Regulation 55%
Binary Options Choice 75%
Payouts 75%
Software 85%
Demo 40%
Customer Support 65%


CherryTrade is a mainstream binary options broker that has excellent products and services in its portfolio, which is slightly let down by a sub-par support service. Traders should contemplate their choices carefully before investing.



CherryTrade Broker Review Intro

There are several binary options brokers in the industry that claim to hold the #1 spot in the financial markets, but the reality is further from the truth. Even though the binary options market witnesses one of the largest influx of companies vying for the top spot, it is up to the traders to determine the best binary options trading company that is worthy of receiving high praise.

CherryTrade is indeed one of the more popular names in the binary options market, and there have been numerous instances where CherryTrade has managed to pip its rivals to become a preferred financial company among retail traders. CherryTrade is home to some amazing binary options products, which really does make it a premium broker. However, does the broker have what it takes to claim the #1 spot? In our CherryTrade review, we did find out some broker discrepancies and a few minor issues that may prevent the company from banking on its claims, but there are several advantages that do work in the broker’s favour. We attempt to unravel all the aspect of CherryTrade trading such as choice of assets, payouts, platforms, bonuses, and customer service.


CherryTrade Broker Location & Licensing Information

CherryTrade does not provide any information about its broker location or licensing data. In fact, the broker hasn’t even bothered to list an official address for its clients, which does sound dubious and not well-accepted by traders. Seasoned investors usually make it a priority to understand the physical and regulatory attributes of a company before trusting them with their investments. That is why traders mostly prefer to trade with regulated entities, which are capable of displaying a certain level of authenticity and reliability when it comes to the safety of funds.


CherryTrade began its binary options brokerage operations in 2014 and is assumed to be based out of a tax haven. There are multiple reports that claim CherryTrade to be based out of the Caribbean or Africa, but we have been unable to unearth concrete evidence about the actual physical location of the company. It is also strange that the broker hasn’t provided any information about the parent company or any other brand name, as it is usually commonplace for binary options brokers to mention details of its parent firm or alternate brand names.


Immaterial of the CherryTrade’s regulatory status, the broker has indeed lived up to its clients’ expectations by safeguarding investments and providing a reliable trading platform. CherryTrade also employs the most advanced security protocols so that traders don’t have to worry about the safety implications of their trading accounts.


Tradable Instruments For CherryTrade Clients

CherryTrade is a mainstream binary options broker that competes directly with the leaders in the market. Therefore, the company cannot afford to stay relaxed when it comes to offering the largest number of underlying instruments that covers a large part of the financial markets. In spite of the broker’s affinity towards providing coverage for a vast majority of the markets, there are still issues with the overall number of CherryTrade assets. Provided below is a list of tradable instruments picked from their official asset index:





There are some differences between the official asset list mentioned on the website and the tradable underlying instruments provided on the trading platform. Therefore, we urge traders to go through each section carefully before choosing your preferred financial instrument.


CherryTrade Payouts

The main advantage of binary options trading is the ability to make profits within the matter of a few seconds or minutes. Therefore, binary options traders are mostly offered up to 95% payouts for profitable trades, while losing trades are bound to lose the entire investments. On an average, traders can expect to receive up to 85% ROI for in-the-money trades at regular brokerages. However, at CherryTrade, the maximum payout is 81%, and there isn’t any option for a refund for out-of-the-money trades.  The payouts are considerably lower than the industry standards, with several binary options quoting around 60% payouts for the regular high/low option.

As far as trade sizes are concerned, you can start betting on the market with $5, which isn’t a significant investment. However, you do have the option of choosing other binary options brokerages that may offer you minimum bet sizes starting from $0.10. The most common minimum investment is $1, while there are brokers that may stipulate $10 or even $50 minimum bet size. The maximum position size at CherryTrade is also $5000, which is higher than the industry average of $1500-$2500. As a trader, you must be careful with your money management, as larger investments can lead to massive losses.


CherryTrade Trading Platforms & Options Features

It is common for binary options brokers to make use of existing trading platforms that are developed by third-party platform developers. Therefore, CherryTrade has also opted to license the SpotOption trading platform, which is available as an online web trader interface. The SpotOption platform offers all of the basic trading tools and has certainly used its experience to good effect. SpotOption is a preferred trading platform for a large number of binary options brokers, and the software developer has certainly used all the feedback to tweak and customise the platform to suit traders’ requirements.


The Platform provides the choice of opting between different types of binary options trading methods, namely, classic Binary Options, Pairs, Long Term, Sixty Seconds, One Touch, and Ladder options. The Ladder and One Touch options do provide higher ROI and payouts, and traders can expect to make up to 400% on these instruments. However, be warned that the broker may restrict trading on these options during regular market hours.


Another important feature of the CherryTrade SpotOption platform is the IFollow feature, which is essentially a social trading function that allows traders to copy trades from other leading traders in the community. The IFollow binary options platform is certainly an excellent way for both amateur and professional traders to get assistance from the market to improve their profits and accuracy. The IFollow feature can also be used in conjunction with the market consensus provided in the trading platform, which can certainly improve the profitability of trading.



CherryTrade Mobile Trading Platforms

Mobile trading is an integral aspect of the binary options market, and nearly all existing brokers offer a dedicated mobile trading app for its clients. CherryTrade has also ensured that its clients get the best binary options environment through a mobile trading interface and has made available individual trading platforms for iOS and Android operating systems. The CherryTrade mobile apps work exceedingly well on both smartphones and tablets and offer the same trading features as provided by the online trading interfaces.

CherryTrade clients can also make use of the SpotOption online trading interface to access their accounts via their mobile devices. Traders only need to point their device’s browser to the platform URL, and they will be greeted with a responsive platform layout that offers all the basic functions of the online trading platform.



CherryTrade Minimum Deposit & Account Options

To open an account at CherryTrade, you must first understand your trading requirements and the minimum investment that you are willing to deposit at the brokerage. The broker has created five different categories according to the minimum investment. Smaller traders are given the option of choosing a Classic account, which requires a minimum deposit of $200. $200 is indeed the average deposit required for a regular binary options trading account, but if you are looking for a more cost-effective option, you can find brokers that offer a trading account for as low as $1. Nevertheless, the Classic account categorises its traders under the Junior brokerage account and does not provide any significant account benefits.


The Pro account is the slightly higher account at CherryTrade, and comes with a host of benefits such as an hour of one-on-one basic training, Level 2 education access, and general trading signals. The Pro account is available for a minimum investment of $2500, which is a steep rise from the Classic account. The Gold account is the third and most preferred category, which offers three risk-free trades, three hours of one-on-one advanced training, Level 3 education, and trading signals for an initial deposit of $6500.


There are two other accounts designed for VIP and Corporate traders that require a minimum deposit of $50,000 and $100,000 respectively. The VIP account gets five risk-free trades at the beginning, which is increased to 10 risk-free trades for the Corporate account. The VIP account also qualifies for 7 hours of one-on-one analyst sessions, Level 4 education, and personalised trading signals. The Corporate account gets unlimited one-on-one analyst session, ten risk-free trades, full education center access, and personalised trading signals.

The higher deposit requirements can easily alienate smaller traders, which are compounded by the issues of making a deposit or withdrawal. Funding methods are limited to major credit/debit cards and bank wire transfer, and there are several limitations on making a withdrawal. The broker’s payments/banking page, as well as the terms of use page, can provide additional information on the withdrawal restrictions and account maintenance costs. Overall, we feel that the company has not been entirely successful in categorising its account options as per the traders’ preferences.



Availing A CherryTrade Bonus

Fortunately, traders can indeed take advantage of the relatively excellent CherryTrade bonus structure, which provides free money for even the smallest account holder. Classic accounts offer a deposit bonus in the range of 20%, the Pro account offers a deposit bonus of 35%, and the Gold account provides the maximum bonus of 70% for deposits. The VIP and Corporate account holders receive slightly lesser bonuses when compared to the Gold account, predominantly due to the larger funds involved in these accounts. The VIP account offers a 50% welcome bonus and the Corporate account offers a 30% bonus for all deposits. The broker also offers risk-free trades to Gold, VIP, and Corporate accounts, which is on top of the existing bonus structure.


CherryTrade Demo Accounts

CherryTrade appears to be reluctant in offering a free demo trading account. Several brokers are apprehensive about providing a free demo account, and we are honestly perplexed as to why brokers avoid giving a demo account to its users. Demo account is often considered to be the basic prerequisite before opening a live trading account. Nevertheless, you can ask for a CherryTrade demo account by getting in touch with the broker’s customer service representatives. Nevertheless, the limited demo account may not earn any good points with respect to the competition.


CherryTrade Customer Service

CherryTrade has provided contact numbers for traders from different continents, and has installed a customer contact number for the USA, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, and New Zealand. Traders can also contact the customer service department through the web contact form, but there does not appear to be any live chat feature, email, or other contact information. It is also amazing to note that the broker does not cater to traders from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. We do feel that the CherryTrade customer support channels can benefit from a slightly more professional approach and a better input from the broker’s side.


CherryTrade Trading Resources

CherryTrade provides training to its clients according to the scale of their investments. Larger account holders do receive the best in training materials, while the smaller traders will have to make a few compromises. Regardless, the training materials may not be adequate for a comprehensive coverage of the market, but the one-on-one training sessions should help traders to get a better perspective of the different factors that contribute to binary options trading.


CherryTrade Verdict


  • A mainstream binary options broker.
  • Top of the line trading platforms.
  • Excellent bonus for all account holders.
  • A wide range of binary options products and markets.
  • Traders get to choose from a large number of financial assets.


  • The broker hasn’t provided its actual physical address and regulatory information.
  • The customer support department is not as professional as the rest.
  • No free demo account for traders.



Can I Trust CherryTrade?

CheryTrade is a reliable and reputed binary options broker that has been active in the industry for quite a while. Despite some issues concerning the regulatory status and the support services, CherryTrade does seem to be a trusted company.


How To Get A Premium/VIP Account At CherryTrade?

CherryTrade offers a VIP and Corporate account for traders that are willing to deposit more than $50,000 and $100,000 respectively. Premium account holders get numerous account benefits and trading assistance from the brokerage.


Is A CherryTrade Account Expensive?

The smaller CherryTrade accounts are not expensive in comparison to the market standards, but smaller traders may not be able to justify the cost of account maintenance for higher account categories.



67 Comments » for CherryTrade Review
  1. christine helen says:

    … I can tell you that BINARY OPTIONS/FOREX TRADING pays.
    You can make good profit trading binary options only with the right strategies and signals.
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  2. John Maki says:

    These guys are a total scam. Once you are in over $1000 good luck getting your money back. I have been waiting over a month and their customer service just ignores you.

    • Ravi Balan says:

      Hi John Now it is about a month and Cherry Trade does not respond to my emails regarding withdrawal. Is there a way I can escalate the issue.

  3. Mark H says:

    Stay Away from them…..they are truly terrible. I’ve lost over $2,500 dollars. I didn’t sign up to profits but they say they gave me a gift which I signed nothing for – now I need to have over $100k in my account before they will release my money. I have gone to British Trading Standards but nothing they can do. Honestly pick a decent broker as these guys have completely lost all my trust in trading.

  4. Steve Waddell says:

    Ps i have avoided all of their contracts due to bonus and turnover tie in. I just read the news follow the markets and don’t listen to any so called senior trader who tries to advise me. By the way there are some brilliant you tube videos called tasty bites. The professors are so good learnt a lot
    Listen to them talk. All free.

  5. Steve Waddell says:

    So far I have had good experiences with cherry trade. Ps i have not been paid to say that. Lol. I joined 18 months ago. I set up account with no bonus so I have no tie ins and account is liquid. They have paid my withdrawals and their accounts depth has been very helpful. So far so good

  6. Daniel Power says:

    I have been looking everywhere for a trustworthy and reliable binary options broker but i cant find one. There are always complaints of the broker not giving out profits etc. Can someone please just tell me the name of a broker they know is legit and trustworthy? Thank you.

  7. Peter Baron says:

    CYSEC – the Cyprus based "regulator" must be manned with blind and death people. Who owns them??? Have an educated guess..

  8. Doreen says:

    Hi, does anyone know if you can retrieve your deposit back?

  9. Charles Han says:

    I have signed a bonus and of course the accounts manager made the money but after that left me in a lurch . How to trade to get out of it? Is it by volume is amount?

  10. shaikh says:

    I have lost $5300.00
    they are fraud. contact my email I’ll provide all the proofs. USA customers don’t bother wasting it. All you have is 1 phone number. Once your deposit in their hands you are nothing to them. Beware of daniel sinclair, nikka lee, henry and few more. They will help you evaporate your money in few weeks. Don’t fall in trap of signing their guaranteed win contract. I did and lost every penny of my hard earned money. They will promise you the world but won’t provide a thing.
    just visit youtube and look for cherrytrade scam victims.
    Please dont be one. I put my kids college money for their false promises and got scammed.
    Do lots of research before you send them a dime. I have lost it all and I”M in florida. They are going to pretend they are based in NYC but no they are not. They are overseas and as I said all you got is a phone number. They don’t have the no courtesy like here in USA. Once you are in you can’t go out. Please be aware of them.

    • Mary Ann Nietz says:

      A friend of ours has invested over $7,500 or more and this guy name Ben said he how has I’ve a million in his account so our friend wants his money but Ben keeps saying it’s in its way. It’s been weeks! Now Ben says he is coming to meet him from London but that’s been days now. It kinda creepy.

  11. Lynn Ray says:

    I have withdrawn from Cherry Trade 2 times with no problem. This 3rd time they are giving a hassle. The say the image of my credit card is blurred. It isn’t blurry to me. I wonder if it isn’t a bad sign?

    • Steve Waddell says:

      I have made a few dozen with draws. Accounts are very helpful. I had card issues but all were fixed. I can’t say to u don’t worry I just say that it has been OK for me.good luck

  12. Euripedes Francisco de Jesus says:

    Thank you for contacting CherryTrade Binary Options.

    As I told you before, following a review of your account, based on possibly suspicious activities regarding your payment method, we have refunded your investment(s) and we have closed your account.
    So, this refunded investment don’t come to my credit card. I ask to accounting depto. for give me a copy this withdrawals and I didn’t receive their answer

  13. Charissa Setter says:

    Beware. The same person listed in this discussion Byrne julian influenced me to buy software which cost me USD$471 that had to be paid thru Money gram , western union. This person Byrne Julian also voluntarily deposited their money $250 usd. into 24 Option (in my account name) to start trading for me using this software first to prove it worked. When it reached $1550 , I wanted to withdraw it and repay her loan $250. She and her manager John Kane said I had to pay $350 usd authorisation fee to withdraw the money. i paid thru moneygram. Five months later , despite many requests I have not receive the software nor the money. I requested refunds usd $471 plus $350 usd plus money transfer fees $120 usd. Its a scam with a feminine touch and I am preparing a case to Interpol (internet fraud dept) to get my refunds.

  14. James Smith says:

    Stockpair are good. Regulated and don’t try and rip you off

  15. James Smith says:

    They are awful. Last second swings out of the money and as soon as you request a withdrawal they go cold on you. Absolute scam

  16. Dhya says:

    Everyone has got something negative to narrate and dicourage me. So who is a genuine binary options broker? I’ve already lost couple of hundred dollars to iqoptions due to their terrible bonus terms and conditions!

    Is there anyone wise to offer some advice? Cheers.

    • Razvan says:

      What happ Dhya with iqoption??? What conditions they have about the Bonus. I want to invest some amount of money there to start trading with my own strategy. Us nit a good broker??? They are not serious???

  17. Jummy says:

    Thank God I have not made deposits. I pray and told God if its a scam let me find it difficult to make deposits and since 6am to 4:25pm now its been one problem or the other. If not wrong password, its ‘pls wait, loading page’ or power outage. Thank God for getting to read all this comment. Am adding mine too. Cheers

  18. George Sapirstein says:

    I have been trading with Cherrytrade for almost a year, it’s been up and down which l expected, and they always ask for more funds to move up to different categories it never ends, I have never tried to take any money out, for the last straw they tell you they will give you a bonus to sometimes match your funds, be very CAREFUL because the bonus needs to be traded 50 times ( 5000 = 250.000) although they say you can get around it, it’s all BS, l want to take some money out and l can’t, the broker won’t return calls or e-mails, IT’S AN ABSOLUTE SCAM .

  19. Glenn Leckie says:

    I have requested reimbursing of my money and I am still waiting after two and a half month. They keep telling me to wait because it takes some working days, but after two and a half month?????? If I do not get my money the world will definitely hear from me.

  20. Chantal says:

    I subscribed to open up an account with them, and a few seconds later a guy called trying to explain – he was unprofessional, the line was cracking up and the call got cancelled. Next minute he calls from a different country code saying i have to make the deposit to start up. I said NO i will look into cherrytrade first before anything, he said ” good luck ” and hung up the phone! – clearly a SCAM!! (No professional company would behave this way, nor call from different country codes with bad lines)

  21. peter says:

    then who is for real guys looks like all of them are not for real.

  22. A.Monstavicius says:

    Has anyone had experience with Cherrytrade using Robert Allen’s system? Robert Allen provides the software for the trades etc. Thanks

    • Rodney Dunn says:

      I have used Robert Allen’s system, it was extremely oversold. 50% accuracy at best all 60 second trades. The alerts don’t always work like they should. I am now working with a broker at Cherry Trade & am having much better results. They are the real deal.

    • gil says:

      hi rodney! any problem with cherry trade so far with your withdrawals? a certain brad johnson from cherry trade has been keeping in touch with me lately.

    • Ross says:

      Hi Gil

      I’m about to deposit £200 into a cherry trade account, should I go for it or is it too risky.

      I’m also looking at 24options.

      Thanks Ross

  23. Gee says:

    I haven’t even made my first deposit and I got a call already. In the process while reading thru my phone rang. I called it back they said they would call me back. I think they’re waiting till I make my first deposit. After seeing all these not – so – good comments, I will not invest into it…

  24. Steve says:

    Don’t trust CherryTrade I deposited $500 won $535 = $1035 I requested a withdrawal of balance got my $500 but not the profits it’s a scam

  25. hituhard says:

    I try so many binary option and I think all this shit was just bullshit..come on think about it…if binary option make you money millions..(no hard feeling) broker would just open them self a account n earn money themself …what do u think they there for..get ur money so they could get pay….all those people that trying to make million of dollar over night…by trading binary..or so what ever….if you not rich enough …better of if u save that money in invest your own software…it would be better…YOU CANT NEVER EVER TRUTH ANYBODY ON THE INTERNET WHEN IT COME TO MONEY MAKE YOU MONEY….

    • Gab says:

      The guys are very smart … they provide you with information, webpages, education, service via telephone etc. Once you trust them and deposit more money into your account they offer you risk free trade which is actually a bonus. Read their terms of use … bonus requires you to trade 30-50x to the volume of the bonus. They will tell you that you can get this within a month with a good broker … and that the last what you can hear from them. You are alone with your big money (thanks to bonus) but you are not allowed to withdraw it before getting to a sum 30-50x higher. Are you able to trade without any help from a broker?
      Once I asked them “Where is the money the trader wins from?” The answer: From those who lost. And guess who is winning and who is losing?

  26. rahim says:

    This Broker is robber, the platform has a delay for choose CALL or PUT and also after finish time, so you always lose money.
    In 60 seconds you don’t have a approval windows for cancel or approve your trade, I called, chat and email to them 100 time but they never fix that problem, so you don’t have any chance to cancel your trade and %90 lose money.

  27. Charles says:

    In any 3 given trades, the timer in one of the trades will disappear and I will loss that trade. The timer will vanish and nothing will for you to see what trade is like. everything will just go and at the end they say you lost. They are not to be trusted.

  28. Charles says:

    Hello everyone, I traded with Cherry Trade, and my experience is not too good. While I trade 3 trades, the first 2 I will see the timer counting and showing me how the trade is going, but the last one will be approved and after approval the timer will count for 5 seconds and disappear it will then show a loss. I tried to contact them through chat but they told it’s cache in my fire fox I need to clear it. I tried all I could but to no avail so I believed they are not to be trusted.

  29. Michael says:

    Hi there,

    I traded from cherry trade,goption, porter finance, regal option, binary international.
    I lost few thousand dollars by them.
    Most of people who lost felt there are trick like delay signal or jump up or go down suddenly.

    It is programmatically trick.
    When you deposit once, you would be happy for your pure profit, but you will lost your money. Why?
    Your first profit is bait for you to make more deposit.

    It’s hard to find right binary broker.

    Strongly I can tell you work harder! And enjoy your life. It is reason why we need to work to live.



    • Sam says:

      The only decent brokers that I know: 24options, stock&pair

    • Sam says:

      I’m sorry, forgot to mention marketsworld.
      Also great broker
      I base my opinion on the withdrawal prosses, if it goes smoothly and you getting your money back more than once then the broker is fine and legit , if not no matter the reason then it’s a scam

    • Claudia says:

      and 10Trade and Banc de Binary

    • P.J. says:

      24Option? Are you kidding? I was literally robbed by those sub-humans. They are extremely agressive, and do exactly the same thing as any other scam broker out there (except they ARE regulated, and a lot of affiliates promote them with fake positive reviews for huge comissions). It’s a typical offshore boiler room operation where seasoned sales people (pretending to be “account managers” and “senior brokers”) get paid to part you with your cash, using every dirty trick in the book. Withdrawals at 24Option are IMPOSSIBLE. They will even resort to fraud in order to keep you from withdrawing your funds. I had to get a lawyer in order to get my money out of my 24Option account. Never again!

  30. Jeff says:

    If you take any broker bonus structure no matter how much you invest, most notably in there terms and agreements it say’s you have to trade at least 30-40 times before you can request a withdraw. Never take the bonuses as you will not get your money until you have traded 30-40 times. Also if you guys are fighting them with your words of threatening “TEXT” to get your money back, it’s only going to make matters worst, in fact YOUR LAWYERS or DEFENSE ATTORNEY’S do that for you! It’s the best scare tactic for brokers you think are scams!!!

  31. Michael says:

    I only traded with Cherry Trade for a couple of weeks. I started to notice that many of my trades would be green up till the last second then go red. Humm…the worst thing one night was that I noticed that I had one a trade and it hung up in the authenticate mode for several minutes then it just vanished. I checked my loss and Winn trades and it was not there. Then the same thing happened. The next trade I won and immediately took a screen shot of the win. Then poof, gone and none of the three trades showed up. I tried calling emailing and instant chat. Then I wrote an email and enclosed the screen shot image with the individual trade number on it and said where is this trade in my account. The next day I had the equivalent of the three trades in my account without explanation and still the trades were not in my account. I am sorry but the amount of trust you have to put in a broker with binary trades I can not use them any longer.

    • Barry says:

      I have been looking into binary trading and was impressed with the Cherry Trade interface. Their charts and how they express the buying trends is what makes them attractive for me a beginner. Have you found another broker with similar software interface that is more trustworthy?

  32. bob says:

    Started with $200 went up to 4 and lost everything

  33. mr banks says:

    Yep its a fraud i lost all my trades except one as well. When i tried to get whats left of my money they gave me a hard time with that. Dont trust them they are lying crooks.

  34. Brenda says:

    I lost all my trades on cherry trade except one. So I decided to out myself from their services and not use them any more. Once my account balance was down to almost nothing the person who handled my account was very nervy requesting me to deposit more and act like he really cared. I told him I wasn’t depositing anymore of my hard earned money. He told me when I get some more money be sure to deposit it in my account. I really must have stupid written across my forehead. It is really funny how I traded the same trades on my other brokerage account and they won…………..a real scam!

    • Willie says:

      what is your other brokerage account

    • darrell says:

      hay have you withdraw any money from this cherry trade what is your other brokerage account

    • avner says:

      With all respect, I don’t think that the broker is the one to blame when you’re losing…
      You should think maybe you’re doing something wrong, because the most impotent thing to remember is that in BinaryOptions you can’t always win, if everyone would win 100% of the time then something would “smell funny”.
      So it’s always good to accept lost – it builds your understanding of the market.
      in any case it doesn’t matter with which broker you’re working sometimes losing is a good thing so accept it.

      Good luck in your future of trading

  35. bogala emola says:

    This a fraud broker the have too many crushes on platform and delays on excution they will make you lose

    • Trish says:

      JI have had a very bad experience with Cherrytrade, an offshore binary trading brokerage, and would not recommend them to anyone else. Senior Broker Alexey Dougin drafted an agreement for me that stated that my account would be "fully liquid" by 12-30-16 and that I would be able to remove my all funds if desired. When the account had not gone liquid about one week after 12-30-16 I called to find out what was going on. He informed me that he had decided not to honor his own agreement. I am getting ready to file a regulatory complaint and will also be pursuing a civil lawsuit aginst Cherrytrade and potentially also against Mr. Dougin and lead broker Lucas Rei. When I called Cherrytrade support to obtain more information about the firm, the receptionist refused to give me the name of the CEO or the physical address of the company. She also refused to give me the contact information of their legal team. Please note that this outfit is on the Global Investor Alert list for Canada. Good thing that I didn’t invest all my hard-earned cash with these bozos and that I still have more than enough funds to SUE THEM.

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