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One of the things we try to do here at the BO Blacklist is to keep up with the latest complaints, warnings and claims of scams made towards the trading sites we list. When you are dealing with as much money as traders are at these brokers it leads to high emotions. Both positive and negative emotions. In this article, we are going to take a look across the web and see what the latest complaints and TradeRush scams we can find.

We rate TradeRush as a legit broker.

However we are going to take a good look around the net and see what others have to say about TradeRush within the past few weeks.

Trade Rush Scams – What Ripoffs Did We Find?

Looking at the major online trading communities around the web we found a handful of allegations that people were scammed by traderush. Let’s review them.

  • Trader looks for traderush proof of payment – but can’t find one. Wants to see proof that someone has gotten paid
  • New trader researches before trading online. Gets scared by old thread on babypips. Reassured by members that TradeRush is legit
  • Trader Needs Utility Bill To Process Payouts – this is pretty standard stuff as they need to know who they are sending money too
  • TradeRush mentioned as a white label of of the SpotOption trading platform
  • TradeRush or sites like Nadex and IG index
  • Risky trading systems – Plus mention of utilizing TradeRush as the broker with a free demo account
  • BabyPips weighs in on trading binary options – not directly related to TradeRush
  • Warnings- Binary Options is Betting – Know what you are doing when you trade binaries at TradeRush, or anywhere for that matter. There is risk that goes along with that quick reward.

Conclusions about Broker – Legit

From the research we can see from the forums, message boards and community, TradeRush appears legit. As legit as any binary options broker currently serving traders online.

What You Should Know The beginnings, in early 2011, were a bit rocky for TradeRush as they had some server issues, some time connectivity issues and similar problems that caused an uproar from the trading community. Especially when you are trading binary options, which expire extremely fast, having a solid connection to your server is vital. In the early days, TradeRush had these issues and it caused many traders to lose trades they felt they had actually won. This lead to claims of scams and the sort.

Now, in the second half of 2012, it appears TradeRush has fixed the earlier problems.

I was a little surprised not to see more shouts of scams and complaints about TradeRush.

The fact of the matter is that many people who trade binary options are just gambling and end up losing money because they are not trading ‘seriously’. These types of people, who think they can easily make money trading binary options are the ones who inevitably go to complaints boards and forums crying foul and claiming that TradeRush ripped them off.

Again, we were happily surprised that there were very few current TradeRush complaints circling out there in the internet.

If you are looking for a reputable binary options broker then you should strongly consider traderush. They are one of our few recommended binary options trading brokers and they accept traders from the US. They utilize the SpotOption platform and have excellent 60 second options with a minimum trade amount of only $5. Whether you are looking to have a little fun risking a few hundred dollars or if you are looking to make a significant deposit with a reputable broker where you can trade binary options then TradeRush should be on your list.

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  • Julius Tsui

    TR Binary is a SCAM!
    You simply cannot withdraw your profits. They will come up with ALL sort of excuses. At the end, you can’t withdraw!

  • Big D

    I had a bad experience with TR-Binary Options. When I was stupid and naive two of their "brokers" had me open positions of $5k and $9k twice with promises of recommendations being good. However they quickly went the other way and blew up my account. They gave me $13k bonus money – big mistake! They did not give the proper advice of good money management which is generally never to place a trade that is bigger than 5-10% of your account. Now I have about $1500 left of an original $30k plus their $13k and it will take centuries to try and build the account up myself with their policy of trading 30 times the bonus money! They are all scammers, liars and thieves and should be shut down by the British, Swiss German and Israeli governments where they originate from. The brokers get paid a commission on what you deposit, not your trades. They pressure you into making deposits with a promise of 80% returns. You are better off playing Black Jack at a casino! Stay away from any of the European binary option / Forex brokers, they are all crooks! This is why they are not allowed to deal with U.S. clients because the FTC will not allow it!

  • jaan

    The biggest scam ever DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY they will take your money and when you ask for it back…good luck. i lost 4000 in 2 days,and they told me what to trade. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY

  • Sandra

    I need help. I invested with maxoptions and they managed to lose 4, 400 cdn in 2 trades. I kept asking them if they were licensed and with who. Where could I find my trade statements and find out how much I earned. This guy called me and told me that I was an excellent trader and I should trade big. He wanted 10,000. I told him I couldn’t and that it was living money. But, instead he asked me to send him money and then traded it away for me. He made those decisions. I used a credit card company and I have disputed the charges. I have been credited by the credit card company but maxoptions has disputed 340.00 and I have two much larger amounts pending. I have been asked to get a second opinion letter from a similar binary trading company. I am wondering who would be willing to help me? Do you have any suggestions? I have not more than 2 weeks to get this letter and send it to the credit card company.

  • scopeits


  • Jackub

    I have lost 2500 $ in just 2 months
    With traderush ……

    I ask every body not invest in any binary option

    That’s gambling only

    99% you will loose

    And if won, they will not release your money.

    Then to whom you will complaint??

    Please do not trust these type of companies

    Because I have experience with them

  • terry

    how about this james forley profit maximizer system? is it legit?

    • Jackub

      They are all the same


  • FX Angel

    It is quite understandable for skilled traders to feel frustrated and cheated when applying their skills to predicting imminent price direction through binary options platforms such as provided by TradeRush. Unfortunately, 90% of the complaints I’ve read on review sites about TradeRush have proven to be substantiated by my own experience and evidently many others.
    However, in all fairness to TradeRush, I suspect that skilled traders are not their intended demographic. I suggest that their target clientele are typically on-line casino patrons and compulsive gamblers (which include a high percentage of retail forex traders if we’re honest). For them, manipulation, dirty tricks and questionable wins / losses are all a part of the course. You will be allowed to play and bet just as long as the house, broker, bookie etc. feels that you have not gained an edge or present them with risk of serious financial loss.
    Experienced traders are likely to have much higher expectations of professionalism, and likely to feel aggrieved by such dishonourable practices.
    As a seasoned and profitable commodities trader, the attraction to binary options trading is quite obvious for me, especially when the market is relatively flat. Even a small directional movement can pay between 65-80%. In comparison to commodities trading, I would need a massive trading account to achieve the same level of returns over the same interval. If only it were that simple.
    Using TradeRush as my test broker and platform, I have conducted various experiments over a considerable time period to ascertain the authenticity of this type of trading for profitability. This has included simultaneously monitoring live market prices / quotes courtesy of Bloomberg and Reuters and comparing them to screen price quotes given by TradeRush. Without any question, the prices quoted by TradeRush often vary considerably from the actual market price, and noticeably biased in favour of the imminent market direction. In effect, they are front running the price so that you are always likely to be buying higher than the market, or selling lower than the market. Either way, you are already behind the eight-ball.
    That in itself would still not prevent a skilled trader being profitable (although it is a handicap) but that is only the beginning:
    Now, before I continue, I must stress that I have no axe to grind here and can confirm that my time trading with TradeRush has been profitable. However, in truth, it would have been so much more profitable had it been a level playing field and not some behind the scenes dual of cloak and dagger tactics in order to outwit each other.
    TradeRush staff have admitted to me that “undesirable” traders are individually targeted and can be handicapped with various levels of data throttling, or even blocked from logging in altogether. Excuses are given such as browser configuration, anti-virus conflicts, DNS flushing etc. etc. but they are just smokescreen scripts quoted by support staff to offset the admission of the truth. Believe me, the tests I conducted allowed for every anomaly, configuration, OS etc. and every possibility that things were somehow being adversely affected by PC set-up.
    The biggest shock for me came when I screened two separate accounts (one was a willing friend’s account) and compared the price quotes of the two. Amazingly, they were both being quoted different prices for the same instruments simultaneously. Evidently, individual accounts can be handicapped very specifically and selectively. Presumably, these are the accounts of “undesirable” traders.
    Add to this fills being way off screen quotes and expiry prices being way off market price and you can see that the trader is really up against it.
    So to conclude: if you’re into casino gambling and except all the shady practises that come with it, or that you just want some entertainment and that you can happily fund your account to pay for such, then go ahead and enjoy, as it can be fun. However, if you’re a serious trader expecting your profits to reflect your market prediction skills, best think again. The skills you need to profit from TradeRush go far beyond trading skills. Consequently, it is impossible to take them seriously.
    It’s a great pity the likes of TradeRush feel so compelled to constrain their users to such a ridiculously unfair disadvantage, as a credible and honest binary options broker would be a fantastic alternative to regular trading. Has anyone got any genuine recommendations from personal experience?

  • CO

    They ARE a scam. Traders take your money to other REGULATED companies who are not being investigated. Their platform is rigged and you will lose your money, you can count on it. If you accept a bonus, well then you can forget about asking for a withdrawal. Their sales team is like a revolving door and I went through 4 account managers in less than 6 months. Another thing I learned while going through a chargeback process with my bank, they are not in Virgin Islands or British Anguilla as they claim, they are actually based in Israel.

  • Dejan

    I make deposit 200$ and in start I win in coupe of days,afer that suddenly come to lose, and lose and lose , 1 win And 5 loses …BE AWARE THEY ARE SCUMS!!!!!

  • Roaddawg

    Glad i found this … sounds like Traderush isn’t where i want to go to make my millions!

  • Ryan

    I’ve been getting emails that recommended TradeRush as the broker to use from Simon Johansson (aka Simon Hill) to trade his binary system. Turns out he gets a big cut of the money TradeRush gets as a commission…and I Googled ‘Simon Johansson’, it turns out he is known con artist from the UK who changed his name! You can tell a business by the company it keeps.

  • Forwan_Ninah

    Rubbish this website and many others like it are fronts or owned by Traderush and similar companies and carry advertising for them. Testimonials are invented. Google ‘Traderush scam’ and you will soon discover how this unregulated cyprus based operation stings its victims. The basic concept is to get people to invest once, inflate the winnings, cold call them to promote larger investment, and if they refuse to then manipulate the results online to lose their intial deposit. This is the old ‘ you can only con the b*stards twice’ sales gimmick and the net is littered with stories of people conned into the system thru greed.

    ASK yourself IF it was this EASY wouldn’t half the planet be doing this at home for a few hours rather than working in shops, offices and factories… it’s a CON… wise up, nothing for nothing..

  • Batty

    Thanks for your review Neil I was wondering have you also tried cedar finance and what was your total profit/loss for both of these places? How long did it take you to get your money? Would you say that you come out ahead more then you lose? Or are Binary Options pretty much like going to the casino? Thanks in advance for the advise!

  • S

    I was with traderush for a short while and it seems like they like to “cancel” some of your winning trades at the last second, i suggest caution seeing as they couldn’t help me resolve this at all over a period of a month.

  • Neil Thomas

    Thought I did due diligence with Traderush.Played with a demo account for a good while, did OK.Placed a sum of money, received a bonus amount( who pays for that?).Again. did fine,steadily building up the counter.Got up to a certain level,then it seemed the hammer went down.Even playing a 70/30 direction, loss after loss after loss.Now in earlier attempts, the wins and losses were more random,but this felt like someone had thrown a switch to shut me out.I later, was looking at their USD/EUR and USD/JPY screens, and the graphs were in perfect unison,they were the same.2 different currencies v the dollar, thousands of miles apart,different exchanges,were identical.I also received a phonecall from one of their “brokers”, who asked me if I wanted to be part of his “inner circle”,wanted to be “mentored”, advised me of information he had received on a recent trip (insider information?)He offered 3 investment points, starting at $25k, going up to $1 million.He sent me a second email, reiterating the above.I replied that this was a lot of cash,and obviously was not going to invest this amount on the basis of a phone call and an email.I emailled requesting some verification of his credentials,professional affiliations,Linkedin profile etc.Received no response.I suspect that Traderush operates on the cusp between legal and scam.I made the comment to others that even in a heads or tails cointoss,some of my calls would win.After my notional winnings went up to a point,I was shut out.Not sour grapes/simply defied the odds on probability.Customer service was appalling.I read somewhere that the customer service level should at least be as good as your Bank.I encountered an appalling lack of any intellect,and a black hole of knowledge.Beware folks,this is’nt trading the stock market,this is dealing with Carnies,”round and round and round she goes, where she’ll stop,noone knows”.Oh yeh, someone knows alright.You won’t make any money, but maybe you’ll come home with a goldfish.