Regulation 45%
Binary Options Choice 75%
Payouts 75%
Software 80%
Demo 40%
Customer Support 65%


Tradorax has been around for more years than a majority of the binary options brokers in the market, and hence, have developed a trading platform that is targeted for mass market requirements. However, there are some pressing concerns faced by existing clients, which may require the broker to revisit its client-interaction strategy for ensuring a better trading experience.



Introduction To Our Tradorax Broker Review

Tradorax is a binary options trading company that has been an integral part of the community for many years. Since its inception, Tradorax has witnessed the frequent changes and evolution that has occurred in the industry and has also been subjected to some of these changes on its own. In the present day binary options market, investments are no longer considered to be a privilege that is enjoyed by a few. In fact, the sheer popularity of binary options market has led to an exponential rise in the number of binary options brokers operating in the market.

We give you our unbiased view into the world of Tradorax trading by discovering the different investment opportunities and trading products offered by the company. The binary options industry, as a whole, sees a larger number of scams than any genuine financial brokerages. Therefore, we make it easier for you, the trader, to investigate the different aspects of Tradorax fees, trading services, payouts, platform features, and the overall reliability of the company. We also incorporate existing testimonials and reviews of authentic clients to provide a better picture for the traders before investing.


Details About Tradorax Ownership & Regulation

It is an established fact that binary options brokers that are serious about their commitment to traders will make it a priority to obtain a regulatory license from any of the popular regulatory organisations in the world. Some of the top-end companies in the market are regulated by leading regulators such as the FCA (UK), the CySEC (Cyprus), the NFA (US), and the ASIC (Australia). Other mainstream companies that have a credible presence in the markets are also regulated by some of the lesser-known regulatory organisations, typically by those located in tax havens.


Despite the general market consensus about regulation, Tradorax hasn’t provided any identifying information about its parent company, regulatory licenses, or the safety of funds. Tradorax has also not provided a physical address neither has the company taken any effort towards informing its clients about the policies that govern the safety of investors’ funds. All the company has ever provided is its 256-bit encryption protocols and some security information that protects its website users from information phishing or virus attacks.


We performed a deeper investigation into the history of Tradorax regulation, and we found out that the company was regulated by the CySEC for a brief period. Regardless, Tradorax is now a non-regulated binary options broker, and we wouldn’t openly recommend trading with a company that seems to be reserved about imparting its official company information to its investors. Regardless, the company has been catering to traders from all over the world, except to traders from the US, and Tradorax has been playing a significant role in the binary options market.


Underlying Financial Instruments At Tradorax

The binary options markets became popular among the retail traders due to the simplicity of trading, and the massive number of financial assets available for trading. While a majority of binary options companies try to limit the number of tradable assets in their portfolio, in order to reduce their overhead costs, Tradorax is among the select few that willingly provides a wide range of instruments that covers the global financial markets. Tradorax clients have easy access to more than 120 assets from the usual markets such as Forex, commodities, stocks, and indices, and are at liberty to choose their financial instrument according to their diverse preferences.

List of Tradorax Assets:


Commodities: Oil, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Gold/EUR, Gold/Silver, Copper, Gold/JPY, Corn, Coffee, Sugar

Stocks: Barclays, Telefonica, Orange France, Societe General, BBVA, Gazprom, Renault, Sberbank, Tesco, Vodafone, BP, BNP Paribas, AXA, Royal Dutch, Verizon, Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, JPMorgan Chase, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Dell, Amazon, Yahoo, Ebay, Pfizer, IBM, NIKE, EXXON, CITIGROUP, Amex, Baidu, Facebook, Netflix, Priceline, LinkedIn, Disney, GoldCorp, SilverWheaton, Goldman Sachs, Twitter, Adidas, Alibaba, Deutsche Bank, Anz, BHP Billiton, Westpac Banking, Rio Tinto, Sony, Sumitomo, Samsung, ICICI Bank, Tata Motors Ltd, Ferrari, Walmart

Indices: CAC-40 future, FTSE 100-future, South Africa future, SMI-future, S&P 500-future, DAX-30 FUture, IBEX-Future, TADAWUL, BUX, MICEX, RTS, Dow Jones 30-Future, Nasdaq 100-Future, ASX-200 Future, Nikkei 225- Future, Kospi 200, Hang Seng Future, NIFTY-Future, Bombay 30, DUBAI, Qatar Index, Kuwait Index

Tradorax does provide access to some of the most commonly traded instruments in the financial markets, but there are some slight disadvantages when it comes to the outright choice of options. For instance, the broker does not offer any pairs for trading; neither does the broker cover some of the main financial markets from Asia and Africa. Nevertheless, Tradorax should meet the average trader requirements.


Tradorax Binary Options Payouts, Fees, & Features

Trading with Tradorax requires a trader to invest a minimum of €25 or its equivalent in USD or three other local currencies. Tradorax may not be the absolute cheapest binary options broker out there in terms of the minimum investment per position, as most of the leading binary options brokers offer the option to trade from $1. The maximum investment per binary option, on the contrary, is set at €1,500. $1,500 is indeed the average maximum investment offered by most brokers as per industry norms, with only a select few brokers offering an option to invest more than $1,500. Of course, there are brokers that can provide the option of investing up to $15,000 per position, but such a high initial investment is incredibly risky, particularly for larger traders.

Traders may be confused by the broker’s slight typo on its FAQ page that specifies a maximum investment threshold of €15,000. We can confirm that the maximum investment per position is indeed €1,500, and traders are free to open multiple positions, provided the maximum exposure does not cross €2000. Regardless, the Tradorax payouts for investments may vary from 70% to 85%, depending on the underlying instrument. We have to presume that the broker has avoided taking any risks by creating a binary options product portfolio that is capable of matching the payouts and ROI set by the majority of binary options trading companies.


Tradorax will offer higher payouts for other binary options products such as One Touch and Boundary options. These unique options offer payouts as high as 300% but expect the payouts to be in the nominal range of 110% to 250%. The ROI for these exotic options may be slightly lower than the trader’s expectations, but fortunately, Tradorax has done away with any spreads or commissions for trading. There are no fees involved in trading, and the quotes offered by Tradorax are derived straight from the liquidity markets. Of course, there might be slight differences between the real-time market price and the quotes provided by Tradorax, but such an occurrence is common among most binary options brokers.


Tradorax clients have the option of exiting trades prematurely at a smaller profit or loss, provided they satisfy the broker’s terms and conditions. Traders can modify a position after 3 minutes opening a position and at least 5 minutes before the option expiry time. Therefore, short-term positions cannot be modified, and traders will need to choose higher time frames to be able to modify their positions according to their market analysis.


Tradorax Trading Software

The Tradorax trading platform is a customised version of the TechFinancials trading platform and offers a reliable trading interface to invest in binary options, as well as FX/CFD products. The TechFinancials platform is a rather popular trading interface, which is adopted by a number of financial brokerages that deal in binary options trading. The Tradorax version of the platform does not skip out any features. Instead, it offers the same tried and tested formulae that are comfortable for all levels of traders. The choice of both binary options and FX/CFD trading in a single trading platform is indeed a unique aspect of the TechFinancials platform, which provides an additional incentive for traders to diversify their investment strategies.

The Tradorax platform, owing to its TechFinancials origins, is based on a web-trading interface that can be accessed through almost all popular browsers in the market. Traders don’t have to download any software for trading, aside from some support files that are required for audible notifications. The fully online trading platform is indeed a great feature since traders can access their accounts on any device without having to go through the trouble of downloading and installing the trading interface on individual systems. Most of the online binary options brokerages support a web-trader interface, with only a few of them opting for a dedicated installable platform.



Tradorax Mobile Apps

Mobile traders expect their brokers to offer a wide range of mobile apps and access points for accessing their accounts, which is why most companies offer dedicated binary trading apps for iOS and Android operating systems. Tradorax, on the contrary, has only provided a dedicated Tradorax app for the Android OS. iOS users, unfortunately, have to be content with the TechFinancials platform that can be accessed through the web browser. Despite the fact that the Tradorax web trading interface works seamlessly on all types of devices, Tradorax should ensure that both Android and iOS users get access to the best mobile trading platforms.



Tradorax Account Options & Funding

Tradorax has specified a minimum deposit of €250 or 250 units of local currency in USD, GBP, and 20,000 JPY. Tradorax wouldn’t risk specifying any higher deposit requirements, as most companies are aware of the consequences of stipulating higher investment capital for a trading account. Some brokers have even gone to the lengths of specifying a $1 minimum investment for a trading account, which may be far more suitable for smaller retail traders. However, in the case of a Tradorax account, traders will need to invest anything larger than €250 to account for the higher minimum investment per position of €25.


Tradorax has four different account categories for its traders, which are divided into the Mini, the Silver, the Gold, and the VIP account options. The main difference between these accounts is the increased payouts enjoyed by the Silver, Gold, and VIP accounts, which offer 2%, 3%, and 4% respectively. There is also a cashback of 0.5%, 1%, and 2% for the higher account categories, along with an increase in the availability of training materials. Higher account holders also get access to a personal broker and risk-free trades as per their account standing.


Tradorax supports numerous popular funding methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, CashU, WebMoney, QIWI, and Wire transfers. Therefore, customers do benefit from the varied choice of payment options, but the minimum withdrawal is set to €100, along with a limitation to 1 free withdrawal per month. There are also some obvious concerns regarding the company’s antics when it comes to withdrawals, as several traders have reported the company to dishonour its clients’ withdrawal requests with no apparent reason. We have seen several complaints from existing clients, and such problems are mainly due to a lack of regulatory oversight. Regulation indeed plays a vital role in ensuring problem-free withdrawals, but the absence of regulatory licenses does indeed worry potential investors while trading with Tradorax.



Tradorax Bonuses

Tradorax has one of the highest bonus programs in the market, which offers up to 200% in bonuses, along with free, risk-free trades. Gold and VIP traders can enjoy one and two risk-free trades per month, while other account holders will have to be content with the bonuses available for their initial deposits. As an added bonus, VIP traders can also receive unlimited trading signals, which can help in their trading quests.


Tradorax Demo Accounts

Tradorax does not offer a demo account unless traders are willing to make an initial deposit. Although a considerable number of binary options brokers follow this strategy, a majority of them honour their traders’ withdrawals without any conditions. On the other hand, there are some known issues with Tradorax withdrawals, and it may not be suitable for traders to invest their trading capital with Tradorax for a demo account. The entire concept of a demo account revolves around the trading opportunity offered to traders without making any investment, but it is up to the broker to decide whether they provide the option of a demo account or not.


Contacting The Tradorax Customer Service Channel

Contacting the Tradorax customer department in itself is an easy task, as the broker provides numerous customer interaction channels such as live chat, Skype chat, email, web contact form, and direct phone numbers to the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Immaterial of the diverse customer support channels, there are still concerns over the approach of the broker towards its existing clients, as the customer service department has been known to block users from accessing the support departments. New traders do get the best in customer service experience, but we only consider a broker to be committed to their customer interaction channels if they are able to meet the demands of their existing clients.


Tradorax Training Resources

The VIP account offers the most comprehensive collection of training resources, followed by the Gold account. The Mini and Silver accounts are primarily basic account choices that do not provide any extensive trader education, but the Gold and VIP account has several VIP benefits such as enhanced personal broker access, in-depth training lessons, and increased profits or payouts. Regardless, all traders get access to the basic education center, and the trading signals package is made available to all traders, except for the Mini account holders.


Tradorax Verdict


  • Tradorax covers all major financial markets, and offers around 120 different underlying assets.
  • Payouts are provided as per the industry standards.
  • A high bonus offering for larger traders.
  • Robust trading platform that offers excellent online trading access.
  • Varied funding methods.


  • Not regulated, and there are some serious concerns over withdrawals.
  • No dedicated mobile app for iOS users.
  • Tradorax does not offer a free demo account for its clients.
  • Customer service department does not provide a reliable user experience.



What Is The Minimum Deposit Requirement For A Tradorax Account?

All traders should deposit a minimum of €250, $250, £250, or 20,000 JPY for a Tradorax binary options account.  The minimum withdrawal is 100 units of base currency.


Is The Tradorax Platform Reliable?

Yes, Tradorax uses the TechFinancials trading platform, which offers excellent usability for traders through a web browser. Tradorax supports mobile trading through Android apps, but iOS and other mobile users will have to access their accounts via the online browser interface.


What Are The Payouts?

The maximum payout for high/low binary options is 80%, but the payouts may fluctuate between 70% and 85%. Other binary options such as touch and boundary options should qualify for higher payouts of up to 250%.


Is Tradorax Regulated?

Tradorax is not a regulated company, and the company has not provided any information about its official headquarters and country of regulation.



92 Comments » for Tradorax Review
  1. Neri says:

    You say that Tradorax are superior?? You need to do some homework and tell the truth if you want your site to have any credibility. They have scammed every single investor they have had for more than a year. Teir website has now gone down and can’t be found!

  2. Pablo Garcia says:

    Tradorax is a scam, I was lured by the possibility of making money online. My account manager was Flavio Santos and he in a very convincing way got me to invest $42,000 USD over several months. My account balance is $55,500 USD with no outstanding bonuses and I cannot get them to honor any withdrawal requests. Those who lost money must report them to the authorities and hire an attorney to sue them like I did.

  3. Robert Atkinson says:

    We must start some sort of Class Action Lawsuit against Tradorax. They’ve eliminated me from access onto my Acct that I’ve had since May of 2015. Misappropriated my funds ($250.00) in 6 week trade with crude oil but actually lost my money in a totally different type trade. They are LYING, MAJOR CRIMINAL CON-ARTIST That need to be put in jail. From what I understand now is that they are no longer allowed to trade with any American Acct. ( I think started in Dec.2016) which is probably one of the reasons I cannot access my Acct or connect with that company in any way shape or form, I’ve tried their Ph. # & online-chat on they’re website. I lost $1,250.00 with them. Must get any & all authority’s involved to close down & prosecute these Worldwide Criminals.

  4. Ademir Santos says:

    I was induced, by Douglas de Sa, from Brazil to make deposits, for Flavio Santos tradorax reaching $ 15,000.25, when I asked for the withdrawal was not authorized, contacted Peter Brown tradorax, asking me to continue, I do not accept and Asked for withdrawal, then blocked my account and login, I send messages, to support tradorax, to Flavio Santos, and Peter Brown, but no one answers, a month ago. I have no bonuses in my account.

  5. Jason says:

    Tradorax is suck and definitely a scam.
    I have deposited USD 250 and lost till USD 118.75, so i made withdrawn all the balance on 06/02/17, but it shocked me someone has cancelled my withdrawal as below banking historty show in the system:
    429984 06/02/17 20:57 Withdrawal Credit Card 0.00 118.75 Canceled

    And more shocked me is at the same day losing all the money till left USD 15 as below trade history shown, now USD 15 cannot trade and also cannot withdraw as below minimum, so means i being scammed by Tradrox-suck all the USD250 in 7 days.
    USD/NOK 06/02/17 21:48 25.00 8.26372 8.26529 06/02/17 22:00 Closed 0.00
    USD/CHF 06/02/17 21:38 25.00 0.99514 0.99531 06/02/17 21:45 Closed 0.00
    GBP/USD 06/02/17 21:18 25.00 1.24655 1.24621 06/02/17 21:30 Closed 0.00
    EUR/USD 06/02/17 21:08 25.00 1.07205 1.07171 06/02/17 21:20 Closed 0.00
    USD/MXN 06/02/17 21:06 25.00 20.354 20.376 06/02/17 21:15 Closed 43.75
    EUR/GBP 06/02/17 21:00 25.00 0.85977 0.85963 06/02/17 21:10 Closed 2.50

  6. Will Succedd says:

    REAL SCAM WARNING! YOU MUST NOT GO IN TO TRADORAX!!! This is the most manipulative and self destructing you can do. In the beginning we had an incredible profit by a "professional trader with many years of experience". When money starts to rise it affects the brain in a very seductive way. I came to this website thru "Millionaires Blueprint" and I actually thought it would give me slack in my economy. Now my family is affected of both mental and physical sickness. We made up a savings plan and planned withdrawals and everything sounded really good at start. We will manage anyway but trust and faith is deeply affected. Then they press you to invest more money and do put you "againts the wall" in the discussion. When it is time for that withdrawal it keeps getting cancelled and the communication just disappears. Tradorax is NOT legit company!!!

  7. Johan van Staden says:

    Hi i won’t recommend tradorax to any body. They are very quick to take your money.If you want to withdraw money they send u a number. The bank cannot trace it. They refuse to help to track your money. When your money is in the account, they just put it on robot trading without your permission, and you loose most of your money. It don’t help to mail there support team, they just ignore u. I think they are a undercover scam trading company. Beware don’t trade with Tradorax

  8. Leon says:

    I have traded on the platform. I was directed to ttadorex by the Saffa way. My first mistake. I traded with 500usd and it was wiped out within 2 days. The question is why? No online support; the minimum trade amount 25usd is too rigid. You cant really apply money management with this type of limit. The only thing that kept me in the game was the forex platform. And ultimately the so called signals provided by the signals provider are useless. I lost most of my account by using these signals. Further the platforms do not have trading tools like indicators which u can apply when trading. Currently my account balance is on 17usd. I will rather trade with IQ Options. There u get value for everyour dollar in ur account. Thumps down for Tradorax. It was a nightmare.

  9. Elaine says:

    Tradorax is most definitely a scam. I have requested a withdrawal but they have not made the payment and they have changed my password so that I cannot get into my account. Do not allow them to steal your money!

  10. Elaine says:

    Tradorax is most definitely a scam. I have been trying to withdraw funds but the do not allow me to. They have changed my password so that I cannot get into my account and they phone me non-stop trying to get me to deposit more money. Please don’t trade with them!

  11. Theo says:

    Reading the comments realised am an idiot and i gave a deposit of 250£ today and they said they will have a financial advisor calling me Monday morning and i also need to send some ID proof and documents to verify the account. Will they returm my deposit if i dont procced with the agreement as i havent sent any forms to them yet?

  12. Smaller then a dwarf says:

    Tradorax are criminals-do not go there!They are cruel people, torturing you by lies,cancelling withdrawal requests,not reliablity.Those guys I hope will catch the police soon and put them into prison.They told you can withdraw next day if you want.After deposit say to trade on month minimum before.You have to get a call for withdraw confirmation but do not keep any call beack time.They are not trustworthy.Doing hurt to peoples heart.

  13. A NASH says:

    DO NOT INVEST YOUR MONEY WITH TRADORAX!! IF YOU DO IT WOULD BE THE SAME AS BURNING IT! They will place losing trades using all your funds without your authority, permission or knowledge & once you have deposited money you’ll find it just about impossible to withdraw any of it. STAY AWAY!!

  14. Neri says:

    The positive comments on this site are written by Tradorax because in all of my internet searching (and I have done extensive research), you won’t find a single positive comment unless written by Tradorax or someone that Tradorax has bribed!

  15. Neri says:

    TRADORAX IS A SCAM. If you don’t want to lose all your money, stay away from them. They are criminals and they are very cunning. They know how far they can push you to invest your savings by tempting you with deals that sound wonderful but all they are, is more lies. They don’t use their own names and if they owe you money, they will ignore you by not taking your calls, ignoring your emails and Skype requests.

  16. Rick says:

    I was looking to see if they use a financial company when the credit card was charged, but is charged to Tradorax. Other Binary Options uses a different company when you make a deposit that is easier to track, or to try to get some of your funds, or all your funds back.
    Flavio Santos, Jake Taylor, and Sam Stevens. Here are some of the account managers I dealt with

    • Mamello says:

      I have tried numerously to do a charge back with my bank and they told me that the method used to transact makes it difficult for them because it is a point of sale just like when you buy your normal groceries from woolies or pick n pay. There were no account numbers to trace to which account number did my money went to…i wish and pray that one day these criminals are caught and all get punished for scamming innocent people….TRADORAX IS A SCAM…Please do not do any dealing with them…Run. they keep changing account managers and making a fool of you!

  17. Rick says:

    I will stay away from Tradorax they will steal your funds. I invested first 2K, the account went to 4K, then invested another 4K, and the account kept increasing until the account got above 20K. They kept changing account managers. They will get some long trades going, once they expired, account will sit idle. Submit a withdrawal of my funds available to me, bot the bonus, and it was declined. Try contacting them they will not answer the phones, or emails.

  18. Ryan Pearson says:

    It’s a really reasonable platform, not the most diverse and professional out there, i must admit, but i was able to gain nice profits and WITHDRAW them. i had many issues doing that with other companies, so i am thankful for not having to fight over my own money with this broker

    • Truth reveal says:

      You are someone from tradorax. Stop lying.

    • keeee says:

      You are lying you piece of shit liar

    • keeee says:

      every review here says the same thing. They scam they dont do withdrawals and they place trades without permission to drain accts. Then you want to come on here after 100 negative reviews and say you love them and made a withdrawal and got it. Your scum and a piece of shit. Do you really think people will fall for your bullshit lie. Lets see we have 200 very very bad reviews and then we have your lousy one positive review gee I wonder who everyone will side with. The 200 people who got scammed or your lying ass piece of shit. Rot in hell you lying bastard

  19. Coleen Edwards says:

    at first i really believed that i was not able to manage a trading account, i had people around me saying this was not the field for women and i truly feared getting into this world. My husband was very supportive though, he promised me we’ll do this together and that worst case scenario – we could lose 200$. luckily i did listen to him, and for 2 months now that i’ve been seeing initial and promising profits coming in from our Tradorax account (:

    • Mamello says:

      have you started withdrawing your profit? if so then you are one of them because it’s imposible. i have been with Tradorax for the past 6 months and I got nothing from them except having my withdrawals cancelled all the time and long term trades being placed without my permission. I believe I have a say to how and what must be done with my hard earned cash… They are Satanists and demons

    • keeee says:

      every review here says the same thing. They scam they dont do withdrawals and they place trades without permission to drain accts. Then you want to come on here after 100 negative reviews and say you love them and made a withdrawal and got it. Your scum and a piece of shit. Do you really think people will fall for your bullshit lie. Lets see we have 200 very very bad reviews and then we have your lousy one positive review gee I wonder who everyone will side with. The 200 people who got scammed or your lying ass piece of shit. Rot in hell you lying bastard

  20. Coleen Edwards says:

    at first i really believed that i was not able to manage a trading account, i had people around me saying this is not

  21. Adam Travis says:

    Hi there, i joined the binary world about a year ago with no experience at all (well, maybe just a little, simple economic understanding) at the market. My experience started to be gained once i joined Tradorax, and that’s where i learned everything i know. I wanted to explore the platform of my own and i came to a realization there are simple but accurate strategies that just work with this platform, and maximize ur profit! If anyone’s interested to know more, let me know.

    • Simon Santucci says:

      hi adam i have just invested £5,250 do you think this is a scam as not hearing great reviews ,and is it possible to get your money out when needed

    • John Gump says:

      If you funded your account with a CC, then you can contact your CC bank and tell them you are not receiving the services and you want to dispute the charges. You have 60 calendar days to do that. Do it now.
      TRADORAX stole $31188.50 from m. Don’t let it happen to you. Go to the Forex Peace Army site and see Court cases. I am JG 2835 Vs TRADORAX.

    • Invester says:

      Adam are you still trading with Tradorax and any more feedback?

  22. Tiffany Sterling says:

    Overall, I’ve been having a good experience with Tradorax. I’m a student on my 2nd year and obviously short of money, and since I realized I’m not going anywhere exciting financially I figured out I had to take the chance. I got into binary options really hard and then heard of Tradorax. Their representative was very kind and accepting and made me confident to go for my first investment. I got a lot of help from them, especially for the fact I was a student and that it was my first time trading. Profits did not procrastinate to come.

  23. Joe Lucas says:

    I joined Tradorax starting off with the minimum amount of 250$. Unlike other companies, I was not forced or talked to in order to put in some more. My financial advisor really calmed me down and advised me to start off small, cautiously. I haven’t invested more until I saw my profits are coming in. Honestly i thought i’d make more out of it during the first weeks or so, but no complaints.

  24. Brett Sheppard says:

    Nice service and good availability from their side. I did enjoy the fact I had sort of a personal trainer who knows a lot about this field. It kept me confident knowing that sometimes you may lose a little bit, but that’s only just to rise up again. Overall I’ve seen some nice profits out of Tradorax. Props

  25. Pete Kemp says:

    Tradorax is good but I wasn’t able to upgrade myself above certain level of amounts, let’s put it that way. That’s why I went ahead and opened another account to run along with my Tradorax account. So if you’re thinking of joining Tradorax go ahead and do, but make sure to run another one at the same time.

  26. Alberto Varchetta says:

    Unfortunately they’re not available to you 24/7, as for service giving and account managers ready to assist. Nevertheless, their withdrawal process is one of the easiest I’ve experienced… to me that’s adequately essential.

  27. Jose Arroyo says:

    I don’t mind saying I’m not a coward type of person, I like taking risks, and I like when they pay off! I was sick of watching my money just sitting somewhere without any real possibility of growing. I didn’t want to put it in any sort of a bank plan, their returns are lame and I prefer dealing my business my own way. I gave Tradorax a shot for the first time handling with binary – and now I watch my money pile up the way I want it. Take a chance too. Don’t give in to your bank.

  28. Frank Klein says:

    Honestly I never imagined I could make it in the market. Economy and myself, we’ve never been good friends, that’s what I thought at the beginning. When their financial advisor called me on the phone I was being very negative towards the idea. What I liked about it is that he promised to help me and accompany me step by step through this whole process, until I feel confident enough. And so I took it slow, making every trade along with him. Great professionalism and human relations from their side.

  29. andro says:

    these comments are scam comments do not trust it, i have documentted voice recordings and docomentted all my acocunt with screen shoots, and skype chats . they are scam and they will trade your money with out letting you know and you will lose your money. dont fall into there trap!!!

    • Jaki says:

      Join the discussion

    • Jaki says:

      I agree with all the reviews. THEY ARE A SCAM COMPANY!!! I got fooled into it while browsing online. I was looking for binary options to invest some money for a little return. They showed such sky high profits and then their brokers call you and sweet talk you and are very well- trained scammers. I started investing (throwing my money to them) about a year ago. When they want you to invest they would call you at least twice daily but once you ask to withdraw the tone changes and they change the broker . The broker you have been dealing just disappears out of the picture. When asked, they tell you that he had an accident or else he "no longer works with the company". I have had a change of at least 5 brokers(if not more) Here are the names of all of those that I can remember in the order that they "appeared " on the scene. Adrien Ferrera
      Henry Johnson , Eugene Jones, Steve Anderson and lastly, PETER BROWN.
      They all disappeared from the scene when asked for withdrawal of my money. Finally, this Peter Brown shed a new light on the whole matter ….he said I could withdraw my money as I wished . However, I would have to wait until end of February. So I did, and anxiously observed the trades that he did for me and saw it making some progress. I told him if he complied and if he kept his word unlike the previous brokers I would give him a review that would really have people investing into the company or else it was going to be just the opposite!! When the end of February finally arrived and I asked about my account , Mr. Brown also briefly disappeared from Skype(our means of communication). However, I did receive a reply from him after three days(this morning ) and asked about my withdrawal he had the guts to tell me: Haven’t you seen your account ? You have lost everything (US$10, 000 was my own investment plus about600 US$ "profit)on those trades. He said it was all President Trump’s fault that I lost on the currency trade……I called him the biggest SCAMMER of all the brokers of that company to which he didn’t take too well……I also told him he was their best student as a SCAMMER , he should score an A!! I believe they think they are trading with children……PLEASE DON’t EVER INVEST IN THIS COMPANY!!! You will only lose all of it just as I did. I invested all my savings and they just took them all away from me. If anyone knows or can advise me how to retrieve it or get justice done please let me know.

  30. Joanne Burke says:

    I must admit the binary world came to me at a very desperate point in my life. I just got divorced, I have two little children to take care of, and unfortunately I only work part time. After having one experience with binary options, which turned out to be very bad and in its end I felt like I was taken advantage of, I came across Tradorax’s account manager who offered me their recovery plan. I’m still recovering to get back on my feet but I’m on my way there thanks to them being adequate and reliable.

  31. Gary says:

    Tradorax are crooks. Traded my deposit money without my permission. Locked me out of my account. Had to go to my credit card fraud department to get my money back. DONT BELIEVE THE POSITIVE REVIEWS ON THIS SITE. FAKE PLANTED REVIEWS,

  32. Sam says:

    I joined about two months ago and the agent was very nice but requested that I deposit more money. Like I an idiot I did, now they hold $1050 of mine. This agent traded for over $3000 but my withdrawal is limited to about $1130 but I cannot withdraw it, they keep on trading and increasing the investment but refuse to release the money I invested. They can keep the profits just return what I invested. I’m not happy with them at all.

  33. Gennaro Di Michele says:

    I started at a really bad condition, I live in Italy and I’m only 19. It was very difficult for me to deposit 250 euro. My broker was very understanding and he let me start with 190 because this is what I had at the time. I work as a waiter and I don’t make much money, the situation in south Italy is not very good. Thanks to my broker Mike I’m in such better condition now, and I will keep investing

  34. Sean Everett says:

    I didn’t become a millionaire out of it but surely I was able to make that extra money I needed every month. Some trades get up to 85% of returns and that’s very high comparing to other platforms I trade on, so it’s relatively easy to make nice profits out of minimum investments.

  35. David Petersen says:

    They offer you a very good one-on-one service, a close training with a professional broker, to those who are not the most fluent as for the binary world I’d highly recommend not giving up on this service. Take any piece of information that’s possible out of the professionals and use it for your own good.

  36. Sandy says:

    Has anyone started a class action suit against Tradorax yet, If anyone knows of one, I want to sign up

  37. andro says:

    total scam . i have a fully verifiyed account and they do not let me take my 240usd back! total scam i will post this in every forum until i get my money back.. do not trust them with your money…

  38. Donna Whitaker says:

    I’ve been trading for a year with another company which its name I’m not gonna mention, but really, I felt like I was blind to the whole situation. I’ve never earned a real profit out of dealing with them, if anything, I was just being talked to to put even more money and just kept losing. Once I got sober I realized I had to change. I’m now with Traodrax and I actually see results. I finally gain and watch some profits pile up. You gotta let go and catch opportunity in the binary world

  39. Justin Fowler says:

    I’ve been enjoying their services for over a year now. They’re a great service giving company, and overall they provide you with fairly nice tools to control the trading. It’s highly recommended to join them while they’re having promotions, like I did. It really pays off, for example I joined them while they were giving away bundles of free risk trades, and that helped me gain an initial profit

  40. Neil McCray says:

    At first I was very intimidated by the fact they’re unregulated. Obviously I’m an American citizen and I have done my research regarding binary options. I was well aware of the risks and yet, I knew I could nail it in this trading method. I wanted to take a shot of a lifetime and deal with the consequences as they come. I went ahead and deposited 300$ to start off with, and I was thrilled to find out they’re fair and descent, and welcome American traders.

  41. Blake Hewitt says:

    If you’re new to trading and binary options mainly, I’d suggest you start off with Tradorax. Their platform is simple and user-friendly, they have a very nice educational center as an extra, and plus their financial advisors accompany you step by step with each and every trade.

  42. Nick Hensley says:

    At the very beginning they were kind enough to endow bonuses upon my first deposit that stood for 250$. Well first it did smell fishy to me, why in the world would anybody would want to just spend some cash around, for free, no charge? I’ve had their experts explaining me the economic logic behind it, but it did seem a little bit shady. After 6 months of trading with Tradorax I can tell I perfectly understand all that I’ve been told. Not only have I acquired the right trading tools, I have acquired knowledge. Super

  43. Ted Serrano says:

    Their platform is good and built for you to maximize your profits which is mainly great. Despite that, their withdrawal process tends to procrastinate a bit, but never more than 15 days… of what I have experienced. So that’s the only downside I would think of regarding Tradorax.

  44. Andy Colton says:

    Frankly, to me, as a brit who’s holding more than one American card, I care the most about companies who allow me to use them, avoiding any sort of problems. That’s a rare thing to get, mostly in Europe and whenever I travel to the states. So I heard about Tradorax from a mate, and got advised they let Americans in and American card holders, so if you’re dealing with them same situation I’d definitely recommend them.

  45. Walter says:

    Tradorax lied to me on garanteed trade and lost all my money! Dont use them.

    • Jose says:

      I feel really bad for you man, but that was your fault… You should have done your research and known that you should never take bonuses (even though you didn’t I suppose) and/or get on guaranteed trades. Most brokers do this (I don’t know why). You just have to do some research before taking any deal from any broker.

  46. kristof says:

    They scam people non stop, when you make profit , they close your account, and you are unable to login, they don’t answer on live chat, they hang up the moment they find out it is you, it is impossible to withdraw anyfunds !

    • Sam says:

      Did you verify your account, took any bonuses, accepted any deals, or called/emailed your account manager that you would like to withdraw money?

  47. Daniel Morris says:

    What I enjoyed the most about them is their lovely service from their financial advisor’s side. It wasn’t my first time trading but I couldn’t define myself as an expert yet. And still, it was the first time I decided to go for multiple platform trading, and was promised by my financial advisor to get all the help needed for me to nail it. His service and attention were lovely! Nevertheless, comparing to other platforms I’ve worked with, they don’t provide you with the highest returns.

  48. Mark Jenkins says:

    Ok so as a beginner it was really important for me to gain trust in the company I invest with, and so while talking to some representatives from various companies I truly realized some of them can’t even get your questions answered correctly! When talking to Tradorax I was able to realize I’m talking to professionals who can really get me through this.

  49. Andrea Miles says:

    I was finally able to find someone who’s working with US traders.. felt like mission impossible really. tbh I was too afraid to invest my money with an unregulated company, but my friend told me about them describing them as highly recommended. Luckily I did give them a shot, since I was proven my money wasn’t at risk.

  50. Amanda Scott says:

    It is a nice platform, but I’d recommend combining it with few others. The only downside I would think of regarding Tradorax is that I’m afraid their platform is not as diverse. But overall withdrawal is quick and and nowadays that’s definitely appreciated

  51. Joshua Hunt says:

    I took a chance on Tradorax as an American that’s been longing to work with binary options for a long time… and despite them not being regulated, I had zero problems withdrawing my money right on time.

  52. Tracy Roseberg says:

    I am an American and I think that it is amazing that there is finally a brand that accept Americans, not a lot of platforms do, and those who do, usually makes your life hard when you want to withdrawal your funds.

  53. Jack Wheen says:

    "You can get a 200% match bonus on your first deposit and five risk-free trades. "

    That is unheard of for most trading platforms! Kudos Tradorax

  54. Corry Williams says:

    Hello Everyone!
    Reading your review made me realize I have been trading with the wrong company for a year so I opened another account with Tradorax and I traded with both companies for 6 months when I realized Tradorax have much better terms and withdrawal process, so thanks for the tip man!

  55. Paul says:

    Tradorax is big SCAM SCAM. Even if you take no bonus, no risk free trade you will find next to impossible to withdraw your money. So think 10 times before you invest Tradorax. They can change your password also without your permission and can take trade on your behalf without your permission. If you want to close your account for any reason it will be next to impossible. So consider once you invest with Tradorax, it is lost money..It is extremely frustrating broker.


  56. Justen says:

    Hi Guys.

    was a pleasure reading this review, I am a Tradorax trader for years and I am very happy with them.


  57. Les Jones says:

    I worked with them and got good and fast response to my needs. That was until they tried to make an unauthorized charge of $2,000 on my credit card. Thankfully I have security measures set up. When confronted with it, I got nothing but excuses. Too bad. I closed my account right away.

  58. Oliver Frosch says:

    I don’t get their whole need for verification, very troublesome if you ask me, but the money is steady and I am getting my money in.

  59. johnathan joosten says:

    Just got my first withdraw from them. It did take more days than my personal preference, but it was within their time limit and the money was delivered directly back to my credit card.

  60. Eric says:

    Tradorax sucks. Slow as molasses customer service responses, unless they want to sell you a $5,000 “trading event,” and a lot of anxiety over the withdrawal process. Stay very far away.

  61. Peter says:

    Complete scam please take my advice stay away

    I have been shut out off my account and can not withdraw

    Mark stern, Flávio santos are thieves

  62. Nate Zelmanoff says:

    To be honest, it’s one of the only brokers that welcome US traders.
    Tradorax provided me with an option that other brokerage services could not, I’m sold.

  63. Edmond Duek says:

    Prior to trading with Tradorax, I was experiencing failure in trading binary online. Not one to give up I came across Tradorax and their wonderful account managers, resulting in making a minimum profit of over $10,000 in 7 days due to the assistance and consistent communication with my broker. Now I can sit back in the comfort of my home and trade when it suits me with no worries.

  64. Abraham Ackerman says:

    I think Tradorax are a very good brand for American traders. Usually platforms that does accept Americans are not regulated and therefor can not be trusted. Tradorax are the first brand I came across with who have a very fast withdrawaling process.

  65. rich says:

    I joined Tradorax a few days ago and without any trade at all I am locked out of my acct. I joined with the neo2 auto software program and so far is not looking to good. I seriously doubt that I see that 350.00 again there should be someplace that goes after this kind of theft.

  66. Manner says:

    I signed up with the Safe Income Software, and my broker is Tradorax and deposited initial deposit $350 on April 8. I lost most of the deposit, only $19 left so I left there thinking is my bad luck. Then on May 7 I received emails asking me to sign documents using electronic signature. First of all I don’t know how to use it and secondly I am skeptical about this kind of signature. I told them no and since I lost money, I asked them to close my account. I haven’t heard from them. On May 18, I found out that Tradorax took US$5000 from my credit card. I am shock and panic as I could not afford to pay this. Not to mention I never give authorization for them to withdraw money from my credit card. This is fraud. I contacted them, no reply. Two days later I got hold of someone from their Compliance dept who said he will pass onto their Finance Dept to close the account. Then I got calls and emails from their Head of VIP, Mr. John Swift saying if there is anything that may have an alternative solution. I am really pissed off. I just want to close my account and get my money back. First I do NOT authorize them to withdraw money, secondly if this company has such kind of practice even if it is a good one (I doubted) I will not trust them. My concern now is how to get my money back. Any help?

    • Max says:

      Manner please tell us that you called the credit card company and informed them of the theft!? They will surely reverse the transaction and open a file against Tradorax. That is madness!

  67. Nicolaas Oosthuizen says:

    Battle to get money back.

  68. Samual Clark says:

    This is my Tradorax review

    • I’ve been trading for two years already. First, I traded only forex, but recently, I decided to start trading binary options as well. I personally chose tradorax (with whom I’ve been trading with for six months already) and I’m very happy with the overall performance and stability of the platform. One of the things I like about tradorax is that they keep it real. What I mean is, they are realistic about the market situation not just the profits but the risks as well.

  69. Samual Clark says:

    This is my Tradorax review
    My experience with Tradorax so far has been really good. I talk regularly on the phone with my account manager who is helping me with some strategies. I started as a newbie but with their help I managed to get to the level where I am able to make a few thousand per month.

  70. Pip says:

    Hi! my name is Pip! Like Mark Robson, I to have suffered bad treatment from Tradorax. I set up my account and started trading. At first I admit I didn’t do very well and lost about half of my deposit. I get this phone call from my Tradorax account manager trying to sell me a $5000 Option account telling me he can guarantee me a profit of sum $2500 by the end of the week and every week after that. To sit back and watch the money roll into my account. I have to say red flags went up everywhere. I politely told him I didn’t have $5000 on hand to which he got very angry saying I didn’t trust him that he could make this kind of money for me and started ranting and raving saying I was calling him a liar! After running around this bush for about 40 minutes he finally understood I was not going for it. A week past and I actually started to make some money for a change. However it was short lived and when I tried to get to my trading platform to do some trading, I found I was locked out of trading. So I tried logging on again and still no good. I searched everywhere and all I could find was ” Have you lost your password?” So I gave that a try and bingo! I got into my trading platform which I thought was good till I looked at my account balance. What the heck! The day before I had managed to make up my losses and some but now all that was left was a mere $52.60. when I checked my trading history every successful trade I had made the day before was a loss. Now I know I did not make those trades so the very next day I called Tradorax about it and you know what they told me . We have it on record you made these trades there is nothing we can do about it, would you like to deposit more money into your account or we can offer you a bonus! To which I said go stick it where the sun don’t shine! My advice for what it’s worth! steer well clear of Tradorax They are only interested in one thing! how much they can separate from your bank account. Without doubt a scam broker!

  71. Mark Robson says:

    Hi all.

    Here’s my experience with Tradorax, and one of their Account Managers, David Miller (if thats his real name)

    I was looking at Binaries about 4 months ago and came across Tradorax. It seemed ok. Some websites had even reviewed them favourably, with only a couple of complaints. And one of those seemed like someone who didn’t really know what they were doing.

    I’ve done a fair bit of trading of various instruments in the past and thought I’ll proceed cautiously…

    So I opened an account and put a few hundred dollars in.

    I then get a phone call from David Miller. “Hi Buddy!” (yes i’m his buddy already, lucky me).

    I get the spiel how he can make me 10% per week (yes you heard it right) easily, by depositing $5000 and having a silver managed account. I asked how it works. He said we trade for you for one day a week, and that’s it! “I guarantee you buddy, we are going to make a lot of money!”
    Wow. How fantastic. Imagine a person so altruistic he would give up the chance to make himself 10% and retire within 12 months and be worth billions in a few years just to help little old me?
    David was making this money by short term binaries (30sec, 1/5/10 minute etc). and only trading $25 per trade.

    So I thought i’d play along. Asked all the right questions:

    “I can withdraw all my money whenever I like David?”
    “Yes buddy, it’s your money and you can do whatever you like with it”

    “I’m not tied in with any bonuses, etc?”
    “No buddy”

    And away we went.

    First week. Bang! $500. Yippie! David was excited. He even transferred the $500 into my bank account and said, “See buddy, how easy is it.
    Now why don’t you deposit $25k and we’ll make some real money”
    “err, not yet David, how about i see some consistency. Lets trade for 6 weeks and then we’ll talk”
    “Sure buddy, it’s your money”

    So a few weeks went by and one more trade and another $500. Only this time no transfer and excuses why there wasn’t. But at least my balance was on the up.
    More phone calls, more pressure. I pointed out we had agreed thay 6 weeks of trading and then we’ll talk. Then things started to turn.
    Statements like:
    “Oh we don’t want to transfer out of your account. We need to build equity”
    “You need to understand we are trading at risk and we don’t want that. We need to build your account”
    Sorry David, risky? I thought you said this was easy and no risk?
    More calls, and even a call from his main broker trying to talk me into longer term strategies. I declined at this stage. I then spoke to David who basically said it’s to risky to proceed unless i deposit more money. I said hold fire for a little while and we’ll talk.

    So this went back and forth for a few weeks.My balance was now at around $6500 and i thought ok enough, it’s clearly dodgy and i dont even know if they are actually trading for me, perhaps just throwing money into my account to lure more investment.
    David would never give me info on the actual trades they made on my behalf, and dodged requests to do so.
    So i thought i’ll withdraw $6000.

    I go to my Account details page and sure enough the words ‘available funds to withdraw’ was my full account balance. So i made the withdraw request.

    Waiting. a week. Nothing. Still a pending withdrawl on my account. I contact them via email and they state your account manager will be in touch, to which i said whats that got to do with withdrawing? They didnt answer.

    So a couple of days later David calls me. And things really went downhill. To cut a longer story short, he said it needs voice verification. I said “Well here it is”.
    He then said hold on a few minutes. And then came back saying all my money was tied up in a posistion for another month and i could withdraw after that.
    Needless to say after a very heated exchange (and more attempts to pump money out of me) he said he can give back my initial deposit.
    And then it got downright nasty.
    “So it’s not my money David? How come my account said Available for withdraw if its in a position. You are basically making this up as you go along. I said hold fire and you’ve committed the money”. Etc etc.
    Anyway after calling him a snake oil salesmen etc i thought well better to get out with something than him making up some more lies and saying that my balance was 0.

    Fast forward a month. Nothing happened for a week. I rang them. I get transfereed to another broker trying to convince me to keep trading. FFS i said, give me my money. Ok he said.
    Another 10 days. Nothing.
    I try to contact my buddy David. Nothing
    I get on their website, i chat and get assured i will get my finds. I then get an email stating the funds will be transferred.
    Hopefully this occurs.

    Bottom line. These guys are sleazy scammers in sheeps clothing.
    Deposit your money and lose trades. You lose. Fair enough
    Deposit money and win, then try and withdraw, you lose.
    There is a whole lot more to the lies that were told, and a whole lot more false promises.

    Stay away.

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