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
    2005852 EUR/USD Call 17.03.17 05:47 17.03.17 05:48 100.00 USD 0.00 USD
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  • Steven

    This website is a scam piece of crap. The webcam managers are lying pieces of crap with no morals. Beware that this company is very deceptive and will find every single way for you to not get your money. I made a huge mistake choosing this company.

  • Stan

    What is a good company for a canadian resident?


    SCAM !!! there are no binary companies that are legal to work with the U.S.

    • Ben F.

      I received my money and had good trading experience. I am from United States and has no problems with withdrawals or trading.

      I can tell that Binarymate and Nadex are both good companies with different platforms and trading possibilities.

  • Ripped Off

    This place is a joke. I’ve tried 5 times now to make a withdrawal, 5 times I’ve had an different excuse. First I deposit 250 euros, I’m up and down for a bit and then decide this ain’t for me and try a withdraw xxx euros, I’m then told by email that I need to meet the deposit amount so I do that and try and withdraw again at xxx then I’m told I need to withdraw at least 50 which I’d read about but I didn’t know that was on top of my deposit so I’m then told I need 300 or more, I manage this and try to withdraw again at xxx, then I told I have to wait a few days for a success manager???? I then get an email saying that it gone to the finance department, they then say it’s going to take 1-3 days of that. My hopes of getting paid out are fading fast an me visiting the bank to get it back. I don’t mind winning or losing I except that but deciptful bare lies just show what scum people can be. I hope they prove me wrong and I get paid out but it’s not looking promising considering my xxx euros balance is still sat in the trading part of my account with these plastic conartists. How have they been able to keep going since last Aug 2016 is beyond me.
    1 hour payout! Don’t make me laugh.

    • Michael

      I ran into the same thing with their previous scam company FINPARI. These people are bad news. Put up a huge stink for your initial deposit cause that is all you will get. They are sneaky but their policy is you must trade with more than your account is worth I.E. you traded 10,000 worth and your account is 12,000. You can only withdraw up to 10k max. But even when you try, they come up with anything to keep you from getting the money. Finpari used that they rejected USA traders conveniently when i try to withdraw, meanwhile they had stopped taking in USA traders for about two weeks at that point.

    • Ripped Off

      After countless emails and knowing I’m never going to get my full balance if any my initial deposit has actually been taken off my Binarymate balance, however, I’m wondering which bank they’ve sent it too? Probably their own, It wouldn’t surprise me if the balance was fictional in the first place. Their a waste of oxygen and who need banning from the planet.

      • Ripped Off

        After many emails and phone calls I have actually got my deposit back, I did have a little bit of balance left which I was more than happy to take down joyfully to a zero balance and then ask for account deletion.

  • Rafael

    Certanly I won a good amount money, but I couldn’t get this money in my bank, because they have an excuses for everything to withdraws aren’t succesfully. For me really I think they are not broker, they are scaming people

  • Alex

    SCAM!!! This brokerage claims it is regulated, which is bogus! The market system used on this platform is manipulated so you loose every trade you place. I lost 10 trades in a row, with 8 of the 10 trades ITM… at the last seconds the "market" will jump so you will loose a trade by a few pips. I f***in hate people trying to rip others off of their hard earned money.


      Yes you are right, Happen the same with me they manipulate the signal algorithm at the last second don matter what position if is call or put the signal turns against my trade and come exactly where is my point to expire and wipe off the money and the signal goes back to the route was going before at the next second. for me is rip off broker and I don’t understand some fake reviews I see here some people say they are happy, can be a fake reviews.

  • Tunes


  • Pete

    I have pretty good experience with BinaryMate.. In last two months I made some profit.. I am still learning..

    • Din

      Did you withdraw your funds successfully??

  • Gordon Melsom

    Hi ,Ive joined , seems to lag at times , and charts are hard to adjust . Hard to get used to settings for trades and you have to watch new settings if want to trade same asset

    • BRUCE J

      its a scam you fool
      call your credit card company ASAP !

  • Sedrick phillips

    Not good at all I’ve lost over $400 in profits… There system is extremely glitchy to the point it causes late entry and exit points… You have to constantly log out and log back in due to the fact that the indicators become inaccurate from you being randomly logged out of your account… I’ve lost so many trades from being log out of my account but still being able to trade…. This platform lacks indicators it’s really really bad I do not recommend…. Also there demo account wins more than the really account

    • Pete

      It’s easy to blam broker if you don’t have enough skills..

      • Wulf 359

        +1 to Pete’s comment.

        IMO, there are 2 main things to know and understand in trading of any kind. First and most important is being an educated trader. This means knowing not only how to trade but also WHEN to trade.

        Also, have a system that you trade, try it out on demo accounts first to get comfortable and tweak it before you risk real money. That system should also include a simple but often overlooked necessity called MONEY MANAGEMENT. YOU WILL LOSE MONEY ON SOME TRADES! This is the only 100% guaranteed thing in trading.

        The quantity of trades, wins and losses, is not as important as the quality of the wins compared to the losses. If, at the end of the "day", you have more coming in than going out, you will do OK.

      • BRUCE J

        its a SCAM !!!!!

  • Caffeine

    $1 minimum trade amounts, and only a $250 min deposit. I’m going to give it a try for the live web-cam trading aspect of it. Anyone have any success here yet?

    • Jamal Kassim

      with binarymate your minimum trade 10$,not 1$..

      • dink

        min trade is a dollar. it comes up 10, just change it to 1. Dont bet 60sec, bet 2 min or longer. You can make a lot of money on this site, you just wont get it.

      • BRUCE J

        SCAM !!

    • fer

      A lot of people told that this guys are Scamm and you still will get a try? Try to learn from the othera, for dont loose your hard money bro

    • BRUCE J

      SCAM its an israeli company based in TEL AVIV and they are scammingggggggg