Regulation 65%
Binary Options Choice 90%
Payouts 70%
Software 85%
Demo 55%
Customer Support 90%


OptionBit might not be a regulated binary options broker, but it does have one of the very best binary options products in the market. Traders will find the broker to be reliable and professional in their approach, but the company can indeed improve their services to match the industry standards.



OptionBit Trading Overview

A broker is a vital link between a trader and the markets, and even if binary options trading does not involve sending orders directly to the global liquidity pool, it does involve the basic concept of buying and selling. Binary options trading allows traders to take advantage of the short-term or long-term fluctuations in price without investing in the underlying asset. Therefore, binary options brokers play a significant role in ensuring that traders are offered the best opportunities to enjoy a consistent trading environment.

OptionBit has been around for a few years and can be considered as one of the oldest binary options trading companies in the industry. Even though the concept of binary options has been around since the dawn of the financial markets, modern day binary options trading, as we know it, has been around only for a few years. Therefore, OptionBit has evolved with all the changes that were witnessed in the market, but we take a closer look at how OptionBit provides its trading services and platforms to its clients.


OptionBit Broker Regulation & Company Headquarters

OptionBit is a binary options broker that has changed hands quite a few times throughout its history. OptionBit was initially launched in 2010 as a binary options brokerage, but the company has seen a few changes in its administration over the years. At one point, OptionBit was even regulated by the CySEC of Cyprus. As of late, OptionBit is owned and operated by Global View International Services Ltd., a company incorporated in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. St. Vincent & the Grenadines (SVG) is an established tax haven that promotes itself as a business-friendly nation that does not have any strict regulatory framework for financial companies.


SVG is an incredibly attractive investment destination for binary options brokers, and the country has witnessed an increased influx of financial companies over the past decade. Aside from its registration in SVG, OptionBit has also based its headquarters in the UK, but it should be mentioned that the company does not have any regulatory clearances from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK to indulge in any financial services. Regardless, OptionBit claims to offer its services to traders throughout the world without any limitations, and unlike its counterparts, the broker does cater to traders from the US and other regulated jurisdictions.


Even if we are apprehensive about the broker’s claims of offering its services to regulated jurisdictions, we do believe that its UK presence does give it a fair amount of credibility in the market where binary options brokers are petrified of disclosing their actual physical address to their traders. The St. Vincent & the Grenadines authorities are also working towards improving their regulatory conditions, in an attempt to ward off the negative reputation built up by fraudulent companies operating out of SVG. Therefore, we do expect OptionBit to abide by most of the international laws and guidelines that apply to the safe and honest operation of binary options brokers.


OptionBit Assets & Fees For Trading Of Underlying Instruments

It is vital for binary options brokers to offer the convenience of choosing from a wide variety of tradable instruments. Some brokers refrain from providing uninterrupted access to the global financial markets, but in the case of OptionBit, we are happy to report that the broker offers a choice of more than 200 instruments. As an OptionBit trader, you are given the opportunity to access underlying instruments from all over the world, and can even enjoy zero spread trading that is completely devoid of any hidden fees.

Traditionally, binary options brokers receive two price quotes for a single underlying instrument, which are known as the bid and ask prices. The difference between the bid and ask prices is referred to as the spread, and the spread can play a significant role in determining the outcome of a trade. However, at OptionBit, the broker has done away with the spreads, which results in a single price that is streamed from the most reliable quotes provider. To give you a better idea of all the assets that are available for trading at OptionBit, we have compiled the same for your reference:







OptionBit Payouts On Binary Options

OptionBit has predominantly offered four different types of binary options products. Traders can choose from the classic high/low option, also known as a Digital option, the Turbo option, the Touch option, and the Range option. The returns start from 60% for the digital options and can go all the way up to 220% for Touch options. However, to compare the payouts offered by OptionBit against the industry standards, we will take a look at the more traditional high/low option. The broker provides a maximum of 80% ROI for in-the-money trades, but the average figure is close to 65%. In comparison, the average industry payout is 85%, and traders are even offered up to 95% returns per trade at other competing brokerages.


The company also enables its users to earn refunds for its out-of-the-money trades, which guarantees up to 20% returns at the expense of a reduction in the payout. Traders have the convenience of choosing a refund anywhere from 5% to 20%, and the payout is determined by the refund as chosen by the trader. The refund feature is only offered for Digital options, as all other options result in either a fixed profit or an entire loss of investment. The touch options ROI at 220% is also considerably lower than the payouts offered by other brokers that may reach up to 500% for in-the-money trades.


OptionBit requires its clients to invest a minimum of $10 per trade, while the maximum investment is set at $3000. The minimum investment is slightly higher than the traditional investment of $1 at other brokers, while the highest limit of $3000 is higher than the $1500 set by other companies. Traders have the option of extending their options before the expiry times, and can also close their options at early profit or loss by paying a nominal fee. The broker has provided all the information about modifying trades and the costs incurred for every option through its trading platform.


OptionBit Trading Interface

OptionBit has certainly brought some interesting aspects of trading into its trading platforms and has developed unique tools that provide added flexibility to trading. The broker provides a modified version of the TradeLogic binary options trading platform as the standard trading terminal, and the platform is designed as a standalone web trader interface for all binary options trading needs. The OptionBit platform has a convenient trading layout that provides all the information at an easy glance, which makes it easier for traders to get accustomed to the trading platform.

On top of the regular trading dashboard, users can also access the proprietary AlgoBit trading interface, which is a proprietary signals system developed by OptionBit from the ground up. The AlgoBit is available for all users of the OptionBit services and is indeed a great way of improving the trading results through professional assistance. Both interfaces work very well together and indeed provides an excellent trading platform for all OptionBit traders.



OptionBit Mobile Trading

OptionBit is available for download on the Google Play Store, and the App Store, which makes it convenient for traders to install the OptionBit mobile apps on their iOS or Android equipped smartphones and tablets. The OptionBit apps for mobile have all the required features to keep traders satisfied, and it is indeed easy and convenient to access the markets through OptionBit mobile trading platform. There aren’t any major issues to report as far as the performance and reliability are concerned.



OptionBit Minimum/Maximum Deposits & Funding Methods

OptionBit has a minimum deposit requirement of $250, while the broker accepts unlimited deposits. We don’t have any reasons to complain here, as the minimum deposit for most binary options brokers is indeed $250. However, there are exceptions to this case, as some brokers may be able to offer trading accounts for as little as $1. Funding an account is easy, as the broker supports online and offline payments through credit/debit cards, Skrill, UKash, QIWI Wallet, and bank wire transfer. All financial transactions are transmitted through secure online channels and are protected by the latest encryption technologies, which ensure safety against phishing and financial malpractices.

The company has specified a minimum withdrawal limit of $30 and does not impose any other limitations on withdrawals. Of course, withdrawals will only be processed once the trader sends in all the verifying documents and transacts the required volume to meet the bonus terms and conditions. Although the company handles all deposits instantly without any fees of transactions, withdrawals may be subjected to nominal costs as per the withdrawal method, and may also involve additional delays.


OptionBit Bonuses & VIP Programs

OptionBit offers up to 100% bonus for its clients, but the actual bonus amount may vary according to the investments. OptionBit does not offer a straightforward bonus scheme for its deposits, which means that traders can expect anywhere from 20% to 100% bonus on their deposits. There are three account options available for traders, which have varying levels of account benefits. The Mini and Standard account holders receive 30% and 50% bonuses, respectively, while gaining access to training sessions, one free withdrawal per month, and personal account managers. The company also offers a VIP account option for its account holders, which receives all the privileges such as higher bonus, better trading conditions, priority withdrawals, unlimited one-on-one training, and instant support from market experts. There is another high-end account known as the Diamond account, which requires an initial investment of $50,000, but receives more personal assistance and is usually reserved for high net-worth individuals.


OptionBit Demo Account Trading

OptionBit will not offer any demo account unless you ask for it. Even though the demo account is a stripped down version of the actual trading platform, traders will not be able to correctly analyse the actual performance and reliability of the trading platform. Instead of a free demo account, OptionBit has offered an open trade room, where traders can get a real-time walkthrough of the platform without signing up. The walkthrough interface allows users to experiment with different options and browse through the numerous products, but the platform falls short of actual trading. Brokers are responsible for offering a free demo account to its users, and we do recommend OptionBit to provide such an option in the near future.


OptionBit Customer Service Channels

Contacting the OptionBit customer support department is a convenient and reliable affair, as the broker offers multiple channels for communicating with its clients. OptionBit has offered the regular live chat feature for all traders, while there is also the option of a web contact form, phone number, and a callback request feature. The broker also encourages its clients and other traders to interact with the company through its social networking platforms, mainly through Facebook and Twitter. We are pretty impressed with the OptionBit customer service department and are satisfied with the overall professional attitude displayed by the company.


OptionBit Trading Resources & Training

OptionBit is similar in its approach towards trader training, as the company has created an extensive training program that is divided into different levels to cater to the various categories of account holders. The broker offers advanced charting options, webinars, personal account manager, one-on-one trading sessions, daily market review, video lessons, and eBooks for traders to gather comprehensive information about the binary options market. The company only offers its training materials to verified clients and is not readily available for regular website visitors.


OptionBit Verdict


  • Excellent choice of underlying financial instruments & binary options products.
  • Ability to modify trades and earn refunds for losing trades.
  • Reliable trading platform.
  • Good bonus structure for all traders.
  • Immaculate customer service through different customer support channels.


  • No free demo account for traders.
  • No regulatory information or license despite UK presence.
  • Payouts are not as high as other binary options brokers.



How To Register For An OptionBit Account?

Users can register for a trading account using an email address, and the broker does not ask for any other documents or payment information. You can begin trading by funding your account through any of the accepted payment methods.


What Is The Minimum Deposit Requirement?

Traders should deposit a minimum of $250 for a trading account.


Is OptionBit A Scam?

No, OptionBit is not a scam broker.


How Many Instruments Does The Broker Offer?

OptionBit offers more than 200 assets from the global financial markets.




78 Comments » for Optionbit Review
  1. Estelle Marion says:

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  2. Cecelia Pestana says:

    Is this company still in operation or have they closed their doors to trading. I have a lot of money on long term trades with them?

  3. Martin says:

    Mike/Michael Atkinson and the whole Optionbit team is a scam. This site has different pips when you put your trades,usually higher than what you saw just before putting in the trade. They will show you some very successful trades which is likely manipulated to be successful and then get you to put in more money. I lost $500 trading with them. Stay away from this scam!

    Ps: no trader in the world can make 100% successful trades but Optionbit account managers can when they trade with you. Makes you wonder why are they still working behind a phone if they are THAT successful.

    • Everton says:

      hmm last year I got 400% at this one, but was min. deposit, and make withdraw but no all, now im scared with all coments here o/

  4. Gina says:

    Stay away from OptionBit. Beware of Chris, Mike/Michael. Caught them lying a few times. Am making a police report soon to track these bastards down. Stole my money, they say they operate from europe/asia etc. once you ask them to video call you, they reject you. Do not even have the decency to use their actual faces as profile photos. Hence you know it’s a scam!

  5. Finlay says:

    I would like to join the discussion

  6. hon says:

    I started trading with OptionBit. I started by depositing min $250 but they sweet talked me into depositing $10000 as it would give me better chances of trading and I would have better ‘signals’ than ordinary $250 account. So I did. Couple of weeks later my account was moving very, very, very slowly, I wasn’t making much money and at one stage asked to withdraw and quit. Broker was extremely rude, started blaming me that it is all my fault as I wasn’t making myself more available so that we could trade. Yes, on one of our skype chats he literally told me that it is my fault I was not making more money. He ignored my willing to leave and passed me to somebody that traded all of my money so I didn’t have anything to withdraw and leave. That person then passed me to "recovery" person that was supposed to help me recover my loss. The way to recover was to deposit amount close to my loss and "recovery" person would carefully trade and made it possible for me. Very friendly, lovely person. Then when I didn’t respond to constant requests to deposit more money and wishing to withdraw and end this agony I was passed to "Money Maker Expert" that just lost all my money, all of it. I was left with more laughs and disdain and was despised.
    Steer clear of those people, they are unscrupulous and have goal to get as much money as they can from you but do not deliver.
    I am ashamed of what’s happened to me but I would like to make other people aware that Option Bit is nothing else but just another scam and to steer away as much s you can from them.

    • Phyll says:

      Why oh why didn’t I look for these reviews before I got scammed out of nearly Us$9000!!! Absolutely gutted. They sound so plausible and I was totally taken in. When I refused to put more in they got me to trade the whole amount "so that I got up to the necessary $50k quickly" – they deliberately lost it all including the profit I had supposedly already made. They are evil people and I just hope they get dealt similar treatment one day!! Patrick and Chris were the ones I was dealing with. Hope they rot in hell for what they’ve done to me and others

    • Cecelia Pestana says:

      sounds very similar to my experience but I was scammed even worse US$95000 all my life savings and I am a retiree aged 74…are they still operating I have tried for weeks to get through to someone but no one gets back to me….my tradets are Scott Reed & David (supposedly based in HongKong) It is difficult to really know where they operate moment its Gibraltar. then Cyprus then London
      Goodness knows where it will be next..their given phone numbers just ring no one answers them

  7. Mark says:

    I joined last month and traded using the auto pilot software. One of their agent assisted me named Sheena M. She’s really niceand helpful. At first I lost 4 trades for the first day but after contacting her on skype she taught me basic trading and encourage to try on Non farm payroll and yes I made 50$ profit not big but really happy with the result. In my 250$ investment now it is 376$ and really happy with the result. Thank you for the help.

  8. Kay says:

    What the difference between and

  9. Des says:

    I joined optionbir before 3 weeks. At the time of joining I was told that I can withdraw my deposit at any time if my paperwork was in order. After 1 week a made good profit and wanted to withdraw only my deposit and keep the profit. After 5 days waking days it was approved and was send to my account manager Andrea Taylor. I did not get paid and send support an email. Support referred me back to Andrea where she assured me that I will be paid the next day. When the next day started she refused to pay me if I did not take some more trades. The senior analyst Harvey called me and wanted to make 8 trades of $5000 each. I made only 2, one $1000 and one $500, both was lost. The blame was put on me with a reason that I manipulated the trades. My money was not returned to me at the end of working day 7. They came with a new story that the money cannot be paid as this can be money laundering and I need to make equal trades as the amount put in to disprove this. I send in my credit cart statement to prove that it is not money from laundering and did not get any feedback. I am reading good and bad things about option bit. I hope I will get my investment back and I will keep you updated, as Andrea told me that she is not a monster and that her word is good.

  10. Matthew says:

    Please beware of Optionbit. It is a big scam. Fortunately I have made only £250 deposit before doing my research to discover their inhuman financial actrocity. They take advantage innocent people who work hard to earn living. Please let us all increase our voices so that more innocent people do not fall into their trap. They are forcing me to make more deposit until I told them they can force me to act or make decision for myself. It is my money…. it is my rules! As I am writing here, I can’t have access to my account. And my Account Manager had deleted me from his contact. Please Beware!!! A word is enough for the wise!!!

  11. Jodee L says:

    It is definitely a scam. Once you sign up they harass you with phone calls constantly at all hours one night I had 15 missed calls. Then they ask for Identification to verify your account which is ok but I was told they can’t accept my license as it had certain detail blacked out. I told them I was scared of identity theft so didn’t want to provide my signature. And then once I told them that the phone calls stopped and the $250 I deposited has very quickly been lost from the account. Do not sign up to optionbit or copy buffet software!

  12. Everton says:

    hmm strange this broker is blacklisted, to me all normal maybe becouse I maked only one withdraw request and low value 650 usd, (up 250% profit), I will try again from 50 usd lets see LOL

  13. Mary says:

    A Scam. Do not risk it. They take your money before telling of all the tricks they have to make it impossible to withdraw funds. They want so many of your details that they could do anything with your card details, none of this is mentioned before you pay them. Option bit, just like the old Boiler room scamsters.

  14. dave says:

    wish i saw this before they scamed my last 250 quid,now im totally broke ,dont bother with any of it

  15. shazza says:

    Is this what is called a PONZI site where the business does not actually exist but they take your money and pretend they are doing trades. This is what happened to me. I have been blatantly conned and the amount just disgusts me. these guys need taking out of trading completely as they give them a bad name

  16. Alex Smith says:

    Please do not join Optionbit, they are a bunch of thieves. I also had a bad experience with Steve and a guy called Lewis. They had no idea what they were doing. Obviously no experience and shocking service. Best advice, STAY AWAY FROM Optionbit, also no after service whatsoever.

    • Emile says:

      Lewis screwed me out of $710 which I made trading on my own. He called and said he was giving a lesson and told me to make certain trades and lost all my money. So yeah stay away from option bit if you’re already in it do your own manual trading .

  17. Riccardo says:

    Hi, unfortunately me and my partner have opened 2 accounts with them. We are continually making capital withdrawal requests filed by us (not gains ) and OPTIONBIT rejects the withdrawals. According to their terms and conditions , OptionBit not restrict traders from making withdrawals during periods when they have not yet met of trading volume requirements related to their bonuses . Therefore , please note that if you request a withdrawal during this period , the entire bonus amount ( including any profit generated by the time you received
    the bonus ) will be lost . In these cases , the bonus amount will be deducted from your remaining account balance , and then you will be free to manage the balance in your account , as seen in shape.
    WE WANT TO WITHDRAW OUR MONEY (NOT PROFITS AND NOT BONUS) was deposited. Someone can help us?

    • Pat says:

      Forget it once you deposit you won’t get it back I deposited 1000 and I didn’t make a single trade I just asked for my deposit back they never got back to me it’s been almost a year

  18. Coleen de la Querra says:

    Please be very weary of Optionbit. They are extremely dishonest. When i registered and paid my $250, I was assured that an account manager would call me soon afterwards to assist me with the start up. This never happened and by the following late afternoon, I still had not received any assistance. So I emailed them and requested a second time and also asked them to send me the software while I was waiting for this supposed account manager. They sent the software and as I logged on to my account, I could see my deposit decreasing. From $250 it decreased to $110. Gear in mind I had not traded at all. I immediately emailed them and asked the reason and I was told that the software was activated. I requested that the software be deactivated immediately of which I received an email confirming that this was done. The following day, I still had not heard from an account manager and my deposit decreased even further to $94. By this time, I had already sent 5 emails questioning them about my deposit and no assistance whatsoever. They do not have a very reliable live chat, as you are continously advised they a they are off working hours and will call you back. This never happens. This was the worst experience and i cannot get hold of anyone. They do not reply to your emails or call you back as promised. Optionbit should be blacklisted as they provide no service and they deliberately steal your money.

    • Pat says:

      I learned the hard way don’t deal with brokers that are not in your country if they are not local they are scammers any option broker that is not local or regulated by CYSEC is a scam nobody will help you

    • Pat says:

      CYSEC is a scam also that’s what I ment

  19. dessy says:

    rasheed who are you working with??

  20. Jerry d says:

    im wrking with a broker now there

    he told me the same thing like banc de binary and some others that you need to put 5k in order to start working and thats what i did, so far i am in profit of 3k and im doing a test withdrawal, of 2k so everything seems fine

  21. Rasheed says:


    I invested $25,000 U.S with Optionbit over a year ago, so far I have withdrawn more than that amount and my account still has a relatively large balance in it.

    If you want I can recommend to you which of the account managers to use

    • Marco says:

      What account Manager did you use?

    • Pat says:

      Bullshit don’t listen to this idiot he works for them option bit is a scam

    • Svetlozar Metodiev says:

      Hi and Greetings,
      I am about to open an account with Optionbit,so I will be greatful,if you
      recommend a reliable account menager.
      Thanks in advance!

    • Cecelia Pestana says:

      Dont even think about joining this bunch of thieves..u will loose all your money

    • Affi says:

      Hi Rasheed can you tell me the manager name. I opened an account and deposit more than 6000£ all things working fine and i make 15000£ untill i requested to withdraw just 2000£. They said ok we make it double than you can withdraw 10000£. They put all my money in just 2 trades and they both failed and i lost all the money. After that they just gone and didn’t reply my msgs. I worked with Joshua And his manager Sam.
      I hate them for this manipulation.
      Can you tell me the right manager please?

  22. steven says:

    If you have money to waste, join optionbit. I joined with R2500.00. I made some good trades up to R3500.00. After a week I made a withdrawal request of R1000.00. My withdrawal was rejected and up to now no one responds to my email and my money is gone. Be warned about optionbit.

  23. Sam says:

    Tried OptionBit to see the broker with small amount. Just today I witnessed while trading USD/JPY on PUT from the beginning of the candle as I do usually for a very short time of 30 sec. The closing time window was green and stopped at just 3 sec left. It all was showing that I was being on profit side and I was sure on it… the candle was red and on my side too… Eventually I even was late and opened the trade at 106.266. The candle was red and below the Open Price rate which was 106.264. But completely got surprised when I saw that I lost the trade at the rate of 106.267! After making some analysis I come to conclusion that the rate was just changed at least for .003… The account manager Evgeniy was very insistive from the beginning to deposit me at least $10K. I said I need to see first. Few minutes after he wrote me on SKYPE: “Are you off now and stop your trading career?” I suggested this saying of him rather being rude and said that all things on me and I decide myself what to do. I noticed him that such an attitude not showing the trust to the company. He wished me “luck” then stired up my SKYPE account from his… Such a small experience of mine but very proven that better stay away from the OptionBit. They play the rates.

  24. Sam says:

    Playing rates

  25. Graeme says:

    Optionbit, seem to think that its OK to ignore a customer request for contact as my credit card was debited multiple times within 2 hours and then “someone” requested a password change. Ive tried to contact and get them to investigate and refund but no answer. Thanks Optionbit. Cant get an honest job so just steal. Your mothers must be so proud and your ancestors crying in their graves at the shame you bring on them.

    • mark says:

      Unfortunately the same happened to me. They would not return the money unless I signed the form they sent. That same day their annalist managed to lose all of it with bad trades that never looked like coming in. Very foolish of me to trust their judgement.

  26. majid says:

    i think option bit is good because i withdraw money last 3 years ago they send me in 4 to 7 days and i want to go
    back to optionbit

  27. Maggie Reynolds says:

    Signed up as an experiment. I come from forex and heard a lot about binary. Decided to go with OptionBit (for whatever reason). Turned out to be a great choice, or just luck… I’m not sure really…. but a basically doubled my small $200 deposit, withdrew it then quit. I was satisfied with the experiment and have since redeposited. Now I’m trading with one of their brokers and he seems to know what he’s doing. He has helped me build my account more than I could have hoped for. I’ve been getting that extra boost from them to progress as a trader. I didn’t care about this at all when I signed up. Now, I devote the majority of my week to it. If you sign up, ask for Harvey.

    • Pat says:

      Lol BULL SHIT Go suck a stinky Dick Harvey

    • Philip Giles says:

      Harvey lost 5 out of 6 trades for me, Now trying to get my money back out Oh look there is a flying pig. Stay well away from this crooked lot. especially Andrea Taylor I lost $5000

  28. Allan Colburn says:

    Been trading with OptionBit for over a year now. I started as a newbie, but found some of the educational materials offered by the company and have been making much progress. Most of the trading I do is on my own, but sometimes I get some tips from my account manager. I’ve learned a lot from the webinars offered at OptionBit. They are very clear and to the point. After 3 months of trading, I started making monthly withdrawals for some extra spending money. This little side gig has really helped with a lot of my expenses. My experience with OptionBit so far: excellent! Allan Colburn

    • Pat says:

      Anybody reading these positive comments don’t fall for it the people writing this bullshit are the same people that work there and the other sites that give them 5 stars were created by the same people that own option bit to make it easier for them to scam people

  29. tallman says:

    optionbit should be black listed as they stole my money and asking deposit again

  30. Claire says:

    Option bit manipulate prices I started with british option after I found this out . They do not manipulate prices and and let me withdraw easily.

  31. Gerald says:

    I joined optionbit and did some trades and lost some of my initial deposits. If I’m going to deactivate my account at optionbit now, can I redeem the remaining balance of my initial deposit?

  32. cyril says:

    boss capital are they scam

  33. FOAG says:

    Has anyone heard of OptionXL…please I would love to know about them…I’m in Nigeria

  34. Esther Benard says:

    I put 5 months ago money by Bancde Options, now I try for almost 5 weeks to take money out. I don’t see one euro! They don’t respond on emails and complaints… have someone the experience with Bancde Options?… what can I do to get my money?

    • Hans Didrik Walstad says:

      Banchde Option is 100% a scam. You will never see a dime. They suddenly changed the language to Chinese and in a few weeks all the accounts were in 0.

  35. Jim Andersson says:

    Watch out for BForBinary. They STEAL your money. We invested around Euro 200,000 made almost 200,000, and now they don’t pay out ANYTHING!! You can’t reach them on their UK phone number and they don’t answer any of our emails anymore. They have even sold our name and account details so now lots of other Binary Options company are calling us and saying “Sorry to hear that you lost a lot of money”. WE MADE MONEY but BFORBINARY refuse to pay us anything. THEY ARE REALLY SCUMS.

    • Ekaterina says:

      But this is OptionBit post, How are they attached to it?

    • Pat says:

      They are all scammers don’t open any accounts if they are not in your country if you want to trade open an account with your local bank if your in Canada you open with TD Canada trust as long as it’s local

  36. NGUYEN says:

    I’m a victim of the Optionbit. anyone can help me to get my money back?
    I have funded 500AUD and claim 150% bonus (the bonus is not redeemable). After 2 weeks very success trading, my account balance was 6990 AUD, and the turnover I have traded fulfilled the requirement for withdraw fund. I have submitted a withdrawal request for 6950 AUD, but they decided to close my trading account and transferred 3048.6 AUD to my Netteler account only.
    They told me that I have used abusive trading patterns, so they took almost 4000 AUD from my account.
    I have never used abusive trading patterns (never use any kind of robots, trading systems) as they told me. I have sent them emails to give me proof of using abusive trading patterns, but they never reply to me.
    Please help me to get my money back from them
    Thank you

    • bart says:

      Hi NGUYEN I want contact with you about OPTIONBIT.

      Thank you

    • NGUYEN says:

      Hi Bart, I have tried to give you my contact details, but admin of this site hide all the details, I do not know how to give you my contact details

    • Denis says:

      NGUYEN , What is your real name?

    • Denis says:

      OptionBit discovered that you were abusing the system.
      You at first invested 500 AUD and made a substantial profit. Afterwards you decided to misuse and abuse OptionBit.
      As it mentions in terms and conditions you yourself signed, OptionBit is allowed to suspend and close your account anytime needed if there is fact suspicious and abusive activity.
      Instead of closing your account completely, OptionBit gave you your honest winnings – 3048.6 AUD, and then suspended your account.
      You yourself acknowledged that you received your profits, which includes your investment plus an additional 500%.
      OptionBit will be glad to hear your apology and will forgive you for calling it a fraud.

    • dave says:

      Stating he abused etc without stating what he did makes you look worse than not reponding, I wouldn’t use your service ever.

    • Denis says:

      Let me tell you this, We are not revealing the abuse problem due to few problems, We save our clients information to our self, We are very district about it.
      Secondly, We wouldn’t want somebody else would have abused by the same abuse was used here.
      We are guarding our fellow brokers as well.
      About you awful comment, I’m pretty sure you posted this comment by mistake, So we will not pay attention to it.

    • Pat says:

      Awful comment hahaha you vagina the reason people are posting these comments is because your the awful scum sucking maggot that scams people out of their money why don’t you comment on the people posting about how you fucked them out of their deposit without making a trade and never getting back to their emails fuck face as long as option bit is around and other bullshit brokers I will keep posting and commenting forever and if you Fuckers are in Cyprus I hope you get eaten by a big ass fucking shark the next time you go swimming you ass muncher

    • NGUYEN says:


      As I have mentioned many times via emails to your company that I have never abusing trading patterns (I traded manually myself, no any kind of robots, trading systems…), can you explain what is “abusing the system”? how can I “abusing the system”?
      If you can not show me the proof, you are actually scammer. If you are not a scammer, please say apology to me and send me the rest 4150AUD (not only 3048.6AUD)


    • Geral says:


      Are you a staff of optionbit? Can I get a refund of my initial deposit if I decided to deactivate my account in optionbit?

    • pat says:

      apology hahaha you fucking scammers if I new where you were I would hang you from the tallest tree and burn you alive with the rest the people that work for option bit

    • Pat says:

      Option bit is a fraud there I said it you dirty cock sucker you fucked a lot of people karma is a bitch you’ll get what’s coming to you

    • says:

      Hi NGUYEN,

      I deposited 1250USD. They promised me VIP trades and training. in a few hours they lost everything. Now they want more. Check name and change for details


    • Flicker says:

      A very strange situation, really. I would rather say very strange comments at all. They smells lilke competitors’ ones. I have been trading with OptionBit for several years (since 2013) and yes, I have seen some strange moments (reduce of return, for example, but it hapens to all brokers, as far as I know). However, Ive never met such a notice like abusive patterns. The only abusive pattern you may use is to hack their platform:) But in this case you will never get your money back, to tell the truth. And this is the case of every broker, if you hack their platform.

  37. Anesh says:

    I put in $200 as a minimum deposit and each trade is $10. I followed the advice on the video and lost 2 trades. The guys are hounding me to deposit more money into the trading account for me to ‘begin really making money.’ think I will keep my money in the bank.

  38. wael says:

    i really confused ,i signup yesterday with an account ,i deposit $100 but after i read here and in another sites ,i really felt confuse ,,so my question is the OptionBit(dot)com is a Scam or no?so please some one say me Scam or no?

    • Pat says:

      Scam use your local banks to trade option trading is bullshit especially if the broker is not in your country

  39. JAMES says:


  40. Dibasi says:

    Something feel fishy trading here. Make trades look like winners end up losers. Disgust with myself trading large amount here.

  41. Rdobbs says:

    Ripoff!!! I started out doing awesome winning over $1000. Later all my trades lost! I think they hook you early to get you addicted then rig the traders against you later. Save your money!!

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