Binary Option Review has become a leader in the binary options and pair options trading world with the use of clear and simple data. The easier it is to understand and decipher the easier to prove Stockpair is legit.

  • Official Website:
  • Phone Number: +1(917)383-2217 use the Contact Us page for a phone number in your area
  • Email Address:
  • No US Traders- Updated March 2014
  • Trading Platform Used: StockPair Platform

Is StockPair a Scam?

No. StockPair has become a leader in the binary options and pair options world because they are a trusted and true binary options broker.

StockPair Premium Accounts

One thing that caught our attention with StockPair is that they understand that different traders have their own preference for trading. StockPair took that into consideration and set up four different Premium Account plans to use.

StockPair Premium Accounts

Which StockPair Premium Account Plan fits your needs?

Deposit Info – Minimum StockPair Deposit & How To

  • Minimum Deposit: $200
  • Minimum Trade: $20
  • Deposit Methods: Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer*
  • Credit Cards Accepted: Visa or Mastercard

*More deposit options are being added. Check with StockPair directly for other options.

What Can You Trade at – The Assets Available to Trade


      • Gas
      • Gold
      • Silver
      • Oil

Currencies – Binary Forex Pairs

      • AUD/USD
      • EUR/GBP
      • EUR/JPY
      • EUR/USD
      • GBP/JPY
      • GBP/USD
      • USD/CAD
      • USD/CHF
      • USD/JPY


      • Apple Inc
      • Aegon NV
      • Koninklijke Ahold NV
      • AIR France -KLM
      • Amcor Ltd
      • Inc.
      • Abercrombie & Fitch Co
      • AOL Inc.
      • Aviva Plc
      • The Boeing Company
      • Barclays
      • BHP Billiton Ltd
      • Baidu
      • Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
      • BNP Paribas SA
      • BP Plc
      • British Telecom Group Plc
      • Caterpillar Inc
      • Commonwealth Bank of Australia
      • Costco Wholesale Corporation
      • Cisco Systems Inc
      • Daimler AG
      • Deutsche Bank AG
      • Deere & Company
      • DELL Inc
      • Electronic Arts Inc
      • eBay Inc
      • Reed Elsevier NV
      • Ford Motor Company
      • Facebook Inc
      • FedEx Corporation
      • France Telecom SA
      • General Dynamics Corporation
      • General Motors Corporation
      • Google Inc
      • The GAP Inc
      • GlaxoSmithKline Plc
      • Hasbro Inc
      • Halwani Brothers Company
      • Heineken NV
      • Hewlett-Packard Company
      • HSBC Holding Plc
      • International Business Machines Corp.
      • ING Groep NV
      • Juniper Networks Inc
      • Kimberly-Clark Corporation
      • The Coca-Cola Company
      • Deutsche Lufthansa AG
      • Mastercard Inc
      • Mattel Inc
      • McDonald’s Corporation
      • Marks and Spencer Group Plc
      • Merck & Co. Inc.
      • Microsoft Corporation
      • Next Plc
      • Origin Engery Ltd
      • Orica Ltd
      • Pepsico Inc.
      • Pfizer Inc
      • The Procter & Gamble Company
      • Prudential Financial Inc
      • Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc
      • Royal Dutch Shell Plc
      • Renault SA
      • Rio Tinto Ltd
      • Saudi Arabia Refineries Co
      • Sanofi Aventis SA
      • J Sainsbury Plc
      • Starbucks Corporation
      • Saudi Industrial Export Co.
      • Société Générale
      • Sahara Petrochemicals Co.
      • AT&T Inc
      • Telefonica SA
      • Tesco Plc
      • PSA Peugeot Citroen SA
      • Unilever NV
      • United Parcel Service Inc
      • Visa Inc
      • Vivendi
      • Vodafone Group Plc
      • Verizon Communications Inc
      • Westpac Banking Corp
      • Wesfarmers Ltd
      • Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
      • Woolworths Ltd
      • Woodside Petroleum Ltd
      • Exxon Mobil Corporation
      • YHOO
      • Zynga Inc.


      • AEX Index
      • CAC40 Index
      • DAX Index
      • DOWJS
      • FTSE Index
      • NASDAQ Index
      • S&P Index
      • TADAWUL Index
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  • Bill Evans

    Oh I would avoid stockpair, I am going to personally name and shame three people at that company once i locate the correct forum for it, the site, while is good for one or two things, is let down by the shady underhand slimey tactics by some of its workers, not to mention some of their fake names

  • Gezzete

    Bullshit swiss and Binaryrobot 365 and Snap Cash binary force you to deposit money they promise you will win trades then they take the money or never get your money back. The metro police in London need to be notified about these them. Stock pair is like no other all the same. They control the glitches in the system and they choose weather you win trades or not.

  • Paul

    I had a live trading session with stockpair on sunday and iv never experienced anythin like it, they wanted me to put all my savings and everthin i had into my account, they even said that i should apply for a credit card right away and they promised me that im goin to make thousands, i invested 900 pounds and they helped me loose it all in about 25 minutes, it was like they purposely did it, i feel gutted, that 900 was gona go on optionrobot but it was stockpair that talked me out of using optionrobot, from my experience i think stockpair are targeting new beginners. Be careful and if you think your confident to start trading on your own then do it on your own or if you dont think youre ready then revise more before you start trading, you want to make money not lose it

    • Paul

      Not sunday i was supposed to say monday

    • Olivia Liza Jayne Webber

      Hi Paul I’m new to Stockpair and was reading ur comment
      I want to use option robot as u were saying but it i deposit into Stockpair will they keep it or can I still use option robot

  • sola

    is the broker aware of all these negative comments as well as the websites that give them positive reviews. almost all comments here were negative. something should be wrong please.

  • hind hind

    I am so disappointed from stockpair all the signals are all wrong I got one trade wright , and the auto trade was even worst , so angry please from experience don’t waist your money

  • Tracy

    I’ve heard good reviews about Stockpair so felt little need to worry but., after having a couple of issues logging in (found out later it was because it wasn’t recognising my IP address) decided to withdrew. Went through the process and, at first, it said ‘pending’, then it said ‘being processed’ , now it says ‘cancelled’ after 7 days. I don’t understand why. Have been told in Stockpair live chat that it’s because I need to have another skrill account?? I don’t understand why this is necessary and/or why this wasn’t mentioned in the withdrawal process. The withdrawal process only mentioned that I needed all my documents verified which I had satisfied. Please assist?

    • hind hind

      Jplease bont waist your money they are scam

    • Manal

      It’s same happen to me with BDSWISS ..they scam me ..they make issue to me with withdraw my deposit. .they took 350$ without any reason. .they are steel people money

    • Geraldine

      Stockpair is pure scam, anyone commenting positive is part of the company. They took my hard earned £1000 promising a risk free trade and complete refund if trade is lost. I lost the trade and never got any refund. The worst case is you never get the opportunity to speak with the account manager that placed your trade even when he/she calls you, they use different names. Laurence White , I know this may not be your real name but you have to refund my £1000. Stock pair is PURE FRAUD !!!

  • sam

    dont use stockpair broker big scammer they not allow to withdrawal profit.. . cheap brokerr


    I don’t believe that you have got withdraw of money.
    It is likely that you are the fucking staff of the scam broker “stockpair”

    Stockpair is scam broker.


    I think you are a staff of Stockpair.^^ The money is your cheating bonus.


      Stockpair is a scam broker.

      CySec regulated=No regulated.

  • Vedran Abadzic

    Ok, this is interesting. I just put deposit of 200 dollars and they took 282,00!!! Why?!

    • Terence Mah

      Currency exchange rate.


        because stockpair is scam broker.

    • Luke

      Might be due to the exchange rate

    • Manal

      They are calling me every day to deposit 250$ ..but I’m scared. .i think they are scam..if you know any good broker please tell me. .thank you

    • Gezzete

      Yea mate they take the money or never make you withdraw it

  • Alan

    A group of us were looking for a new broker to trade with so I registered with Stockpair and sent up all my documents – drivers license,utility bill, Credit card. All are up to date and in order. I made 2 successful trades. Now Stockpair are telling me that they want a color copy of my national ID card back and front and/or passport with all pages that include visas and extensions???! They tell me I can continue to trade in the mean time! I explained to them this country has not issued national ID cards and what do they need my passport for when they have my govt issued license and other documents?! I think I’m going to have to withdraw my initial deposit if this issue doesn’t clear up. I can’t recommend this broker to the rest of my colleagues if they only wait to tell you there’s a problem after u deposit your money.

    UPDATE: Spoke to the account manager assigned to me via telephone and he said that they’re just being careful in regards to fraud etc… and he’d get back to me this week. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and I’ll follow up on this reviews pending the outcome…

    (passport with all pages that include visas and extensions?) WTF???

    • Alan

      Well, true to his word, my account manager got my stuff sorted out and my account has been authorized. Even before the authorization email was received i was so pissed off i made a request for a withdrawal of my initial deposit ($250) and was really surprised when I saw the amount back in my bank account in quick time.
      Just wanted people to know that things turned out alright…

      • Pankaj Swargiary

        Hey Alan are u still trading with stockpair and !!!! passport with all pages that include visas and extensions? does they really need it to send withdrawal …… lol deposit are always very easy with any brokers ….. just want your opinion……

    • rohin

      I was also told a number of different things at time of withdrawal. They are really shady!. They asked me first to send the picture of the card and they said to send them the bank statement. Then they told me to send a screenshot of bank. Then they told me to send something that has card number on bank statement. I mean what the fuck! i Know verification but this is something else. They are knowingly delaying the withdrawal process so i use my money again to loose.

      • Luke

        Sounds like identity theft to me i have had it happen in the past they get all your details then open credit cards in your name then they max them out all more tour now left with a bad credit rating

    • Manal

      I tell you they are scam’s same issue happen to me with BDSWISS they took my money and refuse to accept the same documents they need in the beginning "ID +bank statement+visa )
      now they want passport and more documents? ??
      Same scam !!

  • Leif

    I opened an account with with the minimum amount of $200.00 to check out the promising automatic trade. In the course of three hours og automatic trading my account had around $3.00 left in it.

    I am now laughing all the way to the nearest ATM. And StockPair automatic trading is obviously a surefire way to lose your money in the fast lane.

    • hind hind


  • Suliana Atelemo

    Stockpair blocked my account then cancelled it because i wanted to make my first withdrawls. They came up with the excuse i registered with a different name which is my partners name and used my credit card to fund the account. I sent all the required docs to verify my account , at first they verified it then when it came to withdrawing some profits they gave me that bullshit. They owe me $5000 and just cancelled my account like they would cancel my bank account. I want to know how many people have had this happen to them. ??? or am i the only one because i havent come across one negative feedback , overall i think the company is legit but im still ify about them giving our profits. I want to reregister my account buy does stockpair payout profits????????????


      Stockpair is a scam broker.
      I have the same problem with yours.
      Joke~CySec regulated=No regulated. Because no one knows what CySec can do.
      I have sent complaints to CuSec without my money back. No more binary options and do not trust CySec regulated.

  • James Collins

    Stockpair has a very user friendly platform , market rates are solid, no BS, overall I am happy, they are responsive, and send withdrawal fast, probably their medium size make them try harder.

    • alan lyall

      that is a lot of crap they too my money with me not even trading

    • Geraldine

      Stockpair is pure scam, anyone commenting positive is part of the company. They took my hard earned £1000 promising a risk free trade and complete refund if trade is lost. I lost the trade and never got any refund. The worst case is you never get the opportunity to speak with the account manager that placed your trade even when he/she calls you, they use different names. Laurence White , I know this may not be your real name but you have to refund my £1000. Stock pair is PURE FRAUD !!!