Porter Finance (PorterFinance.com) Review

PorterFinance - USA BrokerPorter Finance is a London-based binary options broker founded in 2014. While they are not regulated, they have excellent features and are already establishing a sterling reputation. A wide variety of different trades, a wealth of learning materials, and a beautifully designed website all make them a broker to consider.

  • Official Website: https://www.porterfinance.com/
  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Phone number: +44-2035192532 (domestic numbers available around the globe)
  • USA traders no longer accepted 9/14/15! (SpotOption platform leaves the US market and forces all of their operators to do the same)
  • .
  • Trading platform: SpotOption

Is Porter Finance (Porterfinance.com) a Scam?

In a word, no! Even though they are not regulated, this broker demonstrates a strong understanding of regulatory laws, as well as a commitment to stay compliant. You may have noticed that most brokers fall into one of two categories: regulated without accepting USA traders, or not regulated and accepting USA traders.

Here is what Porter Finance says in their terms and conditions:

“USA citizens are restricted on this trading platform from trading currencies and commodities due to U.S. regulation by the CFTC.”

This is a clear and correct understanding of the CFTC guidelines for USA traders trading binary options! Most brokers flat out misinterpret this or behave as if they are completely unaware of it. USA traders can legally trade binary options, and Porter Finance is respecting USA laws while allowing USA traders access to their services. It is so great to see a broker that actually understands regulatory concerns. This is quite rare! So no, Porter Finance is definitely not a scam! Of course it is always wise to read what other traders have to say here.

Deposit Info – Porter Finance Minimum Deposit

Easy sign-up process makes taking the first steps easy.

Fast account registration makes taking the first steps quick and easy.

  • Get started with just $200.
  • Deposit methods: Credit or debit card, wire transfer, NETELLER.
  • Trade in USD, UR, GBP, AUD, or CAD.

What do you need to know about deposits and withdrawals? There are $30 fees for wire transfers, which is pretty much the industry standard, so this is to be expected. Your first withdrawal of the month is free, but after that, there are additional $30 fees (this is also not unusual, even if it is a bit annoying). The minimum withdrawal threshold for credit and debit card transactions is only $30, which is much lower and more reasonable than the typical $100. The only drawback? If you want to withdraw more money than you deposited through your credit or debit card or electronic payment system, you have to use a wire transfer and pay the fee.

While you are opening your account, you will see the account tiers listed along the right-hand side of the page. While $200 is the minimum deposit, you will want to deposit at least $250 in order to obtain a Beginner Account, which includes a 30% bonus, weekly market reviews, and a trading eBook. A Standard Account is available if you deposit $750 or more. This comes with a 40% bonus, the same benefits as the Beginner Account, plus daily market reviews, Academy Membership, and a trading strategy.

Depositing $1,000 will get you an Executive Account, with a 75% bonus. You again get all of the previous benefits, plus VIP Academy Membership, three trading strategies, money management training, and 5 risk-free trades. If you have $100,000 or more to deposit, you can open a VIP Account with special benefits. As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to opening an account on this site. This broker seems very much invested in the success of their clients.

Types of Binary Options Available

There are so many different types of options to trade on Porter Finance! You can trade High/Low options, including Long Term and 60 Second options. You can also try your hand at One Touch trading, Pairs trading (where you profit on the relative performance of one asset vs. another), or Ladder trading. Ladder trading allows you to earn profits as high as 1500%! This is an excellent amount of variety; there really is something for everyone here.

Trading and Training Features at Porter Finance:

  • Trade on your Android or iOS mobile device. The links to the apps are right at the bottom of the porterfinance homepage.
  • Double up, rollover, and buy-me-out are all available to help you control your trades.
  • Trade as little as $10 or as much as $2,500.
  • Social trading. Follow trades by others on the website.
  • While there is sadly no demo account on this site, you can still use risk-free trades with a qualifying account.
  • There are plenty of training resources available to traders!

What Products Can You Trade on Porter Finance?






FTSE 100 (UK)
S&P 500 (US)

Final Thoughts on Porter Finance

Porter Finance is one of the most exciting binary options brokers we have stumbled across in quite some time. Is this site perfect? With no demo account and a few withdrawal terms that are a bit restrictive, there is no way to say “yes” to that, but then again, we have never encountered a perfect broker before. Porter Finance is however as close to perfect as anything we have seen. The withdrawal terms are not ideal, but they are much better than most. There are plenty of training materials and programs available to traders at all account levels. You can participate in numerous different types of trades, so there are a lot of ways you can make money with Porter Finance. The website is thorough and provides comprehensive, easy-to-locate information on a wide array of topics. Reading through it, we had very few questions. If you do have questions, though, Porter Finance’s customer service team is standing by.

In short, this is an excellent broker to trade with, whether you are located in or outside the USA. It is refreshing to find a broker that understands CFTC laws and is striving to be compliant, and it makes their unregulated status far less of a concern than it would normally be. This broker is making the extra effort to offer top-shelf services to customers, and we highly recommend you check them out!

Trader Reviews And Ratings of PorterFinance

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  1. Mike Schillinger says:

    Sign me up also!!

  2. Christine Brown says:

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    Skype ID: warnerbinaryoptions
    and you will be glad you contacted

  3. Daryl says:

    Sign me up as I am out several thousand dollars… how much do they want before litigation?

  4. guest says:

    Honestly, isn’t there something that can be done? They have us sign agreements to cover their butts, and they can just disappear without consequence? Surely there has to be some accountability. I lost gobs of money with them that they directed me, ahem, let me clarify, vigorously pleaded with me to invest with all sorts of promises. They went against their own recommendations for money management and investing only a small percentage of a balance–instead advising me to invest all. I managed to keep a relatively smaller balance but now have no access to it as they are closed and unavailable for comment. Where is the humanity, accountability and justice in this?

  5. Timothy says:

    Porter will not return my money i have been going through this for a year one minute its wait and then there telling me i can’t get my money what can i do

  6. David says:

    Heads up everybody, Porter finance is a fraud entity run by bunch of Israeli crooks and criminals. It has been almost one full year since they are refusing to refund my remaining balance of about $200. Over 50 emails and chat sessions and still nothing! I have contacted several attorneys but unfortunately since the amount in question is small they are not willing to accept the case unless there are many more individuals in the same situation and we can bring an action against them. For now please spread the word and discourage others to open accounts and do business with these crooks and frauds. I originally opened an account with them after attending a webinar a year ago and this broker was recommended back then. Huge mistake. Hope my post can prevent others from falling into the same trap. The amount of time and stress spent is unbelievable I am sure some of you understand. Great day everyone.

    • Timothy says:

      They did the same to me. it like they were given some type of immunity from prosecution, they have blatantly robbed me and i am angry furious to the point of violence against the heads of this scam. is there anything that can be done

  7. Ven says:

    My withdrawal is pending from 4 months and they initially said due to technical difficulties it is delayed, now they stopped responding to my emails. BIG SCAM. Do Not Invest. I can show the proof on how they are cheating people.

  8. SCOTT says:

    US citizens are prohibited from trading currencies and commodities on the site yet they apply dormant fees anyway. They tell you to trade on the site even though it is unlawful. Now they say you can trade stocks which were just made available in the last few days. These guys are suck scumbags!!! I am speaking to a London based attorney now.

    • David James says:

      Tell your attorney that Porter is now charging me dormant fees and wont send me back my initial deposit. Porter added the Dormant fees after I signed the agreement.

  9. Guest says:

    I invested into the Porter Finance group. After a period, I was wanting to withdraw my money. They said that I couldn’t because I hadn’t verified my account. I had emailed my documents and uploaded on a number of occasions. Each month now they withdraw an amount of my money as a "dormant fee". They do not answer calls and leave no option to leave a message. The number listed in my country is invalid. The chat always says they are busy. No one gets back to me. DON’T DO IT. It’s just not worth it.

  10. Mr Help says:

    leave your email

  11. rob says:

    i had a 100 dollars left in my account and now when i logged in it says zero ….:x

  12. E Harris says:

    Total Scam. Many people are trying to recover what is left in their account and have been trying for many months.
    These people are criminals and should be dealt with with harshly.

  13. Ven says:

    Do NOT invest with Porter Finance. My withdrawal is pending from 4 months. Initially they said, due to technical difficulties it is delayed but now they stopped responding to emails. BE CAREFUL.

  14. SCOTT says:


  15. adam says:

    leave your email here

  16. Paul says:

    Tom Weems, please share with all of us on how to get our money back. I have been trying for so long now that I’ve been charged an inactivity fee. Giving Porter Finance money has been the biggest mistake I made in 2016.

  17. Tom Weems says:

    If you are working with this broker, you have been scammed. Ask me how to get your money back.

  18. Scott says:

    Worst decision I made was to invest money in this company. They are horribly managed, customer service is a total joke, they have a high rate of employee turnovers hence the fact I have been thru 4 acct managers in the last 8 mos.
    The acct managers I do get are impossible to get ahold of, respond to email 3-4 days later if your lucky. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this company.

  19. L.Keyes says:

    Hey, I am fond of Porter Finance, because these guys improved my financial situation drastically. I was truly down at those times financially, got into debts, and was almost broke. I turned to binary options as my last resort. Thanks god, I came across Porter Finance broker, who first gave me hope, then gave me knowledge how to trade. Armed with the information about trading strategies that Porter Finance gave me, plus different tips they so kindly provided me with, I started to try trading. Boy, was I nervous! I could not afford to lose money, you see. But slowly I succeeded in making profits. Not large, but in my situation then everything helped. Now I am much happier. Most importantly, I have paid almost all my debts thanks to Porter Finance and their employees. A bit more time and patience, I think I will be clean of debts. Then I will be able to start breathing freer and will begin saving money for myself, not for others.

    • Ven says:

      Did you ever try to withdrawal the profits? If yes, then show the proof. My profile withdrawal is pending from 4 months. I can show the proof.

  20. Paul says:

    Porterfinance doesnt pay, i made a withdrawal 2 month ago and its still pending and dont answer my emails please advice people dont fall in this broker

  21. Kurt says:

    I am here to support Porter Finance. They’re a good broker for they are serious, trustworthy and very professional.

    • Ven says:

      Words are easy to say. Show the proof how good they are.. I can show proof how they stopped the widthdrawal.

    • Nanette Conant says:

      Really? You are a big fat liar. We’ve had nothing but one stall after another. They are quick to take your money but have a million reasons why they can’t give it back. Scamsters!!

  22. Lyle Cunningsworth says:

    I deposited 70,000 and lost 20k…I was pissed and spoke to several other customers w similar issue…in the end i requested the bomus be removed and was able to Withdraw in a few installments. Was faster than getting money from an old wells fargo account i once had so dont lose sleep they pay out

  23. Dwight Freyou says:

    Porter Finance, Conservative Investor, is absolutely the worst decision I had ever made. Being unemployed and looking at being able to bring in some monthly $$ just to survive, my broker had convince me to invest practically my last $5000 and I would be able to withdraw $5000 a month beginning at end of the month. Well, it’s been three months and I am nowhere near able to withdraw $1 much less $5000. Then I have been through three brokers, the first showed me making money but after two weeks not a word from the broker. At three weeks they contacted me saying she was no longer employed with them and gave me another broker who only lost money! Then another broker contacted me, after about a month, saying the second broker had received a promotion, highly unlikely seeing his performance, so I started trading with the third broker who convinced me to invest my last $$, see above, and then low and behold I was unable to get any contact from this broker. Apparently he had some sort of personal problems and I was left with no trading or contacts for over two months. Now that I’m out of money and unable to make any more deposits he seems content to keep putting me off. They had persuaded me to invest $25k and after three months I only have $13k in the broker account. Fantastic returns huh? I finally received a call from the “Supervisor”, he sounded exactly like the second broker I had that made absolutely no money, and he said he would take care of the problem and I would be happy with their decision. He said he would call back the next day but, it actually took him a week to call back! When he did he said if I invested another $5000 he would guarantee I could start withdrawing funds each month. Hmmmm, that’s exactly what they said the first time! Imagine that! When I told him I had no more funds he said OK and he would call back tomorrow to start trading but, that’s been three weeks ago now and no calls!
    If you do decide to invest with Porter Finance, Conservative Investor, be sure to read everything before signing any documents because at the bottom of the page you will see that you will have to have a balance 40 TIMES the bonus’s they are so eagerly wanting to give you before you are able to withdraw anything. The problem with that is you have to make the deposit FIRST before getting any documents to sign! My suggestion, DON’T INVEST WITH THEM!

  24. Karen Van der Merwe says:

    I have asked for a withdrawal of USD 11 500. They have technical difficulties and cannot pay out my monies. I am now going to the FBI as well as Scotland Yard as I am in desperate need of my monies……


  25. Dan says:

    Don’t go with Porter, been trying to get a withdraw from them for 4 months now and have been giving me the run around…if anyone knows a secret about getting the money out let me know. For now I’m going to go to as many sites as I can to discredit them…they are horrible.

  26. Floyd Hammond says:

    I just deposited $200 and what a hassle to get account approved, seemed unusual since they already had my money what difference it make if my Bank Statement was 6 month old, it had all the info they needed. After reading all this negative stuff about Porter Financial, I’m out.I been involved in far too many scams like this before and they all folded.

  27. Jim Essman says:

    If you invest with Porter don’t ever expect to get your money back if you have over 100K invested. They will give you the run around and change brokers. They will continue to lie to you and tell you that your broker is going to move to Germany to open an account. When they send you a letter stating that you will be able to pull your money out in three months it is a LIE.

  28. Pagani says:

    Hey guys I tried withdrawaling my account balance from Porter Finance recently and to be honest, they haven’t pay me at all. I highly recommend you guys don’t trade with Porter Finance. The new update looks nice but don’t be fooled when it comes to withdrawal.

  29. Joshua says:

    I had profits sent…just didnt use the brokers..they pay out if you send your withdrawal docs.

  30. Doug W says:

    Don’t believe any positive word you read about Porter Finance. Their traders are careless with your money and loose more than the win. It is impossible to get money back from them. Run from Porter don’t give them money, don’t let them bully you into depositing more money so that they can experiment with it, then lose it. If you have money with them just try and get some back. You won’t, it is impossible. They are complete SCAM artists RUN RUN RUN

  31. James says:

    I received profits from porter after 3 weeks. I’m guessing like any company they don’t like withdrawals, I just demanded a manager, and they had him call me the next day who made it happen.

  32. Pete zab says:

    I got my withdrawal and profits…took a few weeks but they seemed ok to me

  33. Dave says:

    They will not allow a withdrawal of money and no phone app at this time. Not a very good broker

  34. Bruce says:

    They will not let me withdrawal my money .

  35. Pedro says:

    I have been trying to withdraw my money for 8 weeks now, without success. They reply to my emails but I keep being told "we are having technical difficulties". My advice would be keep clear of Porter Finance.

  36. Jessica says:

    Been trying for 4 months to get my profits out – no bonus taken to lock it in. I got my $250 deposit back on the credit card but submitting a wire withdrawal is a dead end, keep getting replies my file was passed to another department. Customer service says it’s still pending. Accounting says they wired it, yet can’t prove it. 3 brokers called to ask for more money and when I ask about the withdrawal pending for months he hung up on me.

  37. Paul says:

    I wish I had read these post prior to opening an account with Porter. If I had, there is no way I would have given them any money. Those who say Porter Finance isn’t a scam obviously haven’t ever tried to withdraw funds from them. I have been trying to get a withdrawal processed for nearly 4 months now and the only things I’ve received are excuses.

  38. Dennis lane says:

    I have repeatedly tried to get 44,999 withdrawn and close my account for about six months. I have no reservations on the money. They will not even respond to me! I believe they will eventually pay since I have been told USA citizens are protected and regulated. They may claim not to know about it. I will let you know what happens but be careful!!

  39. jjbaird says:

    Stay far away from this company. They are a scam, crooks and they will steal you blind. Once your account is open, Porter Finance assumes the money belongs to them I opened an account in February 2016 with $200. Every review below I agree with 100%. They hounded me about adding more funds. When I didn’t they hung up in anger. They teased me with quick profits to try to get me to deposit large sums of money. Bullied me when I refused to do so. When I requested to close the entire account and return all funds, they REFUSED TO CLOSE THE ACCOUNT AFTER OVER A DOZEN WRITTEN AND VERBAL REQUESTS. The account remains open. Porter Finance has refused to close the account after two months of requests. I’m afraid of being charge annual fees or having my credit card hit for more funds. I have complained to every regulatory body but have not been helped. I’m going to now ask Scotland Yards to investigate them for theft of client assets. Everyone working for Porter Finance need to be arrested and thrown in jail for a long term.

  40. jkharris says:

    they are totally unethical. Brokers induce clients to invest large sums of money with promises of personal trading and insured trades that cannot lose money. Only problem is once there is a lost the company says "what insurance" you did not sign a form…broker never mentioned that! Try to negotiate thru the situation and send multiple e-mails saying if waive rights to insurance I will be able to withdraw funds from my account on a date certain without any restriction. Company acts on the settlement proposal and then date certain hits refuse to process withdrawal saying there are unfulfilled trading requirements. At same time broker goes missing/off-line after recommending trades that result in $30,000 in losses knocking account balance below amount of pending withdrawal requests…of which broker was fully aware.

  41. Shelley Decker says:

    I’ve been trying for 3 months to withdraw the money I put in but because of signing a risk free trade that the paperwork said was for one risk free trade I couldn’t get my money back. The paperwork didn’t indicate that this was an ongoing thing that you would be FORCED to accept the bonus and then have to trade $200,000 to get it back. Everyone was telling me different things. My broker said they would send back all my money. That never happened. I got back $15000 of my money, but the whole affair COST ME $20,000. Stay away from this company.

  42. Shelley Decker says:

    Be very careful. Don’t take any risk free trades; you’ll never get your money out.

    • JKHarris says:

      I totally agree. I made a $5k USD deposit and the broker said great lets put that in a long term 30 day oil contract and don’t worry its insured. Of course it turns out a loser and then it’s "what insurance?" "what risk free trade?" Supposedly worked a compromise i.e. trading with broker to make up loss but then when it came time to withdraw funds it was minimum of 2 days to process & since there were 2 funds sources they treated each withdrawal request as a separate transaction so 4 days to process before it even gets into the 7 business days to go from their account to mine. If they are not a scam they are, at the very least, not ethical

    • Bruce says:

      Have any of you hired a lawyer to get your money back . It sounds like we need to close this Co. Down and have them fined .

    • Dwight Freyou says:

      I contacted an attorney but with Porter Finance based in London its a no go! Maybe I will contact Scottland Yard too!

  43. Gunner Hardy says:

    This is not a good company. The withdrawals are not processed. Essentially after 2 months they still cannot process my withdrawal. They told me 1 month ago, they were experiencing “technical difficulties” and they were unable to at the time. Little did I know they are not regulated and essentially your money is stuck. Do not use this broker.

    Date Amount Transaction Status Method
    14/06/2016 18:18:58 $49.00 WITHDRAWAL PENDING
    24/05/2016 17:49:44 $150.00 WITHDRAWAL PENDING
    20/05/2016 18:51:09 $50.00 WITHDRAWAL PENDING

  44. Pagani says:

    Actually it’s not a SpotOption broker, its PandaTS platform. They must of updated that platform and made it different from the others.

  45. Cody says:

    Am thinking of trying out. Having mixed feelings about it now after reading all the comments. Starting to sound like a too good to be true scenario.

  46. Experience appalling. Conned out of 200 quid , which was lost in about 5 trades by a senior trader in Johannesburg.
    If this is an average experience with a provider that you seem to approve of, then this industry is in the gutter!

  47. Karen Dorrance says:

    can i buy Fevertree on the London market?

  48. Juan Lara says:

    Tried to take winnings. Didn’t accept any bonuses but they still won’t release my winnings 1.5 months since I requested. They will call you to try and get you to invest more.

  49. Armando Ramos says:

    Scam you can never leave

  50. Michael Venters says:

    I deposited 300 dollars and traded on my own and grew my account to 700 dollars in one day. I wanted to see how easy it was to withdraw before I added any more money. They asked for a copy of my drivers license, my bank card, and a recent bill. After 3 attempts they approved my withdrawal but only gave me my original deposit back and closed my account. I have attempted several calls and emails to ask them why they would not give me my earnings and why they closed my account and no one will answer my questions. Beware of this company. They have brokers who will hassle you into depositing 10,000 dollars with guaranteed return and when you say no they hang up on you. Now I’m worried about them having my personal information. This is a very shady company.

    • Mike says:

      I’m trying to withdraw my money since Dec.03, 2015. Now going to sue them. 10 more people joined the lawsuit. Are you interested in joining?

    • Rip says:

      I’ve been trying to contact my broker but he won’t reply to my emails or calls for the last 3 weeks, I don’t have a good feeling about this. I would be interested in the details of the lawsuit.

    • Thomas says:

      Has anyone ever contacted CySec and CFTC. If not, you should do so IMMEDIATELY from the first day you had withdrawal issue and then with the shady sales practices to DELAY your funds. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING, ARGUE or TELL them, what you are going to do if they dont give you your monies in contacting CYSEC AND CFTC agencies because they will corrupt your screen platform to their advantage Make SCREENSHOTS and USE that BIG square thing you use for SELFIES as YOUR weapon of recordings of both Transactions opening the account at that time and the current balance of wins. Keep physical records including YOUR personal BANK transactions on what you are Disputing. KEEP A LEVEL HEAD and OUTSMART these PEOPLE.

      SCREEN SHOT the Site with YOUR name, ACCOUNT Balance, WIN and LOSS, then NOTE on PAPER who you’ve spoken to. Also, a BIG thing to remember, If you just opened an account and you are on hold waiting, if there is an automated voice that says, ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE, that is HUGE, because it means ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED and gives YOU and Investigators the AMMUNITION to go after THESE kind of FRAUDULENT companies, to get them SHUT DOWN, FINED, and POSSIBLY JAIL TIME for THEFT.

      If your settings are set from Auto to Manual mode means investigators know you trade by YOURSELF and if it was switched, hopefully you have a photo screen shot of it in that mode with DATE and TIME. You are very well covered. If you LOVE TAKING SELFIES, START USING YOUR CAMERA PHONE FOR PROTECTING YOUR BUM. THE MORE COMPLAINTS YOU HAVE THE BIGGER THE CYSEC AND CFTC WILL GET INVOLVED. An Attorney wont help you if you are not in that country. Its a HUGE deal if CySec hears of a banking capital frauding a lot of people from different parts of the world. They dont play games and its a serious matter when scams are concerned. If you do plan on trading with another company DO YOUR RESEARCH on THAT BROKER. Search for reviews on those brokers. open a secondary account when doing Binaries and use just THAT account. That way when there isnt any funds left, they cant access the card. This is just what I do when I only have a little money and dont want my account sabotaged. Talk to your bank on how to prevent any money left in account to protect it from merchants trying to bill you for services you didnt ask for. Good luck and God Bless

    • Gene Higgs says:

      I would like to join if it’s not too late, they have a lot of my money…

    • Everest. says:

      I would like to join that too. But does anyone know the address of their office in London because I want to go there to cause a scene until I get my money back

    • Debby says:

      I have $15K with them and need to withdraw all, I will join lawsuit

    • Pat Irani says:

      Yes, Amy Stone scammed me out of $50,000, then lost $20,000 without my authorization. Then Dennis Nazarov, Lucy Darwin and James Cooper helped recover the losses. Now I am stuck nobody will return my calls. Amy used the insured trades scam on me and stuck me into a 40X bonus. I asked them to take back their bonus, keep the profits and the $ 10X turnover done. no one from Porter is doing it. I regret the day I took that call from Amy Stone.

  51. Pieter says:

    Hi i am Pieter Vorster

    Is there is software that’s called I Amissio formula system?

  52. liam says:

    It looks to me as if just about every bad review here is because of idiots taking the signal services. The broker itself doesn’t seem to be the problem, the people joining are.

  53. shiloh says:

    how would you withdraw your money from here ?

  54. Kai says:

    I must be the biggest fool in the world. Porter Finance really got me. I lost over $50,000. I was very gullible to believe that the money is guaranteed. That’s what they do they catch unsuspecting people who never traded before and lead them to believe that the long term trades will work and YOU CANNOT LOSE because the money has insurance. Well it’s a lie they will not give you your money back and then they will stop calling you. GreyMountain Management is the parent company that takes your money. Please don’t make the mistake I made. The positive reviews are probably their employees chiming in to look good. One last thing I begged for documents to see how the insurance works and education of the trading but never got it but the brokers keep saying “don’t worry you have nothing to lose”. Hey if you reply to this i get it I’m utterly stupid for getting ripped off by people whom I thought was legit. To all please be very careful!!! These guys are good very very good but for all the wrong reasons.

  55. Druanne L sears says:

    This is a rip off. I requested a withdraw and cancel my membership… I woke up this morning and they took another $250.00 out of my chrcking account. Now I’m OVERDRAWN… REPORT THIS AS A SCAM.. IF YOUR THINKING OF TRYING FAST CASH BIZ…. DONT DO IT, THEY WILL TAKE YOU MONEY

    • Phillip says:

      They crafted this situation very well. That is they Make you use the same account for you to withdraw money but how are you to know they can take money out without your knowledge.

    • reba says:

      how can they take money out of your bank without your knowledge?

  56. Ron says:

    Porter finance isn’t really a scam but it is very risky – hence the large gains. the company makes a large percentage on every wager you make. They provide helpful tips at first but later require you to invest 5000 to keep the tips coming in. The tips were ok – some days I won 5 out 5 wagers (rarely) some days I lost 5 out 5.
    They have really sucked at getting money back from them. I’m trying to close the account and its taken months to get my money back. I wouldn’t partner with them due to this fact alone. It doesn’t do any good to make money if you can’t get to it.

    I’m glad others have had an easier time – I’m out!

    • Jim says:

      I appreciate your review. I have been working with a Porter Finance agent for 3 days. I started with a $200 deposit which I lost all but $50 of. When agent called me he wanted me to deposit much more but settled for me depositing $500 more which he matched with a $500 bonus (concerned about that too). The first day he grew my $1,050 to $2,280 using 60 second options. The next day he had me make some long term large trades that dropped my balance to about $400. He then gave me a series of 60 second trades that grew that $400 to $2,300. If the long term end in the money my balance will be $4,900.

      That looked pretty good until he told me he was making money for me but he wasn’t making any money from it. He then suggested (strongly) that I deposit $25,000 so he’d have more to work with. I got him to reduce that suggestion but did not make the deposit.

      I was concerned that this was “too good to be true” and based on your and other reviews it looks like I was right.

      Soon I will attempt to remove my funds from them and see how that goes.

    • ra says:

      Were you able to withdraw you funds yet?

    • Phillip says:

      I cancelled my account because I heard too many stories about overdrawn. But now I also found out they set themselves up right from the beginning that you have to use the same account. so for the purpose of overdrawn. We got absolutely no chance.

    • reba says:

      Jim well did you remove and get back your funds??

    • d says:

      I just wanted to find out if Porter Finance do accept US citizens to trade or not. The info I have read here so far seems to be confusing.

    • Phillip says:

      Don’t join them you fool

    • Jeff says:


    • Phillip says:

      Stop being so polite about this situation.

  57. Gela says:

    Porter no longer accepts US residents… must be a recent change. Its listed in their Terms and Conditions – I just read them

  58. thakur says:

    never ever go for any binary trading it looks like you can money but its just a trick to attract people i invested two times and i have lost my whole money so please stay away from all this i warn you and i dont want anyone else to loose there hard earned money….just work hard in your life and never go for any shortcut options to make money thanks….

    • Phillip says:

      The worst thing is for people who retired, when they lose their money, they will sit at home all day, all night regretting with no chance to work of recovering.

  59. Joanne Grodzki says:

    Fake screen shot of trades Porter Finance is not regulated i know because i have a account

  60. Michael says:

    Hi there,

    I traded from cherry trade,goption, porter finance, regal option, binary international.
    I lost feet hounds dollars by them.
    Most of people who lost felt there are trick like delay signal or jump up or go down suddenly.

    It is programmatically trick.
    When you deposit once, you would be happy for your pure profit, but you will lost your money. Why?
    Your first profit is bait for you to make more deposit.

    It’s hard to find right binary broker.

    Strongly I can tell you work harder! And enjoy your life. It is reason why we need to work to live.



  61. Cryptoc says:

    Once you sign up with them one their representative will call you and try show you some good result and $$potential$$ of what you can earn in future. However in order to qualify for the GOLD membership and get these signals and help, you need to deposit $5000. They will do whatever it takes to get 5k. I personally refused to put 5k. First I invested 2k and after one day of trading I profited $700. Then they called me and asked me if I want to continue and get more signals(gold membership) I need to put $1000 more and they give me $2000 bonus!! I did not accept the bonus but put another $1000. After that they called me to show how to trade in 60s which was RISK FREE. I had to trade what the guy told me over the phone and I did but interestingly I lost $1000 that day!! What happened was I DID NOT KNOW what the risk free means and it means that I have to trade 30 times of the amount of BONUS/RISK FREE amount in order I can withdraw anything.
    At the end I lost GRADUALLY all I had.
    A week ago someone else called me from PORTER FINANCE and told me we are so sorry for the loss the guy you were dealing with did not perform well I will show you how you can profit and the same story above you need to deposit $3K ….. Im happy I did not do that and suggest you not to go with them.

    if they call you RUN AWAY FROM PORTER FINANCE!!!!!!

    • Alex says:

      Hahah from what i read from this, it’s your fault that this happened, everybody should know, when you sign up with a broker, don’t take anything from them. No bonuses, or risk free trades, you should not even take signals from them. They are just looking for a way to lock your money in so you can’t withdraw it. If you need a broker’s signals, then you prob should not be trading

    • The1 says:

      100% Truth

    • Janet says:


  62. Patrick says:

    Hey Jim, Hows is it working out with Porter?

  63. Jim says:

    I just deposited with porter, does anyone else have experience with them?

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