Regulation 55%
Binary Options Choice 85%
Payouts 85%
Software 70%
Demo 65%
Customer Support 60%


Boss Capital has an excellent choice of binary options financial assets and binary options products, which includes a hefty payout and a partial refund for losing trades. However, the broker has to pay significant attention towards improving its other aspects of brokerage to create a trader-oriented platform. Boss Capital can only consider itself as a true brokerage if it has the products and services that can compete with other leading companies in the market.



An Overview of Boss Capital

With an ever-rising need to find the most reliable and genuine binary options brokerage, traders are now relying on some of the most advanced broker reviews and actual customer testimonials to ascertain the credibility of a company. It is not often that a trader can enjoy a trading career that is completely free from any influence from broker scams, as more often than not, financial brokerages indulge in financial malpractices to add to their bottom line.

Not all binary options companies unfairly take advantage of their clients, as there are highly reliable brokers that offer regulated financial services through a proprietary trading platform. Some of the more reliable companies are also keen on ensuring the best trading environment for its traders, which are audited according to the best regulatory standards. Is Boss Capital a regulated company, and does the company offer a genuine and reliable binary options service? Read our Boss Capital broker review to learn more!


Boss Capital Legal & Licensing Data

There are slight inconsistencies about the actual geographic location of Boss Capital. Boss Capital is a European financial brokerage that claims to have satellite offices in different parts of the world. The legal terms and conditions outlined on their official website claim that the broker is regulated by the laws and regulations of binary options trading that are applicable in the UK. However, the company has also listed its official address as a company based out of Bulgaria. Therefore, we are not sure about the exact regulatory status of the company, which does pose some serious questions about the authenticity of their services.

We would consider Boss Capital to be a non-regulated entity, but it is indeed situated in one of the most highly regulated regions in the financial markets. Bulgaria is a part of the European Economic Area (EEA), which brings all companies under the regulatory framework of the Markets in Financial Instruments Derivatives (MiFID). Boss Capital claims to be a subsidiary of Melnic Group Ltd., a company located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Nevertheless, we are surprised that the company is able to operate out of its EU headquarters without obtaining a regulatory license.

Boss Capital was founded in 2014 and had up until recently been a steadily growing company in the binary options market. There are several attributes to the company that make it a major contender in the financial markets, but we are also worried that the lack of regulatory licenses may affect the broker adversely. We expect all binary options brokers to be regulated by authentic organisations that may be able to provide some form of protection to the traders. We may even support brokers domiciled in tax havens if they are able to provide the best levels of protection for traders’ investments. Therefore, we expect Boss Capital to take advantage of its European roots to be regulated by an EU regulatory authority for better peace of mind to its investors.


Boss Capital Financial Assets For Binary Options Trading

Modern binary options brokers are inherently more committed to their clients by offering the choice of comprehensive financial instruments to create a diversified investment portfolio. On the one hand, some companies provide only a handful of financial assets, while on the other hand; there are companies that provide more than 10,000 different instruments from the global financial markets. Boss Capital is one of the more average binary options brokers that offer a respectable list of financial instruments, totalling around 150+ assets. For more information on the number of financial assets, refer to our instruments list below:

Indices: DOW Future, FTSE 100, Straits Times, KL Future, ASX Australia, SE180 Shanghai, Bombay SE, KUWAIT, QATAR DSM20, EGX 30 Egypt, TADWUL KSA, SMS 30 Oman, DAX Germany, NASDAQ Future, S&P Future, HANG SENG, DUBAI, MICEX 10 Moscow, ISE 30 Istanbul

Commodities: Gold, Coffee, Corn, Oil, Platinum, Silver, Sugar, Wheat


Pairs: FTSE F vs CAC F, Gold vs Oil, BMW vs Daimler, BMW vs Renault, Vodafone vs Orange, Amazon vs eBay, Google vs Baidu, Facebook vs Twitter, LinkedIn vs Twitter, McDonald’s vs Starbucks, Amazon vs Netflix, SSE 180 vs SHENZEN 300, RIO-AU vs BHP-AU, Gold vs Euro


The varied Boss Capital financial assets should suffice for most traders, as the broker has indeed covered a large portion of the market for a diverse portfolio of instruments. While Boss Capital may be able to satisfy most trades’ requirements, traders that seek an even larger collection of instruments should consider some of our other recommended binary options brokers that may be able to offer a more varied choice.


Boss Capital Binary Options Types & Payouts

We find the different Boss Capital products to be far better than some of the average binary options brokers in the industry. Traders are treated to four different trading products, which include the conventional high/low, boundary, touch/no-touch, and short term options. The high/low option, also known as the call/put option, offers the highest payout of 85% for in-the-money trades, which is the average payout for similar options in the market. In contrast, our recommended leaders in the binary options market may be able to offer higher payouts that may range from 90% to 100% on some binary options products.

However, what interested us were the refunds offered for out-of-the-money trades. Unlike your average broker, Boss Capital offers a refund of up to 15% on a losing trade, which does help in reclaiming a part of the investment from a losing position. A vast majority of binary options brokers don’t offer any refunds on trades, which is why Boss Capital makes sense for preserving funds during large losing streaks and for preventing a large drawdown. We do recommend traders to use the refund option for all of their trading activities, even at the expense of a slight reduction in the payout percentage.

Traders can enjoy higher payouts and ROI for binary options products such as boundary and touch/no-touch options, which promises around 360% returns for in-the-money-trades. The short-term options are more suited for scalpers and high-risk traders who are comfortable trading with lower expiry times to the tune of 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Even though binary options trading is a risky investment option, careful planning and sound money management can indeed make the difference between a winning trader and a losing trader.


Boss Capital Trading Platforms & Minimum/Maximum Investments

Boss Capital hasn’t developed any proprietary trading platform for its traders, but the company has licensed a third-party version of the Tech Financial binary options platform that performs its duties for a large number of brokers in the market. Tech Financial is a software developer that has created a feature-rich online trading interface that can be customised and personalised according to individual broker requirements. The Tech Financial trading platform offers an easy trader dashboard that has a charting section, a list of underlying instruments, and a trade history/open trades section. Although the chart offers basic information about the price action and the market sentiment, the Boss Capital platform does not offer any advanced tools or indicators for proper market analysis.

The Boss Capital platform is also ever so slightly less-powerful than its immediate competitors. The payouts for a single asset may also keep fluctuating, even for the same binary options product, which is a major drawback for the company. With regards to the investment option, Boss Capital allows its traders to start trading with a minimum investment of $10, while the maximum investment per position can go up to $7,500. Traders are free to hold unlimited open positions, but the minimum investment of $10 is higher than the industry average of $1. Some brokers may even allow trading with $.10, but the highest investment of $7,500 may be a cause for concern for traders who are not careful with their money management.

Under normal circumstances, brokers may limit the maximum investment per trade to $1,500, while some brokers may limit the maximum amount to $3,000 in extreme cases. However, $7,500 is indeed a significant sum of money to invest in a trade that can be over within the matter of a few seconds. The advantage of such a larger investment is that larger account holders may be able to enjoy more gains per position than what is traditionally considered plausible in the binary options market.



Boss Capital Mobile Trading

Boss Capital may not be popular among the latest generation of traders that use mobile trading apps for all their trading needs. Boss Capital does not have a dedicated mobile trading app, as all trading needs are met by the Tech Financial online trading interface. The web trading platform is available as a browser-based interface, and the lack of any smartphone or tablet app for iOS and Android systems may hinder the chances of the company to cater its services to a large variety of mobile users.



Boss Capital Account Categories & The Minimum/Maximum Deposits – Withdrawals

Boss Capital has a total of 5 different account options, spread across three different account packages. The minimum deposit for a Boss Capital account is $200, which qualifies for the Beginner Account that is made available for all deposits up to $5000. The Beginner account holder gets access to an account manager for only one month, along with weekly market reviews by email. Beginner account holders are offered some basic educational materials such as videos, eBooks, and a starter webinar, which seems to be the maximum advantage on offer for smaller clients.

For a higher deposit of $5000 and up to $25000, the company offers the Semi Educational Account, which comes with slightly more account benefits such as daily market reviews by email, two Academy sessions, and an account manager for three months. Furthermore, the Semi Educational Account holders can enjoy a trading insurance of 25%, which protects up to 25% of the trading capital against trading-related risks. The Full Educational Account is a step up from the Semi Educational Account, which has the same features, albeit with slightly larger benefits. Traders can receive access to a dedicated account manager for six months, five Academy sessions, and a trading insurance of up to 50%, all for a minimum initial deposit of $25,000 to $50,000.

There are two types of Advanced account packages for larger traders, the Semi Advanced Account and the Full Advanced Account. The Semi account provides the option of an account manager for one year, along with 75% trading insurance, access to 10 Academy sessions, and VIP webinars. The Semi Advanced Account may require an initial deposit of $50,000 to $100,000, while Full Advanced Account holders should deposit a minimum of $100,000. The Full Advanced Account is the most premium account option, which offers lifetime personal account manager, unlimited training, and 100% trading insurance. Advanced account holders can also receive a nominal interest on their trading capital, which is accrued at periodic intervals.

There are only two different types of funding options, through wire transfer and credit/debit card payments. The broker does not allow any other online payment options, which severely reduces the flexibility of payments for traders. The higher than normal deposit requirement and a subsequent lack of trading benefits makes it difficult for smaller traders to open an account at Boss Capital.



Boss Capital Bonus

Smaller account holders do not receive a bonus for their deposits. The company has specified a minimum of $5000 for a trading bonus and is as such available for Educational Account and Advanced Account holders only. Investments from $5000 to $25000 qualify for a 50% bonus, while investments from $25000 to $50000 can qualify for up to 75% in bonuses. Advanced account holders receive a 100% bonus for their investments, but we do find it strange that the company does not offer a bonus for its Beginner account holders. Some binary options brokers provide a fair amount of bonus for investments starting from $1. Therefore, consider all the other alternatives before opting for a Boss Capital bonus account.


Boss Capital Demo Trading

Boss Capital only offers a supervised demo account, which means that the demo account is available as a limited and restricted option. Trades can only receive a demo account after opening an account and depositing money into their trading account. The unlimited demo is only available for Advanced account holders, while smaller account holders get a demo account for anywhere between three to 30 days. Boss Capital does not impress us with their demo account options; in fact, we are a bit concerned that the company hasn’t provided any free and unlimited demo for its users.



Boss Capital Customer Service & Trading Resources

Both existing and new clients can contact the broker’s customer service department through direct phone numbers, email, live chat, and physical correspondence. The customer service experience is strictly adequate, and there aren’t that many advantages of Boss Capital’s customer service department against its immediate peers.

Traders do get access to an excellent trading academy, training resources, and live webinars. However, the access to these trading resources is limited according to the category of the account holder. Nevertheless, the broker does stand out in the market for offering one of the most comprehensive trading resources to clients, regardless of the quality of access.


Boss Capital Verdict


  • Large choice of financial instruments.
  • Good payout structure that also offers refunds on losing trades.
  • A solid trading platform.
  • Good bonus program for larger traders.


    • Not regulated, despite European base.
    • Absence of mobile apps for trading on smartphones and tablets.
    • Bonus only reserved for larger deposits.
    • Restricted demo account.



Is Boss Capital A Scam?

Boss Capital does not appear to be a scam broker, but there some criticisms towards the company’s overall services and customer service interaction policies.


What Are The Deposit/Withdrawal Options?

Traders can only deposit or withdraw through credit/debit card and wire transfer.


Does Boss Capital Offer A Demo?

Boss Capital offers an unlimited demo account for Advanced account holders, but all other account holders only receive a limited period demo.


How To Register For A Boss Capital Account

Traders can register for a Boss Capital binary options trading account using an email address and by submitting some user information. Traders can start trading instantly after opening an account and making a deposit.



42 Comments » for Boss Capital Review
  1. tammy says:

    They always give all sort of excuses and asking for unnecessary papers…i guess it’s their typical style.I had lost 27,000 to them. It was a tough time in my life. I kept calling and emailing but all to no avail.
    My life turned around when astra helped me recover my funds..i felt like i was dreaming cos i had lost all hopes.
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  5. FLEECED!!! says:

    On Feb 1st, I signed up as a client under Boss Capital Binary Options Broker and was put in contact with my "Advisor" the next day. When I talked to the advisor on the phone he talked about how he would give me signals or emails on which trades to enter, when and expiry and that he would very likely double or triple my money within a few months and that he had done that for many clients in the past. In our next phone conversation he said that he had a rare opportunity in which I could take part in one of their, "Guaranteed Profit Trades" that they were having on the company Apple. He explained that in the event of a loss, I would be refunded for the full amount of money in bonus cash if I lost on the trade. He explained that they offer this only when they find near certain trade opportunities that they want to maximize the volume of their traders so that they can cash in on the 2% that they make of the winning trades. He also explained that in order to participate in this "Apple Contract" and "Guaranteed Profit Trade" I needed to come up with 25,000 dollars, which I told him I did not have. He suggested that I call my bank and get my credit card amount increased in order to pay, assuring me that the trade was a win, win and that I had nothing to worry about and that I would be able to refund my credit card account by the end of the month after he had doubled or tripled my investment. I listened to him and bought the 5 "Apple Contracts" for $25,000 dollars and the money was simply deposited into my account. The next day he called me and told me that It was "Non-farm payroll day" and that they were offering another "Guaranteed Profit Trade" on the positions that would be established on the basis of the news. Once the news came out he told me to place a $7,500 PUT on Gold and a $7,500 Call on Gold. I lost both trades and my account was refunded with the bonus cash. On Feb 7 he called me with another trading opportunity and I placed $2,500 in two different trades and again lost on both of them. On Feb 9 he wanted me to deposit another 15,000 in order to get corporate membership and to apply for a "Goldman Sachs Contract" that was also offered as a "Guaranteed Profit Trade". I refused and told him that I wasn’t going to apply for more credit cards to try and cash in on this "opportunity". He told me that I needed to deposit more money, I asked him why we couldn’t use the money already in my account and he told me it was reserved for the apple contract. He eventually pressured me into depositing another 2,500 dollars and then got me to place 2,500 on two different trades which both lost. On Feb 9th, he got me to use up my remaining balance on 4 trades which he assured me were calculated and certain to be winners. I lost on 3 of the 4, being left with a balance of $5,303 in my account now that the system won’t let me withdrawal saying that I have $0 balance for withdrawal. Prior to the last trade I had $9,000 left of my own money that had no bonus stipulations on it, however I still cannot withdraw any of it. I haven’t been able to get in contact with the "advisor" who referred to himself as Sterling Berkeley. Im left with 27,000 owing on my credit card.

  6. David Whitney says:

    They took the calls I put on gold and bought other stocks I never heard of to the sum of 70$

  7. Guest says:

    Absolute rubbish!!!
    – Poor customer service
    – Poor to below average skilled market analysts (mine was Dan Adams – poor performance, below average market knowledge). Great talker though!
    – Forget the sign up bonus
    – Forget fund withdrawals
    – DO NOT fall into the trap of "Guaranteed Profit Trades"

  8. byron says:


  9. suzy says:

    WARNING do not give these CROOKS your money account details, NOTHING, they illegally took money out of my credit card, and now i cant get it back…DO NOT BE SUCKED IN THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!!

  10. Oh Dear says:

    TBH you all get what you deserve. Investing $5k to a fairly new and unregulated broker. And taking signals from the brokers themselves…. well thats just really clever :S

  11. trevor snook says:

    I have found having dealt with them for some time they do not like to give out the sign up bonus. I have asked numerous times for mine but it never arrives. Should be taken to court over their false advertising.I switched brokers to top option and they are exactly the same. Happy to take your money but ignore their advertising promises. Great platforms and lots of features but sadly letting themselves down by using devious methods to attract customers

    • Tamin says:

      Boss capital is scam who ever says it’s not they are part of them.
      I strongly suggest please do not give them your hard earned money to these mother fuckers they are just setting there doing nothing but manipulating desperate guys and make them to invest. I know things about bosscapital that will blow your mind. Please do not give them your account information.

    • Justinas says:

      Tamin, what are Your arguments? Please give more details…

  12. Brian Edwards says:

    I had the worst customer service experience ever when i spoke to them today 1/7/16. I will never use them again and the account manager i had was unprofessional and incompetent.

    My advice is to look elsewhere

  13. KHAIRULNIZAM says:

    Sir i am unhappy real ctoption is big big big scam..i told too all trader dont make any these deposit for the broker. i am seriouly.last three week i get profit, i withdraw untill now i dont receive payment. i email my account manager amanda taylor..(.Again, my name is Amanda Taylor, and I am your account manager here at CT Option. ) She didnt reply my email. i am very sad.if u want make deposit i advice make deposit the regulated broker like 24option.

  14. subra says:

    charlie is right when you lost you are out kick off and if call them I am busy i canot talk with you if i put 5000 than they call ten time a day that is boss capital i lost 2000 with wrong prediction

  15. Charlie says:

    Boss Capital is has an awesome platform and many choices of currencies, commodities, and stocks to trade. In no way are they a scam. And this is coming from a guy who lost his first $1000 with them and quit binary trading earlier this year. First off, you should rely on a broker for trading advice. They are in the business of making money off of you so why would they give you a bunch of winning trades so their company can make no money and they be out of a job? You need to do like i did and learn the market. It’s taken me 7 months of study but now im back and am winning ALL my trades with absolutely no help from any Boss Capital employee. in fact, i blocked their number because i got tired of telling them i didnt want their help and to please stop calling because i know what Im doing. Also, you should never accept bonus money or any perk from a broker such as a risk free trade. The fine print behind that stuff is horrible. But overall, their platform is the nicest one and if you do your part and learn how the market moves, you can make a LOT of money. i mean a LOT.

  16. Terry says:

    What I don’t understand, is how THIS site can list Boss Capital as a “TRUSTED BROKER” when there are so many bad reviews like mine (below):

    Beware of Boss Capital!

    I’m 71 years old and no Newbie to trading. With my Dad’s help, I bought my first stocks (a mutual fund) when I was 13 and I’ve traded off and on, ever since. Just before the 2008 crash, I got out of stocks and didn’t trade for several years. For several reasons, I became intrigued with the Forex market and began exploring it and eventually Binary Options, when they appeared on the scene.

    At some point while trading FX, I noticed a semi-regular price pattern that occurred and began developing a template with indicators to focus on the pattern. It soon became apparent that this system would be a great candidate for Binary Option trades and I began delving into the murky world of Binary Option brokers. After several false starts with several different brokers, I settled on Boss Capital. They were rather new, but I couldn’t find any strong negative reviews or reports about them and while their platform wasn’t as flexible as others, it would work for my testing.

    One of the lessons that I learned, early in my 50+ year business career, was that one should never just tell lawyers, accountants, politicians, and brokers to just do what THEY think is best — because they will eventually end up with all the money you allocate them. In my dealings with Boss Capital, I don’t know why I ignored that old axiom, but I unfortunately did.

    So, soon after I opened and funded my account in order to further my system testing with Boss Capital, the phone calls and fabulous touts from their brokers started. Alex Cortez was the first to phone and I attempted to explain to her that, for many reasons, I preferred to use email and did not like to discuss my trading over the phone. I didn’t give her my reasons for wanting to primarily use email, but the main one is that I want a “written record” of who told whom, what. She seemed rather dismayed that I wouldn’t talk to her, but called again a few days later – AT THREE IN THE MORNING. Now, since my wife sleeps with the phone next to her bed, this call woke her up from a deep sleep and caused a real damper on her next day, when she had to give a rather critical presentation.

    So, after Alex had pretty well blown her relationship with me, I assume that my account was transferred to Jacob Becker, because he was the next Boss Capital broker to call. After I requested that we rely on emails and not the phone, he started a barrage of touts that made statements like, “Guaranteed Profit Trade !!! Insure your investment and the Profits.” Now tell me, fellow trader, who could resist at least not exploring that greed driven prospect? As it came to pass, I couldn’t and thus began my spiral down into Boss Capital’s Trader’s Hell.
    Jacob’s reply to my reply started with this:
    “Hi Terry,
    Thank you for your mail.
    Yes, if the trade expires out of the money – your investment and the expected profits will be payed back into your account (as a bonus).
    It’s very important to point out that guaranteed profit signals ( issued rarely by Boss Capital) are highly unlikely to expire out of the money,they have extremely high success rates otherwise the company will not be willing to insure the investment and the profits!”

    So, I took the hook and after more than a dozen emails that were required to negotiate an additional $5,000 into my trading account, Jacob again mentioned that the earnings report was coming out and since time was of the essence I needed to do one more thing and immediately sign the attached contract, “ASAP” so he could give me the critical tout. I hurriedly skim read, signed, scanned and emailed their “Guaranteed Profit Agreement” back to him/them. The critical couple of sentences were, “The Client receives _1___ Guaranteed Profits Trades in the sum of _5000__ each. If these trades are unsuccessful, the client will receive a bonus equal to the investment lost and the expected payout amount with a trading requirement of bonus x30___ starting from the date the funds for the Guaranteed Profit Trades are added.“

    Now, I KNOW that I should have had one of my lawyers take a look at this, before signing. However, time was critical, because the earnings reports were due out any minute and I know that none of my lawyers could possibly take time to evaluate this before my greed driven opportunity was lost; or so went my in the moment rationale. Besides, when it was all said and done, my legal fees would have probably eaten up most of another $5,000, anyway.

    As soon as they had my signed copy, they gave me the tout and I opened the trade, just as they told me to. However, the “highly unlikely” turned out to be highly likely and the trade didn’t end up in the money. So, after some time and a several gentle email reminders, Jacob had my account credited with the full amount of my trade capital ($5,000) plus the 70% return ($3,500) that I was supposed to have made, for a total of $8,500.

    So, at this point I’m feeling pretty good! Even though the trade lost, my account balance has increased by $3,500 and I’m ready for the next “Guaranteed Profit Trade.” At some point, when I email Jacob and asked him to include me in the next trade with a similar opportunity, he told me that I’d have to put up a minimum of another $5,000 for another trade. When I asked him how Boss Capital could afford to keep making such agreements, he said that they anticipated making up for their loses through future trades.

    Sure enough, another “Guaranteed Profit Trade” deal came along and since I couldn’t use the funds in my account for new trades, I ponied up another $5,000. This time, the trade went in my favor and there was no need for the guarantee to be activated. Then came the third trade and I started asking about why I had to come up with a “fresh” $5,000 and couldn’t just use some of the funds already in my account and that was when THEIR reality began to slightly creep into MY reality. Anyway, not to worry, since Jacob was going to give me solid touts that would explode my account balance.

    Even so, I really began to press them to tell me if I could even withdraw ANY of my funds. No, that wasn’t allowed until I satisfied all of the terms of my “bonus.” It finally came out that the 30X meant that I had to “repay” not just the bonus money of $3,500 times 30, but my “buyout” to access ANY of the money in my account was 30 times MY $5,000 plus the $3,500 for a grand total of $255,000! If, at any time I tried to withdraw ANY of my funds without first creating a balance of $255,000, then I forfeited ALL of the money in my account!

    By this time, my account was passed along to another “broker” who declared that he – Josh Miller — was not just a broker, but a Senior Analyst, and he had a diversified plan that would make me rich. At this point, I was being worked over by three of Boss Capital’s best and it wasn’t fun. I was now no longer working on my system, but trying to figure out how to “liberate” ANY of my invested $15,000 by earning $255,000 by using THEIR touts, the last of which had gone bust, too.

    By now, my account is at about $12,000 and I go into partial Beta mode with my nearly completed system and I start really noticing some of the problems with their trading platform. On several occasions, I had observed that some of my trades were slow to fill, but just took it to be the result of heavy traffic. But then, one day, the little chart and live numerical readouts, started freezing up. I complained and they reversed the trade, the first time it happened. However, with several other trades that followed, they (their support personnel) stopped reversing the trades and claimed that I needed to change browsers, which I did. Then they claimed I needed to clear my cache before each session, which I did and still the screen freezes kept occurring and finally, a trade – which I was simultaneously monitoring on my MT4 platform – was WELL into the money and their system finally even declared that trade a loss, as well. I haven’t even bothered to complain – as it doesn’t do any good, anymore.

    As for the three brokers, well they kept sending me touts and showing THEIR alleged winning results, but never any major losses. When I called one of them on it, asking why they didn’t show their considerable losing trades (which I took the time to follow up and plotted from their touts), asking if their trades were made with House money and not their personal funds and even if their posted results were perhaps Photoshopped – they all three promptly stopped responding to any of my emails, as I’m certain that, since they consider me a skinned, drained and now useless former client.

    I’m taking the time to relate all of this to you, my fellow traders, in the hopes of providing you with enough information to dissuade you from doing ANY trading with Boss Capital. I certainly would like to retrieve all, or even some, of my money, but don’t see too much help on the horizon, for that to occur. If you would like more details to confirm my story, including emails, documents and screen shots, let me know and I’ll gladly forward them on to you.


    Terry Sneller

    • Kerry says:

      Hi Terry;

      I’m assuming you funded your account via credit card. I hope you did.
      I had a situation awhile back with a broker that wasn’t acting on my request to withdraw my funds.
      I contacted my credit card company and they put the pressure on them. I got my funds credited back to my card.
      All you need to do is show your card company that you were misled and even lied to…misrepresented and the card company should be willing to push for a refund to your card.

    • trevor snook says:

      A very interesting letter and one that i can say that certain aspects have happened to me too. I also lost money on certain trades with them yet was shown as a win on other platforms that i had going at the same time..I really dont think they can be trusted and certainly i have never received my join up bous they promised. Be very wary on signing up with this company

  17. Eddy says:

    Invest in yourself and learn how to trade successfully on Binary options before you blow your money on signals from the brokers; why would they give you winning signals when they make money on your loses!!!!
    Wake up and invest on yourself and learn how to trade before you throw away your money..

  18. E says:

    I had Larry Johnson as a broker he was very goid at contacting me to deposit 10K to open the account after I did that he had ne wake up at 4:00 am and he was supposedly to help me trafe for the first time that day. It bever happened after that I called and complained so he calked back and traded with me on the phone 3 out 5 signals were right aftr that no signals cane for 6 weeks there was barely any signals then he switched me to Sam and Sam mostly trade the Forex market but i trued his signals twice and all if them were wrong. After that i heard that Larry was back to be my account manager he would call me and pester to me to deposit more money in order to get insured trading. Insured trading is a bate if you agree on it Boss capital will require you to trade x30 of the insured trading money basically 5K before you can withdraw your profit out. By the time you have done this you have lost all your deposited and profit money. I withdrew my deposited money. The company is a stress and a scam and not worth your time or money they struck me as bluffers especially that guy Larry Johnson

  19. Ram K says:

    This company is F**** scam. I invested $5k they matched and in first 3 trades lost 3k. now they don’t respond at all. not sure what to do.. if at all you got the Guy John Reid.

  20. krishan kumar says:

    please tell me about> Brokerage Capital< broker.

  21. denis oregan says:

    I am begining to lose the will to live . I have read on BINARY TODAY that Boss Capital is the best of all the companies to deal with yet on this site they are stated to be a scam company WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH.I was going to start trading but after what i have read it seems the whole lot is just ONE BIG SCAM.

    • Wendy... says:

      Don’t trade with binary options at all. It’s just gambling.50/50. Win/loss. You choose. They will take all your money so it’s 100% you loose
      I’ve just got the bank involved but I won’t get my mobey back cos I willingly deposited the money.

  22. jeanette says:

    Thanks for the reviews I had a feeling they were full of bs

  23. peter says:

    peeople don’t trust boss capital I’ve lost over 25k with them and have not received a dime they say they will make you millions in 3 months is just plane bull shiet. please don’t wast your time with this.

  24. Daryl says:

    This so called company is a scam…. I deposited 2500.00 over phone and they put in two withdraws for 2500.00 thank god only one went through. I told them I didn’t want the bonus so there wouldn’t be restrictions on my account. Went to close account and withdraw funds after a week…. No response and the numbers that are on web site don’t work!!!!
    Scam warning

  25. Chan Ming says:

    Even if a broker is regulated, it can still do unpleasant things if it wanted to. Before any aspiring trader decides to register, he must see to that the broker he wants to register with is reputable especially with trade results and payout/withdrawal policies. There are a lot of forums to get information from. These are mostly composed of real traders. The people there can help you identify the good and bad ones. Personally, I do trade with Option Orbit. Haven’t encountered hassles so far.

  26. mahmoud says:

    Been using BossCapital for the past 6 month leaving all other brokers,
    **edit*** BUNCH OF SPAM **** Thanks to response below editor deleted it.

  27. Nick Kalargyros says:

    I opened an account in August 2014 with $5k. I was suppose to get 8 risk free trades included with my deposit. Initially, I did not take the bonus. The signals I received from day 1 were mostly wrong. I was instructed to make large trades and was told to double up on my trade on the second day. Boy, were they wrong. It cost me 50% of my portfolio. 8 out of 10 signals were wrong. Eventually, I asked for my remaining funds to be returned. They denied and told me to take the bonus. I did. Then, they gave me two trades and told me to put most of my money into them. They were wrong and now I have an empty account. Their trade signals are meant to make you lose so you never get your money out.

    • streetar says:

      I deposited Thursday night to trade after the NFPR on Friday. When I tried to trade on Friday I had nothing but blank screen on the asset side of the platform, tried live chat, does not exist, it only lets you send a message, I called three different times and held five minutes each time before hanging up.
      I sent four different messages to their famous customer support over the next 12 hours and still have not heard a thing. It is 1pm CDT now on Saturday and of course, nothing.
      All reviews state how their customer service is top priority, these are obviously all written by affiliates.
      I put in to withdraw my deposit, so I will see how that goes.

      If anyone knows a broker for we US traders that is trustworthy please let me know, I have tried so many, most manipulate trades after you have a little success.

      [email protected]

    • Lorenzo says:

      Never Take signals from a Broker, also make sure your fully educated and have a game plan before you trade at all.

    • John says:

      This is exactly what happened to me with Boss Capital. I deposited 5K & lost it all in a week. Save yourself the sleepness nights having to tell your wife, finance or girlfriend that you blew your hard earned money because of a consecutive amount of losing streaks. I’m still suffering from my lost one of the worst decisions i ever made.

    • philip. [email protected] says:

      Maybe if you do the opposite of every ‘signal’ they give you, you might just make a profit. LOL. But seriously, no one ever wins from gambling. From the sweat off your brow shall you earn your bread i.e. get a real job.

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