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This is the title of yet another scammy Cedar Finance video. You can check it out below. It seems like these things are cropping up everywhere.

As we’ve mentioned in a couple other reviews, (click here for a review as well as clicking here)we don’t know enough about Cedar Finance to say one way or the other if the broker itself is a scam, but it does strike us as duplicitous that we’ve seen so many Cedar Finance videos which are clearly scammy in nature. Why is this a scam? Because no one can guarantee you that you can make money each day doing a business which is risky. The most perfect trading system in the world applied by the most brilliant trader on the planet probably won’t bring in better than 90% returns, and we’re talking about the very cream of the crop. That’s not 100%. No one and nothing can guarantee you that realistically. You will lose trades. That means you’ll have losing days, even losing streaks. You cannot profit each and every day. If you think you can, you’re going to lose more quickly than traders who acknowledge and accept their risk.

What’s sad is we’ve seen equally ridiculous videos for brokers which we like. That’s why we don’t necessarily want to condemn Cedar Finance out of hand. They may not realize that their affiliates come up with this kind of nonsense to recommend them. Sadly, it probably converts quite well. It’s hard to blame people for trying to make money. If it were the broker itself putting out these messages, we would have to condemn them; as it is, we don’t really know. We’re pretty sure though that some of these affiliates funnel traffic to both good and bad brokers with the same bad advertising tactics for each.

What should you be looking for? You should actually be looking for things like this: . See what this says? “Trading in products and services of Banc De Binary may result in losses as well as profits.” Any broker worth your time should have some kind of a risk warning somewhere on their site. It all comes down to the basic trustworthiness of the broker. If a broker claimed you could profit every day, that broker would be lying to you. So before you invest in binary options, always check to make sure you’ve found a reputable, honest broker that acknowledges your risk, and then make sure you’re acknowledging it yourself.

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  1. Mike reeder says:

    I am here to tell you of an extremely bad experience with bdbinary. I attempted to set up a $1000 trading using my credit card. However, my bank blocked the transaction. When I inquired why they said it was there policy to block all international card transactions. I sent a wire transfer and began trading. I was contacted several times about increasing my account size. I got them to give me a demo account which I began doing testing on. When I started steadly increasing the balance using 15 minuite options. I decided to wire an additional 5000 into my live account and go live. This was on a friday evening. I was again contacted to up my account and let one of their brokers direct my trading. They offered all kinds of bonus incentives or supposedly (free money) I again refused. About an hour later I checked my e-mails and was shocked to find a 2000 deduction from my account on my credit card that I had originally given them. They had found an intermediary payee to get around my banks rules. I immediately fired off e-mails to bdbinary that I had not authorized this transaction and expected immediate credit. I heard nothing back but noted the balance in my live trading account. Since it was friday night I thought perhaps that come monday morning everything would be handled. Instead, when I checked my account on line early monday. I discovered it had been drained 0f a total of 9000 done on friday night in 2000 dollar increments. I called the fraud dept of my bank to stop the transactions but they said it was to late. I filed a fraud case which is still under investigation. I attempted to withdraw these funds from bdbinary and was denied. If this isn’t a fraudulent broker I don’t know what is.

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