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One of the things we try to do here at the BO Blacklist is to keep up with the latest complaints, warnings and claims of scams made towards the trading sites we list. When you are dealing with as much money as traders are at these brokers it leads to high emotions. Both positive and negative emotions. In this article, we are going to take a look across the web and see what the latest complaints and TradeRush scams we can find.

We rate TradeRush as a legit broker.

However we are going to take a good look around the net and see what others have to say about TradeRush within the past few weeks.

Trade Rush Scams – What Ripoffs Did We Find?

Looking at the major online trading communities around the web we found a handful of allegations that people were scammed by traderush. Let’s review them.

  • Trader looks for traderush proof of payment – but can’t find one. Wants to see proof that someone has gotten paid
  • New trader researches before trading online. Gets scared by old thread on babypips. Reassured by members that TradeRush is legit
  • Trader Needs Utility Bill To Process Payouts – this is pretty standard stuff as they need to know who they are sending money too
  • TradeRush mentioned as a white label of of the SpotOption trading platform
  • TradeRush or sites like Nadex and IG index
  • Risky trading systems – Plus mention of utilizing TradeRush as the broker with a free demo account
  • BabyPips weighs in on trading binary options – not directly related to TradeRush
  • Warnings- Binary Options is Betting – Know what you are doing when you trade binaries at TradeRush, or anywhere for that matter. There is risk that goes along with that quick reward.

Conclusions about Broker – Legit

From the research we can see from the forums, message boards and community, TradeRush appears legit. As legit as any binary options broker currently serving traders online.

What You Should Know The beginnings, in early 2011, were a bit rocky for TradeRush as they had some server issues, some time connectivity issues and similar problems that caused an uproar from the trading community. Especially when you are trading binary options, which expire extremely fast, having a solid connection to your server is vital. In the early days, TradeRush had these issues and it caused many traders to lose trades they felt they had actually won. This lead to claims of scams and the sort.

Now, in the second half of 2012, it appears TradeRush has fixed the earlier problems.

I was a little surprised not to see more shouts of scams and complaints about TradeRush.

The fact of the matter is that many people who trade binary options are just gambling and end up losing money because they are not trading ‘seriously’. These types of people, who think they can easily make money trading binary options are the ones who inevitably go to complaints boards and forums crying foul and claiming that TradeRush ripped them off.

Again, we were happily surprised that there were very few current TradeRush complaints circling out there in the internet.

If you are looking for a reputable binary options broker then you should strongly consider traderush. They are one of our few recommended binary options trading brokers and they accept traders from the US. They utilize the SpotOption platform and have excellent 60 second options with a minimum trade amount of only $5. Whether you are looking to have a little fun risking a few hundred dollars or if you are looking to make a significant deposit with a reputable broker where you can trade binary options then TradeRush should be on your list.