Regulation 100%
Binary Options Choice 75%
Payouts 90%
Software 85%
Demo 100%
Customer Support 75%


HighLow is a safe broker that is excellent for binary options traders that are looking for a safe and reliable trading environment. HighLow scores well on most counts, but there is still room for improvement. With such an amount of market experience, we anticipated HighLow to reach its stride a while ago, but things are indeed looking bright for the future.



An Overview To Our HighLow Broker Review

These days, it is typically impossible to trust the reliability and credibility of a binary options broker through their promises or marketing campaigns alone. There are several binary options trading companies that assure of top-quality services, when in fact, they have garnered mostly negative reputation from the retail traders. However, we are pleased to inform that HighLow is a genuine binary options broker that has several remarkable qualities that make it a highly preferred choice in the financial market.

We investigate several core features of a binary options company while compiling a review, ranging from trading platforms, assets, customer service, bonus, payouts, and even the minimum deposit options. With our HighLow review, we can present a unique and eye-opening proposition to our readers that not only help in enhancing the overall trading experience, but also allow traders to secure their trading capital against financial scams.


Understanding The HighLow Regulation & Company Facts

HighLow was launched as early as 2010 by an Australian financial company and is officially known as HighLow Markets PTY LTD. HighLow can be considered as one of the early pioneers in the binary options industry and was one of the very first brokers to embrace the new and innovative binary options product at that time. HighLow had the vision, and the expertise to quickly become a mainstream financial company in the binary options markets and continues to be a popular name among a large section of the retail trading industry.

HighLow is regulated and licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), with the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) no: 364264. The ASIC is considered to be one of the most stringent and investor-oriented regulatory bodies in the financial markets and has gained an incredible amount of trust and confidence among retail traders. The ASIC is quick to investigate any financial discrepancies perpetrated by its regulated companies and is known to issue strict sanctions and penalties to discourage financial malpractices.

HighLow does not give any relevance to numbers, as the broker is more committed to enhancing customer satisfaction and tries to retain its clients through proactive investor safety. HighLow has more than 50,000 clients that continue to use the broker’s services and products on a recurring basis, which is clearly a testament to the company’s dedication towards up keeping the integrity of its services. The ASIC also plays a major part in bringing HighLow under a strict regulatory framework, which requires the company to satisfy minimum operating capital requirements, segregation of clients’ funds, and maintaining strict auditing practices.


HighLow Assets

While we are impressed by the regulatory status of the company and the safety of investments, we feel a bit let down by the number of financial instruments offered by the company. HighLow does cover the major financial markets such as Forex, commodities, and indices, but the actual number of assets available for trading is only close to 25. Here are the financial assets provided by HighLow for binary options trading:


Indices: AUS200, FRA40, GER30, HKG33, JPN225, UK100, US30

Commodities: Gold

HighLow has been a prominent name in the binary options markets for well over seven years, and it is indeed surprising that the broker hasn’t paid any attention towards increasing the number of financial assets available for trading. When we compare HighLow to other mainstream brokers, we do find that the list of 25 assets is in stark contrast to the number of financial instruments offered by its competitors. We have reviewed brokers that offer more than 10,000 different underlying assets, which do make us a bit disappointed in the HighLow binary options brokerage.


HighLow Trading Products, Features, & Payouts

HighLow does indeed bypass its shortcomings in the assets department by offering some of the highest payouts in the industry. Incidentally, there are four different types of binary options products at HighLow. The first type is the classic High/Low trading, which is followed by Spread trading. The third option is the Turbo option, while the fourth option deals with Turbo Spread trading. All options have expiry times ranging from 30 seconds to 1 day, which does present an option for traders to choose their preferred trading strategy.

The minimum payout starts from 88% for the more conventional binary options that have longer expiry times, which is larger than the maximum payouts offered by Turbo options at other companies. Turbo options witnesses a jump in the ROI to 95%, while the HighLow spread options offer an incredible return of up to 100% for most financial instruments. The payouts offered by HighLow are certainly among the best offered in the industry, but the broker does not offer any refunds for out-of-the-money trades.

Trades can be initiated with a $10 minimum investment, while the maximum investment per position is $2000. These figures are not as competitive as other binary options brokers, who may be able to offer trading access from $1 minimum investment. Nevertheless, the higher investment of $2000 per trade is indeed $500 more than the industry average investment threshold of $1500.

Since HighLow operates as a contemporary binary options broker, the company does not require any additional fees for services rendered. All trades are executed according to the market conditions, and the trade outcomes are determined automatically by the broker’s platform. It does come as a consolation for traders that HighLow tries to minimise the conflict of interest, owing to the ASIC regulation.


HighLow Trading Platform Analysis

The HighLow platform is a web-based interface that is unique to the company and is developed internally to offer a feature-rich binary options trading experience. The easy-to-use web trader platform has a highly convenient layout that offers charts, option types, investment options, and the trading history tab to access all account information in one place. There are individual tabs for choosing the type of option, while the assets scroll-down menu and the expiry tabs all offer traders the opportunity to tweak their positions before entering a trade.

We would have liked HighLow to provide other customization options such as the ability to change/edit trades after entering a position in the market. Some leading brokers offer the opportunity to get out of losing trades and use rollover or double-up features to extend the expiry times. Such kind of flexibility is essential for professional traders and is also important from a beginner’s perspective. We also miss the additional binary options products such as touch/no-touch and ladder options, which can increase the payouts and profit potential for traders.



HighLow Mobile Trading Platforms

The HighLow web interface is an excellent tool for mobile trading, but the company has also provided HighLow mobile apps for iOS and Android operating systems. These trading apps can be installed on any smartphone or tablet running on the popular operating systems and appear to have the same features and functionality as the desktop trading interface.

We really urge traders to try the HighLow mobile platforms, as they can provide one of the best mobile trading environments in the market. The interface allows the same type of trading strategies as offered by the online interface, and there are no significant drawbacks that we have come to expect from other mobile trading platforms. We should give credit to HighLow for spending a significant amount of resources towards developing their binary options trading platforms.



HighLow Minimum Deposit & Withdrawal

A HighLow account only charges a minimum deposit of $50, which is indeed suitable for all types of traders. Some brokers may offer lower deposit choices, but the average deposit for binary options brokers in the industry is around $250. The withdrawal does not have any limit, and all withdrawals are honoured according to the ASIC guidelines. The company has processed all withdrawals till date, and there have been no issues for any clients, whatsoever. It is certainly amazing to see that HighLow has made it a priority to cater to investors’ needs, rather than concentrating on profits alone.

Traders can make a deposit using Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, and Neteller, which are some of the most popular payment processors in the binary options market. However, we are surprised that the broker does not offer other leading payment systems such as bank wire, Skrill and WebMoney, as these payment modes could have provided the much-needed flexibility in payments. Nevertheless, the basic payment options are certainly sufficient to cater to a fair share of the traders using the HighLow platform.



HighLow Bonus

Don’t expect HighLow to offer the traditional bonus for client deposits. A regulated company rarely indulges in any promotional offers, and it is no different for HighLow clients as well. The company has offered an unrestricted $50 as cash back for all new clients, which means that traders can receive up to $50 in bonuses for every $50 traded. The volume-based cash back bonus does not enforce any limitations to traders and is unlike any other bonus in the market. Normally, most brokers offer bonuses with specific limitations and conditions that put a freeze on the trading capital. At HighLow, the cash back offer is free from any trading restrictions, and traders can withdraw their profits at any time without any limitations.


HighLow Demo Trading

All website visitors can get a free HighLow demo account by completing a simple registration process. The free and unlimited demo account is a great option for traders to get accustomed to the HighLow platform and is a must-have tool for all traders. You can also get a taster of the platform by visiting the online trading interface for a platform walkthrough, which allows you to browse through the different trading features and functionalities without actually taking part in any trading activities. If you wish to invest in the markets through a demo account, you must complete the registration process.


HighLow Customer Service

HighLow customers have the option of contacting the ASIC or the Financial Ombudsman if they feel that they have not received optimum support from the broker. ASIC has made it mandatory for all regulated firms to adhere to the best in customer service channels, which are backed by routine audits. However, we did find out that the broker only offers a phone number and a web contact form for all customer interaction, with no option of live chat or VOIP support. HighLow certainly lacks in the direct customer interaction department, which is vital for all traders that take part in the risky and fast-paced financial market.


HighLow Trading Features & Resources

The website offers a resources page that provides some basic training videos and a glossary of terms used in binary options trading. The resources page also provides some frequently asked questions, platform walk-throughs, and other downloads that are intended for existing clients. Nevertheless, we don’t believe the overall trading resources and features are at par with the industry standards. It is of our opinion that HighLow should invest more time and effort into maintaining an excellent investor resources centre that not only provides training videos, but also offers news, technical analysis, market research, and trader tutorials.


HighLow Verdict


  • An ASIC regulated broker, which offers the best protection for investors for the safety of funds.
  • High payouts and excellent ROI for most underlying assets.
  • The best trading experience on desktop and mobile with dedicated apps for each operating system.
  • No questions asked free unlimited demo.
  • A lower investment option for traders that starts from a minimum deposit of $50.



  • The customer service department does not include a live chat feature.
  • The choice of instruments is low for a mainstream Forex broker.
  • Bonus not as attractive as other deposit bonuses in the industry.



How Are My Investments Secured?

All clients’ funds are kept in segregated accounts in top tier AA rated banks in Australia. The ASIC performs routine audits of HighLow’s financial transactions to ensure complete transparency.


Is HighLow A Scam?

HighLow is not a scam company, as it is one of the very few binary options brokers that are regulated by a genuine and reliable regulatory organisation. The ASIC is undoubtedly keen on issuing investor-centric policies that aim to keep the customers safe against financial abuse.


What Are My Funding Options?

The company offers online funding options such as Neteller and Credit/Debit card payments. The minimum investment for a HighLow account is $50.


Is The HighLow Platform Optimum For Binary Options Trading?

The HighLow platform is an excellent tool to trade the binary options market. Although the broker offers a feature-rich interface, the choice of financial instruments and binary options products are lower than the industry standards.



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