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Two of our top recommended brokers are TradeRush and Redwood Options. Both of these brokers have impressed us with their features as well as their great customer service. Both have also recently added some improvements to their websites and product offerings. Here is the news, starting with TradeRush.


New TradeRush Webinars

TradeRush - Binary Options BrokerOne of the areas where TradeRush has always excelled is in trader education. Now they have added even more resources for beginning traders to learn and continue to hone their skills. There are now more than 70 webinar sessions offered every week. These are live sessions which traders can tune into to learn about trading from senior analysts and watch demonstrations of trading techniques. As any trader will tell you, it is much easier to learn from a webinar than it is from a set of still images and text instructions. This is an excellent resource, and no matter what your schedule is like, you should be able to find a time and day that works for you. Webinars are offered in four different languages—French, German, Russian, and Arabic.

One of the new webinars is the Market News webinar. Traders can tune into this webcast in order to find out about current market conditions as well as the factors which are driving those conditions. For beginners, the “What are Binary Options?” webinar is perfect. During this webinar, novice traders have a chance to learn more about the basics of binary options trading as well as the benefits.

The latest webinar to be added is called “60 Seconds to Success.” TradeRush reports that this is also currently their most popular session. As you would expect from the name, the focus of this online seminar is trading 60 Second binary options and doing so successfully. Another brand new webinar is the “VIP Signal Session.” For VIP account holders on TradeRush, this special service focuses on fundamental analysis and trade signals connected to economic events.

New Redwood Options Webinars and Asset Index

redwoodoptions-logo-150Redwood Options has also been adding new webinars to their schedule. They offer more than 50 webinars per week, which may not be quite as many as TradeRush, but it is still quite a lot. The newest and most popular is similar to the “60 Seconds to Success” webinar which is offered by TradeRush. The Redwood Options equivalent is called “60 Seconds: Profits in Binary Options.” Traders can log in to view this webinar every day Monday through Friday. Another popular new webinar is the Money Management presentation. This webinar teaches basic bankroll management and risk mitigation techniques to new traders.

On top of the new webinars, Redwood Options has also provided new updates to their asset index. The index now includes a “Pairs” tab for pair trading. Twenty pairs have been added so far, including Apple vs. Google and LinkedIn vs. Facebook. There are also commodity based pairs such as Gold vs. Silver along with the stock pairs. New stocks have been added to the stock index as well (over 20 in total). The new assets bring the total asset index count up to more than 150. That is a lot of different assets to trade!

Learn about stock pair trades here.

TradeRush and Redwood Options are brokers we recommend in part because they stay on top of business and always strive to offer their customers more. These websites never allow their services to languish or drift into the past. They are constantly making updates and finding ways to make trading more fun, exciting and profitable. So if you have been thinking about trading binary options, check into their account tiers. It is easy to get started, and you can be trading in a matter of minutes. And if you need some guidance, there are dozens of webinars waiting for you!