There are hundreds of binary options trading sites, with new ones appearing each month. Nearly all of those that accept US customers use one of five binary options platforms. Some brokers use white label versions to make it appear as if they made and own the platform. Many traders are wondering if trading at TradeRush is legit But similar to online poker sites, the majority of binary options brokers use platforms designed by a small group of well-regarded platform providers.

Our goal on this page is to provide an overview of the top five binary options platforms. We’ll highlight a few noteworthy features of each so you’ll have a good idea regarding what to expect. You’ll also learn which binary trading sites use which platforms, and how to choose between them.

Top 5 Most Common Binary Options Trading Platforms

The five platforms described below share a lot of similarities, such as the option types they allow you to trade. Some offer unique features, or provide different “flavors” of features offered by all of them.

  • Spot Option Platform – A couple notable features separate this platform from the others. First, it allows you to view the “Most Traded” binary options. Second, it offers a feature called “Options Builder.” The platform lets you tailor your contracts to suit your trading preferences. It pulls in live feeds from Reuters and other providers, and presents the information in a well-organized fashion that makes the data easy to absorb at a glance. Several US binary options brokers use the SpotOption platform, including Ikko Trader, Banc de Binary, and TradeRush.
  • Tech Financials – Powering binary option giant, 24option, this platform offers an easy and intuitive trading experience. You can trade 60 second options and longer. The platform does not require any downloads and is compatible with almost all mobile devices. There are apps available for iPhone and Android.
  • Tradologic Platform – This platform is relatively versatile in that it supports binary options trading in stocks, currencies, commodities, and several indices. You can also trade the most common option types (touch, no-touch, up-or-down, and range options). The interface is simple and easy to use, though some traders may find it too simplistic, and wish for more data. One of the drawbacks to the Tradologic platform is that it does not currently provide rebates for out of the money contracts. It is used by OptionBit, a broker that accepts US binary options traders.
  • EZ Trader Platform – Launched in 2008, this was one of the first online binary options trading platforms. Like SpotOption, it pulls in feeds from Reuters, though the manner in which it displays the data is very different (it has a minimalistic feel). You can trade commodities, currencies, stocks (US, EU, and Asian markets), and major indices. EZ Trader uses its own platform to offer binary options trading to US customers.

The information above can change as brokers migrate from one platform to another. We’ll keep this section updated to reflect the most current information available.

Top-Rated US Binary Options Brokers

If you’re just getting started with binary options trading, see our list of legitimate, reliable binary options brokers. We recommend the trading sites for several reasons. Each one is reliable and has an established track record of sending out timely payouts. Each offers a variety of option types for the major asset classes. We also like the manner in which they present data along with the ease of use they seem to prioritize. Whether you’re new to binary options trading or have been executing trades for a few years, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the following six brokers.

If any of the brokers listed above switch binary options platforms, we’ll update this page. In the meantime, we suggest test driving each one. It only takes a few minutes to get started making a profit.

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