One exciting recent development with one of our favorite binary options brokers is that you can now trade on your mobile device with OptionFair. Not all brokers have yet made the move to mobile (TradeRush, another broker we recommend, is working on an Android app), but being able to trade on your mobile is a great bit of functionality. OptionFair is well known for the simplicity and clarity of their trading platform, and the mobile platform is no exception.

To get started, you need only navigate to using the web browser on your mobile device. You’ll see a sign in page. Login using your normal account information. This will take you directly to the mobile trading interface.

If you’re on your computer right now, you can check out screenshots at OptionFair News. The first screen you’re taken to allows you to choose the type of trade you want to make. You can also make a deposit from your mobile device. Next you choose the asset you want to trade from a dropdown list. You’ll then be asked the usual questions about your trade, such as what you expect to happen and how much money you’d like to wager on it. The “My Open Trades” page allows you to see what your current trades are doing.

Trading Binaries Like A Boss

There are many benefits to trading on your mobile device. You probably don’t have to think about it long to realize how much flexibility this can introduce to your trading. Not everyone is able to sit in front of their computer all day (and who the hell wants to, believe me it sucks some times), and many people miss good trading opportunities because they can’t execute a trade. It’s also common to take unnecessary losses if you aren’t around to monitor a trade in progress and exit early if you need to do so.

With the OptionFair mobile platform, you can now take your binary options trading with you. You can trade while you’re at work (with due diligence, of course and assuming your boss is not an asshole), on the bus, in a waiting room, or anywhere else where you have access to a mobile network. You may also find this convenient for nighttime binary trading since it’s easier to just check the tablet you have on your bedside table than it is to get up and walk over to your computer to check it. More flexibility in your trading means more opportunities for trading success as well as greater convenience while participating in the binary options markets.

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