Regulation 80%
Assets 60%
Broker Software Compatibility 100%
Fees & Cost Of Subscription 100%
Demo 70%
Customer Support 74%


Binary Robot 365 is a cost-effective automated binary options trading system that offers numerous flexible options for trading the currency markets. The system is an excellent tool for beginners to get to grips with the risky binary options trading market, and professional traders can also use the robot for added performance in their investment portfolio.



Binary Robot 365 Intro

Automated trading is not a new concept in the financial markets, as investors have been experimenting with numerous automated trading strategies in the financial markets for the past few decades. However, binary options’ trading is still a new concept and is maturing into a full-blown investment product. Therefore, automated trading strategies and bots are finding increased relevance among the modern age investors.

Binary Robot 365 is one of the more credible and verified trading bots for the binary options markets, which has been gaining a massive amount of popularity in recent times. Binary Robot 365 is not a trading signals service provider; the company is merely an automated trading robot that still requires input from the traders to modify and tweak the trading strategies according to their preferences. In this Binary Robot 365 trading service review, we will find out whether Binary Robot performs as advertised, and if the company has the necessary strength to evolve into a proper trading system in the future.


Binary Robot 365 Company Information

Binary Robot 365 does not provide any extensive information about the core aspects of the company, and neither does the company offer any information regarding its physical address, company representatives, company directors, or any other regulatory or licensing information. It is true that trading signals, trading services, and automated trading robots are not usually regulated or licensed by any agency, particularly due to the discrepancies in information. Most of these services often publish a disclaimer that ‘pas performance is not indicative of future results’ and ‘information provided should not be replicated on a live trading account’.

Binary Robot 365 also does not handle clients’ funds directly. Binary Robot 365 simply points its users to affiliated binary options brokers, who are primarily responsible for ensuring the safety of your funds against financial malpractices. Therefore, the regulatory aspect of Binary Robot 365 does lose its significance, albeit there are similar companies that have attained a regulatory license from some of the leading regulators such as the CySEC (Cyprus) and the FCA (UK).

Binary Robot 365 is relatively a new company and launched its automated trading system in 2016. The company has managed to cater to thousands of traders and has enjoyed varying results. Binary Robot 365 is indeed a legitimate service provider, but the long term reliability and credibility can only be determined by the company’s ability to sustain market volatilities by offering acceptable performance to a fair share of its users.


How Does Binary Robot 365 Work?

Binary Robot 365 is an automated trading robot that works as an independent trading system and connects a trader to a binary options broker through an online trading interface. The automated trading system, which offers a customizable dashboard, acts as a vital link between the trader and his broker, in order to facilitate automated trading through individualised trading strategies. The concept of Binary Robot 365 trading is pretty straightforward and efficient. Users can register an account at the company to gain access to the Binary Robot 365 bot. Once verified, the company then requires its users to proceed towards opening an account at any of the recommended brokers provided in the recommendations list.

Once a user successfully verifies their Binary Robot 365 account and his binary options broker account, they should proceed with funding their account and turning on the Binary Robot 365 robot. A trader can choose from different Binary Robot 365 trading strategies and can input a wide variety of parameters by tweaking the automated trading options and technical indicators. The trader is also offered the unique opportunity to modify their money management strategies, which results in an entirely customizable trading environment. Due to the range of flexibility and customizable options, no two traders can enjoy the same results, unless they end up using the same strategy.

Binary Robot 365 runs pretty much on autopilot and can trade on behalf of the user according to the specified trading parameters. Although theoretically Binary Robot 365 does not require physical intervention while trading, it is recommended for traders to continually monitor and supervise their accounts to ensure that they don’t rake up significant losses during the course of a trading session. Nevertheless, the Binary Robot 365 trading interface does perform beyond expectations.


Binary Robot 365 Platform Features & Trading Functions

The Binary Robot 365 platform is a web-based interface that is pretty convenient and flexible to use and has all the information laid out in an easy-to-understand manner. It is easy to get familiar with the interface in a single glance, as the interface allows traders to access all the primary features and functions within easy reach. The first thing that traders will notice in their dashboard is the option to turn the automated trading feature ON or OFF. The ON function is understandably required to turn the system on, which will initiate the trading process according to the predetermined conditions. The OFF function will apparently disable the system, but all trades and orders will have to be closed manually.

The Binary Robot 365 settings page will display several tools to modify the trading strategy. The first option to specify is the time period of expiration, which can be chosen from 30 seconds to 5 minutes maximum. The system does not offer any additional options or expiry times, which is a bit of a drawback compared to other systems in the market. Several mainstream automated trading robots offer long-term binary options, larger expiration times, and more choice of binary options products.

The next step is to choose a money management strategy, where the option is to choose between Classic, Martingale, and Fibonacci. The Classic strategy allows traders to fix the amount of money to invest per trade, regardless of a preceding trade winning or losing money. The Martingale system doubles the investment after every losing trade, while the Fibonacci system doubles the investment after a winning trade and halves the investment after a losing trade. The Classic system offers better risk management than the other two systems, particularly due to the straightforward money management principles followed by the Classic trading system.

Once the trader has selected the strategy, it is time to choose the indicators, which is the final piece of the system that initiates the call to open/close an order. The main indicators include the Trend, the MACD, the RSI, the CCI, the STOCH, and the %R. Traders can either choose a single indicator or select multiple indicators, in the hope of increasing the odds of winning and taking more trades. Traders also have the option of limiting the number of simultaneous orders by specifying the maximum number on the platform, and by specifying the specified investment per trade. The final job is to select the assets to trade, and the system will take care of opening and closing orders automatically, as per the specified conditions.



Trading Assets At Binary Robot 365 & Minimum/Maximum Investment

Binary Robot 365 limits the number of available financial assets to eight Forex currency pairs. These include the EUR/USD, the USD/JPY, the GBP/USD, the EUR/JPY, the USD/CHF, the AUD/USD, the USD/CAD, and the EUR/GBP pairs. Traders are given the option to choose a single or multiple currency pairs, along with specifying the technical indicators and trading strategies as per their preferences. The minimum amount that can be invested per trade is $10, while the maximum amount is restricted to $500. The company specifies trading with smaller amounts, as an increased frequency of trades and a prolonged losing streak can result in massive account drawdowns.

The minimum investment required for a Binary Robot 365 account is determined by the trader’s choice of the binary options broker, as the funds are deposited directly into the broker’s account. Users can choose from eight different broker options, where the minimum investment varies from $200 to $300. The primary broker options include 24Option, EmpireOption, Tradorax, BinaryTilt, TorOption, PlusOption, FMTrader, and StockPair. Some of the brokers in the list are highly regulated, while some don’t have any regulatory license. Therefore, the payment options, the safety of your funds, and your overall trading experience depends on your choice of broker.


Binary Robot 365 Mobile Trading

The Binary Robot 365 platform is designed as a responsive platform, which can be accessed on both desktop and mobile trading devices. The web-based platform works seamlessly on all types of tablets and smartphones, with the company granting the promise of stable performance across all platforms. Although we don’t see any obvious issues with the mobile trading interface, we would have certainly preferred the company to design dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. Almost a vast majority of companies in the market, both brokers and automated trading robots, have a dedicated mobile app in their arsenal to cater to mobile traders. As a result, Binary Robot 365 might be starting off on the back foot, unless they design a proprietary mobile app for the current generation of traders.


Binary Robot 365 Trading Performance & Payouts

Binary Robot 365 claims a success rate of 90%, with real-life win-rate figures of 90% being achieved by existing customers. The company does not guarantee any performance, but it does mention that traders can tweak the platform to hit the magical figure of 90% under most market circumstances. We are not really fond of automated trading systems, bots, or signal service providers that claim a success rate as high as 90%, as the industry average for profitable traders is around 60%. Nevertheless, Binary Robot has managed to prove their trading performance by offering a customizable platform, and we couldn’t find fault with their real live trading results.

Traders must be more realistic about their trading prospects, as there are different strategies and customizable options that may have an effect on the real-time performance. Traders have reported varying success rates, with the average of around 70% not being too far off the mark of the average success rate in the industry. The payouts, on the other hand, vary according to the broker chosen by the trader. Binary Robot 365’s accepted brokers offer anywhere from 82% to 88% payout for in-the-money trades, while out-of-the-money trades result in a 100% loss of the trading capital. Hence, the all-time ROI for the system should be around the region of 60-80% of the invested funds.


Binary Robot 365 Fees & Cost Of Trading

It may come as a surprise that Binary Robot 365 is free of cost for all users, as the system is compensated by the affiliate commission. Most trading bots and signal providers usually charge a monthly fee for a continued subscription, but the interesting fact is that Binary Robot 365 does not charge any additional fees. Such a pricing model has advantages as well as disadvantages. The absence of fee for subscription ensures that all traders can enjoy free automated trading without worrying about additional expenses. On the downside, the system is not accountable for the safety or the investments or the performance aspect of the service. Hence, you should carefully analyse the pros and cons of the system before investing real money.


Binary Robot 365 Demo Account

Binary Robot 365 offers a limited period demo account that is only available to traders upon request. The company does not provide an unlimited demo or real-time analysis of the performance of the system, as is generally required by traders. Nevertheless, the limited demo should be sufficient for most traders who wish to understand the performance aspect of Binary Robot 365 and to familiarise themselves with the system before investing real money in the markets.



Binary Robot 365 Customer Service

Traders can contact the customer service department through the live chat feature, or through email. The customer support team is responsive and is accessible round the clock, mostly during live market hours. Even though Binary Robot 365 may not match the standards set forward by paid service providers, the company still caters to its user’s requests in a timely manner. Users are also ensured of speedy resolution in case of complaints or issues, which is just about adequate as far as a positive customer service experience is concerned.


Binary Robot 365 Verdict


  • A free automated trading robot that doesn’t cost any subscription fee.
  • Minimum investment option starts from $200 with regulated binary options brokers.
  • Full range of flexibility offered to traders for customising strategies.
  • Higher success rate and payouts than other bots and trading systems.
  • An excellent platform that is easy to use and convenient for automated trading.



  • Automated or mechanical trading is still susceptible to programming errors and trading losses.
  • The investment options and the number of financial assets are fewer when compared to the competition.
  • Free service may not be tangible for long-term credibility and reliability.
  • The absence of a dedicated mobile trading app.



Is Binary Robot 365 A Scam?

Binary Robot 365 is not a scam system, as the company has been offering verified and genuine services for more than a year.


Is Binary Robot 365 Expensive?

Binary Robot 365 does not charge any subscription fee or other charges for using the system. All traders are free to subscribe to the service and register free of cost.


Can I Use Binary Robot 365 For My Existing Binary Options Trading Account?

No, the system only allows traders to sign up for binary options accounts with brokers that are listed on their platform, and the company is compensated by affiliate commissions.


Does Binary Robot 365 Guarantee A High Success Rate?

Neither Binary Robot 365 nor any other robot or signals provider, can guarantee assured returns from the market. Past performance is not indicative of future results.



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