BetOnline Financial Review – BOL Legit Or Scam?

Traders can largely be classified along a spectrum. At one end are your super-dedicated hardcore professional types who are trying to make a living at it. At the other end are your casual traders who are essentially gambling for fun and hoping to make a little extra money while they are at it.bol-financial-250x145

For the super-serious traders, we usually recommend Nadex. But if you are more of the casual gambling type, Nadex’s interface is pretty convoluted and not really worth your time to learn. It makes a lot more sense to pick a site with a simple, straightforward interface for trading.

And that brings me to BetOnline Financials. BetOnline is a well-established and respected online casino and sports betting site. Since the vast majority of binary options traders are gamblers, it makes sense that we would start seeing sites like BetOnline offering binary trading.

There are a couple of huge upshots for you here. The first is that BetOnline pays out way more on winning trades than most binary options websites. The second is that BetOnline is completely trustworthy. If you win you will get paid. This is one of the top gambling sites online, so if you play here and win, you know for sure you will get paid.

Is BetOnline Binary Options a Scam? (No)

bof-logo-250x125BetOnline is definitely not a scam. Look this company up. Google for legit sportsbooks and you will find them on the top lists of the sites and communities. They are very well known. Seriously, they have their own Wikipedia page. How many binary options websites can say that? Most of those companies are fly-by-nights. BetOnline by contrast has tons of awesome reviews as an online casino and sportsbook. They offer that same quality with binary options trading as they do with all their other gambling services.

Deposit Info – Minimum BetOnline Deposit

The minimum deposit amount for trading on BetOnline depends on the deposit method you choose. You can use any of the following:

  • Credit or debit card – $50
  • W.U. Person to Person Money Transfer
  • MG Person to Person Money Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Book to Book
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Money Orders
  • Bitcoin

Visit this page on BetOnline for the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts for every method of transferring money. Note that there are fees associated with withdrawals, though I have not managed to find a comprehensive list. I do know that the fees vary depending on the method you use and the amount you want to withdraw.

Types of Binary Options Available

Hundreds of assets and four styles of binary options.

Hundreds of assets and four styles of binary options.

  • High/Low
  • Touch/One Touch
  • Range
  • Turbo

This is an excellent variety of trade types. High/Low is the most basic type of binary options trade, where you simply decide whether you believe price will rise or fall within a given timeframe. If you are right, you win the payout. Turbo is just the same, but it all takes place very fast. Turbo trades last 1, 2 or 5 minutes.

With Touch/One Touch, you wager that price for a given asset will hit a certain trigger value before your trade expires. Once again, if you are right, you win the payout.

What about Range trading? This is one of my favorite types of binary options trades. Whereas with One Touch you are wagering price will rise or fall to a certain level, with Range you are wagering it will keep trading within a certain specified channel. So the less price moves, the more likely you are to win—perfect for profiting in flat markets. And let me tell you, markets spend a lot of time ranging instead of trending.

Trading Features at BetOnline:

betonline-betslipPlayer Insight. This is a widget you will find in the lower right-hand corner of the trading platform. It tells you whether other traders on the site believe that the price of an asset is going to rise or fall.

High Payouts. BetOnline trades pay out a whopping 160-180% when you win. Contrast that with the 75-85% which is typical on most binary sites.

Control Over Risk. BetOnline offers out-of-money refunds. You get to decide how big a refund you want. As you raise the refund amount, the potential payout amount drops. If you are wiling to forego more of the potential refund, the potential payout amount rises. BetOnline’s simple, clear interface will tell you exactly how much money you could win or lose on any given trade. So you always know what you are getting into before you submit your order.

What Can You Trade on BetOnline?




Bund future
Dow Jones
NASDAQ 100 Future
S&P Future


Best Buy
Coca Cola Co
Eli Lilly
Exxon Mobil
Home Depot
Line Corp
Lockheed Martin
Manchester United
Morgan Stanley
Nintendo CO LTD ADR
Qualcomm Incorporated
Tesla Motors
Time Warner
Trip Advisor
US Steel



Final Thoughts on BOL Financials

BetOnline is the ideal choice for casual binary options traders. If your goal is to have a good time and maybe pull in a profit now and again, it makes no sense to go through the struggle of learning Nadex. But it likewise makes no sense to pick some weird foreign fly-by-night broker who is just going to make off with your cash. BetOnline is a reputable online casino which is offering an awesome opportunity to binary options traders. So check out their website, open an account, and have fun!

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Trader Reviews, Comments and Questions Below

Blacklisters, please leave your ratings, reviews, complaints and praises for BOL financial below.

  • Vinny

    Guys, anyone know the lengths of expiry times available for indices trading?

  • J D

    Just had (earlier today) an online chat session with BOL Financial, and found out some information regarding U.S. traders. According to Frank (do not remember if the last name was given or not), they are U.S. trader friendly, so that part covered for those curious about it.

    However, despite some of the financial tags posted on their site, according to Frank, Skrill and Neteller are not possible for U.S. based customers. Not 100% sure I am remembering everything correctly, but they allow credit and debit card payments, as well as cashiers check and bitcoin.

    If I end up going with them, I will try to remember to post my experiences here, either good or bad.

    • J D

      Just went and deposited $XX into my BOL account by way of MoneyGram, and once I entered the information on my end, my account was credited within 1/2 to 3/4 hour (I was looking at other windows, so it might have been even sooner.)

      An update to the above, they also accept Western Union and MoneyGram and something called Litecoin. Apparently where you are based determines what specific deposit (and possibly withdrawal) options are available to you. I am based in the U.S., so any information I post is based on my personal experiences and/or what I am told.

      Even though this is primarily a gambling (sports, etc.) site, I am using it strictly for the purposes of binary options.

  • Michael

    Are u sure it’s not 180%, making u win 180 on a 100.00 wager. Just like a broker. You may win 80 plus you 100 making it 180 total so being the same. I believe that’s how it goes. I’m double checking with them.

    • J D

      The BOL system, in the financials part (binary options), shows the payout (without being logged in) under "digital" as "180%" and under "turbo" (to list 2) as "170%". Haven’t traded yet, so not 100% sure, but think it means the 100% is your original "bet" and the balance is what you get back above the original. So if betting $10, you would get $18 on the first one, and $17 in the examples I showed.

    • J D

      Recently opened an account with BOL, and have done some binary options trading, and I can now confirm the previous theories. Despite the posted %s above, and on the other pages, 180% is the return, considering the original trade value included in that amount. It is basically the same as the other sites that say 80%. For specific example, on many of the trades I did, with the value of $10 risk and a posted return of 170% if successful, when I placed the "bet" (it IS mostly a betting site) of $10, $10 was removed from my account balance, and if I won that particular wager, my account was then increased by $17, ending up with a net increase from before the bet was placed of $7.

      If your return according to the %s listed is 80%, you bet $10, and you only get $8 back, that wouldn’t make much sense to keep trading.

  • Thomas

    I tried BOL’s finance section out. I started with 55 dollars and in 2 hours it was turned into 433 dollars. We’ll see how the ‘withdrawl’ goes…

    • Cody

      How was the withdrawal?

      • Caffeine

        Since he hasn’t came back here to complain / warn us… I can assume it went through. Love an update OP.

    • pavan

      whats the stratagey you are using ? how long did it took for the withdrawal to show up in your account

    • Michael

      So let me ask you. When you wagered say 50 bucks and won at 180%, did they give you 50 plus 90 for 140 total or just 90 total?

      • J D

        I believe that the 100% portion is your initial "bet" amount. So, for example, if you "bet" $10 and it says 180%, you would end up getting $18 if the trade/bet is successful, not $28. Not having traded with this company, but basing it on what I have seen from other companies. However, do not take just my word for this. Today is the first time I remember hearing of this company in regards to trading.

      • J D

        Been doing some "trades" with them, and I can confirm that the wins of 180% do consider the original bet amount to be the 100% portion of the 180%, so a $50 bet would get you $90 total back.

  • Caffeine

    I’ve bet sports with them for years as well as played poker there. Always paid out winnings and offered fair games.